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story : Forgotten Episode 31



 Forgotten Episode 31

© Authoress Manny

                    Nick's POV

We arrived at the hospital and I hastily carried her in bridal style and dashed into the hospital, a stretcher was already waiting, I dropped her on it and she was wheeled ER (Emergency Room)
I sat down crying, cause the bullet was meant for me
Why did she have to turn, why didn't it meet me instead, nothing must happen to her or I will kill myself
Byran and Kai kept telling me to calm down but I couldn't and Her PA was crying like seriously, with the way I see it she loves Britney like a younger sister and am happy about that

Britney's Parent arrived with my mom, and I can see that they have both been crying for long
Where's my baby, where's Britney??!!! She yelled
She's in ER I quickly replied cause miss Freya wasn't in a right frame of mind to
How did it happen?? She asked again
We all looked at our selves that was when Eva and Emma Kai soon to be girlfriend rushed in
Where's Britney??? Who had the guts yo hurt her???!! she yelled crying seriously Byran quickly embraced her and called her down Emma was with Kai and they were both trying to calm me down while my mom and uncle Damian was calming mummy Brianna
We waited for about an hour before the doctor finally came out looking tired
How is she doctor???! I asked rushing to him the moment he stepped out
She's gonna be fine it was arm, and she's out of danger, she only needs to rest and that's why we sedated her
He replied and exhale loudly
Can we go see her I asked, yes but after she has been transferred to the VIP room he answered
I started crying again, saying it was my fault
No it wasn't Kai yelled at me
Yes it was, the bullet was fucking meant for me but she stood in my front preventing it and now she's in there cause of me I thundered frustratedly
Mum Brianna quickly hugged me and pat my back
It wasn't your fault honey, dont say that  she said while my mom smiled out tears and then I knew something was wrong
Mom??aunt?? Uncle?? What's wrong?? I asked
We let you know when Britney is awake
Now you need to go freshen up Uncle Damian replied
No am staying till she's awake I stated with finality in my tone
Okay, our about the rest of you
No way in hell are we leaving they all replied making him smile
My mom hugged me and said sorry but I was confused I just sat down and Eva was looking really tired I tried convincing her to go home, but she wouldn't listen so I let her be but made sure she was given something to eat

                D's POV
I was actually scared but was relieved when the doctor said she was out of danger, I was more thrilled when the kids refused to leave
Britney's lucky she's got very nice friends that are ready to stand by her, am happy at least she's with good people but am worried about Nick and her reaction when they find out what Tracy did
I don't want them to hate her even if what she did was wrong, but I don't want the kids to hate her

she was moved into the VIP ward, Nick immediately rushed in and sat by her side holding her hand and sobbing silently, I walked and I rubbed his back soothingly telling him it was okay and it wasn't his fault but he kept sobbing
Brianna walked inside with Tracy and the kids and met Nick sobbing
Honey bee she called him making him smile ( that was what she named him when he was born, it was weird but she kept calling him that till date) it wasn't your fault okay?? She stated with a little smile and wiped his tears with her thumbs
It been three hours but she isn't waking up and am really worried
I looked over at Nick's side and he was visibly worried

                Brianna's POV

I couldn't help but lose it when I had my daughter was shot, I ran into the car and soon we arrived at the hospital and met Nick crying while the others had worried look on the faces
I asked what happened and they narrated it to me, I felt like I would die but I stayed strong
When the doctor came out and told Us she was out of danger I couldn't help but exhale loudly
Tracy was busy crying cause she felt guilty but I didn't hate her cause in a way she saved my baby even though she kept her far away from me but she protected her
I don't know how the kids would react and I kept help but worry, especially if their friendship get ruined cause of this
I just hope they would forgive her and be okay
It been over three hours and there is no sign of her waking up and am getting scared
Oh God please protect my baby

                 Nick's POV

Oh God it been three hours but she aren't waking up and am getting scared, this is all my fault, I shouldn't have let walk to my front
I kept sobbing silently and held her hands tight in my hands

                 Kai's POV

Oh God she has to wake up, and who would want to kill her Nick or Britney
Could it be because of the wealth?? No I don't think so, I have a feeling there's more to this but I can't say, Emma as really helped in calming me down and Byran has been trying to calm Eva down but she kept sobbing and it been three hours but she ain't showing signs of waking up

Do you think she would wake up
Do you think Nick and Britney's friendship would be at stake when they find out the truth
And who the fuck is Millicent and Antonio


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