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story : Forgotten Episode 32



 Forgotten Episode 32

© Authoress Manny

              Damian's POV

It been almost seven hours and she has refused to gain consciousness, I am headed to the doctors office to ask him what's wrong cause am getting really scared
I walked knocked on the door on getting to the office
Come in was his response and twisted the knob and walked in
Good day sir he greeted
Good day doctor Ken, I came to ask why my daughter isn't waking up I responded, went straight to the point as I sat down
Well sir, am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with it but I will follow you to her ward and check on her he said and stood up
Okay then I responded and stood up and we both head to my baby's ward

Nick stood up on seeing the doctor and wiped his tears, the doctor took charge and examined her
How is she doctor??? Why isn't she gaining consciousness?? Nick asked
Well sincerely, she should be up by now cause she's perfectly fine to me but maybe she's just asleep so let just watch her, she will up soon he assured us, I thanked him and he left
Nick immediately took is formal position and sat down still weeping holding her hands

                  Nick's POV

Almost seven hours and she has refused to wake up, I can't help but cry silently
I really need her to wake up and tell me it isn't my fault, I need her to tell me that she's fine and strong, I need her act like a baby around me and make us smile
There is still things I want to show her and tell her
I want to tell her how much I care about her, I want to Apologize for being rude to her in the past and tell her how my heart beats uncontrollably when she's around me
I want to take her on a date to a fancy Chinese restaurant
I want to take her to the park and play like kids
I want to sign for her, and hear her sing
I want to help her become stronger and make her ready to be ANASTASIA DAMIEN GATE
We have so many things to do and now she doesn't want to wake up and it all my fault, I caused this, I should have prevented the bullet from hitting her it all my damn fault
I continued sobbing and praying silently that she would blink her eye

                  Kai's POV

Seeing Nick sobbing like a kid hurts me so much and it not even his fault but he keeps blaming himself even though the doctor said she's fine only sleeping
Every other person is calm now even aunt Brianna and Eva has stopped crying but Nick still won't and he says he doesn't love her

                   Eva's POV

I can't believe Nick as been sobbing and crying since all because of Britney, and he keeps blaming himself everyone including me and Britney's mom as stopped crying but Nick still hasn't stopped it as if the tears and sobs are increasing seriously and it breaking my heart badly
I know he has feelings for her and she also had feelings for him but they won't admit it which is annoying
I just wish Brit would be fine cause I miss her already
Byran held my hand tight and smiled at me

               Tracy's POV

This is all my fault, I put the kids life in danger, if only I wasn't stupid and naive back then, all this wouldn't have happen now Britney has refused to open her eyes and Nick as been crying blaming himself saying it all his fault and crying his eyes out making me hate my self more
Just then my husband(Liam) entered, he had been away for a business trip but when I called to inform him about the situation he told me he would be here and here he is
Damien he called, Damien turned to close at him with a small smile and they hug each other
He hugged Brianna also then me and he whispered into my ear
Dont eat yourself up, this isn't ur fault okay he said and tears fell from my eyes, he might be busy most times but he is the best thing that as happened to me ever
The kids greeted him except Nick, they haven't been okay cause Liam travels a lot but he loves Nick a lot also but this time Nick was just too sad to notice him
Nick he called softly and Nick turned and hugged him crying silently saying it was it fault, the bullet was meant for him but she took it and Liam kept patting his back softly telling him it okay

                 Nick's POV

When I held my dad's voice I just needed his hug and I hagged him tight, even though he travels a lot I still love him and miss him though I hide it so he would come home more often but this time I can't act mad at him cause he's everything I need and want, I missed him a lot
He understood me more than mom even though he's never around
The little time he has I always told him everything including my relationship with Victoria every single thing and he would always listen and advice me
I kept crying in his arms and sobbing silently until I finally calmed down and sat down gently wishing she would open her eyes now

Am not impressed with you guys so, if you want me to end the story let me know please instead of giving just two or three comments


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