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story :Forgotten Episode -30



  Forgotten Episode -30

© Authoress Manny

              Mrs Brianna's POV
We have to tell the kids about this, they need to know
We have to call them home right now
Nick's gonna hate me so much Tracy replied
No he won't, he has got to understand that you only did what a mother had to do I replied her and hugged her while she kept sobbing
How about Britney, she doesn't know me well and she might hate me, she will never forgive me she said again and Damien held her hand and smiled
She won't, just be strong so we can protect our kids
And no body should try to harm her children okay?? Damien said firmly
We nod and picked his phone and texted Freya

             Britney's POV

We were all quite enjoying the fresh cool breeze
It felt nice cause I hardly hard time for things like this

Ma, your dad asked you and sir Nick home right away
What?? Why?? I and Nick asked simultaneously
I don't know ma but we should be on our way we both nod and bade the others bye
As soon as I stood up a gun shot was heard I turned and realized I had been shot in my right arm I fell with pain
Britney has been shot Kai screamed
Tears streamed down my eyes as I passed out due to shock and pain

              Nick's POV

As soon as we stood up a gun shot was heard, I was shocked but when I heard Kai screamed
Britney has been shot He screamed
I just stood still processing the whole thing for about a minute just looking at a body and arm which was filled with blood
At that moment I wish I was the one, in her place, it hurt me so much to see her like that I ran into the elevator and pressed the button for the last floor which was the garage and rushed into it with KIA, Byran and her personal guards and PA behind me
As soon as the elevator opened I rushed into my car while my driver took off with the others following behind
I can't imagine what aunt Brianna would do when she finds out about all these
Oh my who would be behind this, what has she ever done to deserve this kind of pain and suffering
Britney please open your eyes, you can't leave Us now, we still have a lots of things to do together and I still have lots of things to tell you please
Do you want your mom to die from hypertension, please am begging you wake up please
Drive faster!!!! I yelled at the driver
Who increased pace immediately, she was losing lots of blood even after removing my jacket and pressing it hard on her arm to stop the bleeding

              Victoria's POV

I saw the way Nick carried are bridal style straight to his car and driving away, I looked at the floor and that was when I saw blood
I smiled at myself, whoever was doing this just made my day but why does Nick care so much and who the hell is after her life and isn't ready to give up
I don't hate her tho but she's a threat to my relationship to Nick so I would just sit back and watch fate play with her life, I smirked evilly

               Mandy's POV

I guess the Universe wants me with Nick, seeing that she was shot in school but who could be behind this, I watched as Victoria smiled and smirked evilly
Could she be the one?? No I dont think so, she doesn't have any personal grudge against her just the fact that Nick likes her more but whatever I have to make sure Victoria doesn't get close to Nick as well whoever is after Britney should just kill her already

                 Unknown POV

You couldn't even complete a simple job, and you are here
Maybe if I end your life you would know that I hate failures, but still she might not survive this so just go into hiding, I can't take chances
I don't know if your face was caught on cameral
Yes sir he said and left
Oh Brianna only if you had accepted me, we would be one big happy family but you choose not to instead you choose that asshole over me
I will so make you cry, even if I have a wife and kids I can't let you smile
I and my wife are you and your family doom
You both are just too weak and naive, so I will teach you never to mess with Us ever

                Freya POV

I don't even know how to break this news to Britney's parent, her mom is so soft am sure she can't stand this kind of shock but I can't keep them in the dark so I called
Hello sir
Yes Freya, why aren't you here yet he asked
Sir....... Brit.....Brit....Britney was shot but
What??! How??! when??! He yelled angrily I kept mute
What hospital?? he asked again a little soft
Chapels hospital I replied
Okay make sure, she's well guarded and make sure Doctor ken attend to her alright he said calmly
Yes sir I replied sobbing silently and he hung up

              Director Damien's POV

How am I going to tell Brianna this, they were staring both staring at me (By both I mean Tracy and Brianna) inquisitively and I tried to remain calmly
Brianna I called
Yes honey, what's wrong, is something wrong with my baby, is she alright??? She asked
You have to be calm okay?? I don't want you being all sad and hyper cause of this okay??
Tell me Damien what's wrong, please tell me, am worried and scared she replied crying and I hate seeing those tears
Brit......Brit..... Britney was shot at school I said stammering
What???! she yelled and dashed out of the house, I and Tracy followed and quickly got into the car as the driver took off
She kept crying and it was breaking my heart I tried my best to keep her calm but it wasn't working


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