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story : Forgotten Episode 33



  Forgotten Episode 33

© Authoress Manny

                  Nick's POV

I sat quietly watching her cute face hoping she would wake up but she still didn't open her eyes and it almost a day, everyone is asleep except i, dad and uncle Damien

I held her hand softly when I felt a movement, but I thought it was my imagination until I heard a faint voice
Were am I?? The voice asked and it was very low, I could hardly make out her words, I looked up and saw her trying to open her eyes, I was so happy and relieved at the same time but I guess no one has noticed she's awake yet so I add to be the informant

Hey she's up everyone I yelled a little grabbing dad and uncle Damien's attention. They both rushed to the bed and sighed in relieve on seeing her awake
They both rushed and woke the others who stood up and rushed to her side, she was just staring blankly at everyone, and I was getting scared
My baby, thank you for waking up, aunt Brianna said with tears forming in her eyes
Mom?? She called
Yes baby?? Aunt Brianna replied
Why do you all look so dull, and with eye bags?? She asked
Baby you didn't wake up, and we were worried. Uncle Damien answered
It was just a gun shot, it not like this is the first time she said making everyone shocked
I wanna relax a little, and please you all need to rest and I wanna get discharged as soon as possible she said then cleaned the tears I didn't know dropped and smiled at me
I mouthed a thanks to her and helped her lay down properly
You guys really need to sleep please, you will all come check on me later now go she said softly
Am not leaving I stated firmly, she just smiled
Mom, dad,aunt, uncle?? She called
Yes?? They all replied
Am your baby right?? She asked again
Yes you are. they all stated simultaneously
Then please take this kids and aunt Freya home to rest please she pouted her lips in a cute way
For the others we can but you have to convince Nick uncle Damien said making me smile

                 Britney's POV

Gosh Nick is really hard, everyone left but he still refused to go and he looks really tired and he might breakdown

Nick?? I called
Yeah?? he answered with a very tired voice
You need to go and rest please, am scared you might breakdown I pleaded with him
No he replied firmly, I took my phone and called his mom cause I have her number

 hello aunt
 hi Britney, what's wrong
oh no not at all, just need you to send an outfit for Nick
 oh okay, I will send someone immediately
 thank you aunt bye
 bye and she disconnected the call

Nick was just staring at me like a movie and I didn't even look at him, after about twenty minute a young man came in with a bag and immediately I knew it was who aunt sent to me

Good day ma and Sir he greeted
Good day we both answered him together
Ma, Mrs Brown sent me here to deliver this he said and stretched the bag which I collected
Thank you very much I replied
He nod and left immediately
I threw the bag at Nick and he looked at me with an WHAT??? expression
Go bath, and get dressed I ordered and he just sigh and went into the bathroom

He came out after, a few minute looking neat and much better but the eye bags were still visible, which meant he needed sleep

Am done he said Immediately he noticed me
Great go get some sleep he replied without sparing him a glance and annoyingly my heart has been beating at an abnormal rate which is freaking annoying
Hmm, I don't feel sleepy he replied
Please get some sleep, you look totally unkept, so please even if it for an hour
Okay he replied and went to lay on the couch

After waiting for about 20min I called him but he didn't reply
So I went close to him as if there was a force pulling him to me
I went close to him and bent staring at him, unconsciously I stared creasing his face
I don't know why I feel this way for you, and I wish I could stop myself but it just won't stop, I know you can't feel the same way with me but I still wish that you could feel even a little of what am feeling I said and a tear slide down my eyes and quickly a placed a little kiss on is forehead and went back to the bed and laid on it, I unknowingly slept off
When I woke up, and saw everyone talking, I sighed and rested my head
I guess I slept cause of the injection doctor ken gave me

She's up I heard my mom's voice say
How are you honey dad asked even though I refused to open my eyes
Am okay, please when am I getting out of here I asked opening my eyes
Now, just need you to change and we will head home and we would be having a little discussion at home
Everyone as to be present okay dad said and we all nod
They left and I changed into a short blue dress with a flat stoned slippers
I walked out and we head to the car, I drove with my parent and everyone paired themselves and drove behind


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