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story : Forgotten Episode -34



Forgotten Episode -34

© Authoress Manny

                  Britney's POV

We all sat in the car, on the passenger sit
I was in between mom and dad with my head on his chest while he played with my hair making me giggle
Dad?? I called
Yes honey he replied
You said we had some things to discuss, am really curious to know what it is I answered him while he and mom exchanged glances
Honey, we promise to tell you when we get home, please don't push it okay he replied
Okay dad I said and sigh

             Nicks POV

I sat with my parent in the car and I could tell my mom was scared and nervous but I didn't know why so I decided to ask
Mom what's wrong I asked and she flinched instantly making my suspicion correct
Nothing, am fine she replied nervously
You are lying, why can't you just tell me I said calmly
Son, you will find out soon so please be calm and wait patiently dad said and I sigh
Am still mad at you dad but for now we are cool I said seriously making me smirk at me
But sincerely am really curious as to what uncle D as to say, I just dont know but I have this feeling it something that won't end well and am scared
We drove silently until we arrived at their mansion and everyone came down from their respective cars
I don't know why, but I feel whatever this is, it won't end well

                   Britney's POV

We got home and everyone came down from their car, I looked at aunt Tracy and all I could see is fear and Nick look's disturbed
I just shake off the thought and walked inside with Us

I excused myself and went to my room, I was about undressing when I heard a knock at the door
Who is it I asked
Em it Nick he answered
Oh come in I said and the door opened   with the most handsome and cutest guy walking in
Sit, this is the first time he's entering my room
Thanks he sat trying to hide how disturbed he is
Nick, what's wrong I asked
Hmmm I don't know, am just worried about what they have to tell us, I have this feeling it not gonna end well he replied
It gonna be fine, whatever it may be, we will scale through it I replied and he let out a small smile
You should get ready, everyone is waiting for you he said and stood up
Thanks for staying with me through out  in the hospital, I really appreciate it I said and he smiled and went out
I sighed and undressed then went to the bathroom, I bath and wash my air then came out after about fifty minute
I walked into my dressing room and applied my body and hair lotion then picked a crop top and a short skirt and wore my black flat

I walked down the stairs and I could see the uneasy look on aunt, uncle, and dad and mom but I kept shut

Am here I announced even though they could tell
My princess my dad called smiling
I walked to him and sat beside him smiling a little
There was an awkward silence for about ten minute and I had to end it cause it was being annoying

Dad, mom you said you had something to tell Us and I swear I saw them flinch a little making me worried about this whole thing
Yes but that should be after lunch, which would be ready soon he answered me, I just sigh

After another awkward silence of about twenty minute lunch was finally ready and we all moved to the dinning
I sat close to my mom while Nick sat opposite me and I swear that was hell of a punishment, I couldn't stop looking at him to the extent that Eva and Emma caught me and winked at me, I turned crimson red but looked down immediately so No one would see me I couldn't even eat properly, am blushing crazily and am worried and scared of what my parent's got to say
I looked up and met Nick's eye's, I quickly look away cause I needed to avoid falling too deep for him when I know he doesn't and can't feel the same way for me
I look at aunt, mom, uncle and dad and realized they weren't eating

Am okay I said standing up even though I barely took five spoons
I walked into the sitting room, and sat down waiting for everyone

After about fifteen minute they all came back and Nick sat by my side making my heart beat go wild but I decided not to show the effect he had on me, and it was working a little until he touched me and I felt that surge of electricity run through my veins making me take my hand away from his
The guys and the girls noticed it but kept shut

We wanted to talk about Britney's disappearance when she was little and about this gun shot but please am begging even if you want me to I will, dont hate anybody okay mom said giving us the chill
What do you mean, you know who took me away and who shot me?? I asked
Yes Hobey but there is some twist okay dad said
Fine ....... spill

Well am the one that took Britney away and....... Aunt Tracy was trying to say when we interrupted her

What the heck do you mean mom???
Aunt are you being serious??? We all yelled simultaneously


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