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story : Forgotten Episode -29



Forgotten Episode -29

© Authoress Manny

              Mrs Brown's POV

What do you want Milicent, why in the world are you here I asked with disgust
Do you hate your old time friend with so much passion now she asked with ease
And it got me pissed, you made me do something I regret, I took a child from her mother, and left her mother crying everyday I said with tears threatening to fall
Well now they are back together and I won't let them be happy never, She said with venom
Count me out of your plans, you and your husband can continue this madness for all I care I said ready to leave
I will kill you and your son if you dare expose me she threaten firmly but I am not a naive lady anymore, I will tell the truth now cause this guilt as eaten me too deep
Well, I will love to see you try I said and left

              Millicent's POV

Wow, she's gotten so brave but I have to reach her a lesson, I know she can't report me cause she doesn't have prove but she's the only one close to them
I have to act fast and annoyingly her son keeps treating my daughter like trash, I will make them pay all of them
Even if I know that they didn't do anything worth death but I like getting anything I want no matter what but I didn't get it so now I make sure they pay

                 Mrs Brown's POV

I drove straight to the Gates resident I know they would be home now, so I went over there
I need to tell them the truth before they hear it from someone else
Only my husband knew and I called him earlier after the discussion with her, he gave the go ahead to tell the truth now it not only their daughter's life that is at stake my son's life is also at stake now, I have to be ready for the worst even if it means losing Damien as a friend I will gladly lose him this time
I have hurt both him and Brianna so much that it killing me

I pulled into the estate where only there house is located, I was allowed in cause I am well known
I drove straight into the compound, and I rushed into the house
I met them both seated on a couch, in the sitting room watching a TV show

Damien, Brianna please you have to forgive me, am sorry I was just naive and stupid please I pleaded crying on my knees
Brianna rushed to me and carried me to one of the couch and sat by my side
What is it, what could you have possibly done for you to be on your knees Brianna asked
I took away your child from you, cause I was so stupid and naive I cried
Excuse me she said standing up
What the heck do you mean by you took away how child
I begged them to sit then I narrated everything that happened

                 18years back

Millicent called me over to her house, I went cause I heard sobbing over the phone, so I rushed there and I was right she was crying like crazy
I asked what the problem was and she told me that she loved you (Damien) and even tho her parent suggested that the both of you should get married
You rejected saying you didn't love and it it was Brianna you love, I tried explaining to her that you didn't do it to hurt but she was blinded by hate that she didn't listen

              Two years later

She got married to Antonio the same person who You (Brianna) was supposed to be married to they both plot to do something that would hurt you and they called me and threatened me with Nick's life
They wanted to kill Britney but I told them to kidnap her cause I couldn't let them kill her, they believed me and trusted me

         Flashback Ends

I only did what I thought I could, I regret everything I did but I also did the only thing a mother could do at the moment
I tried protecting my son at the verge of your child's life, I made the decision of taking your child way cause that's the only way to protect her from death, I made sure they weren't aware of my actually plan but now she found out
And she's threatening both my life, my son's and your daughter's life

I know you can't forgive me but I had to remove this guilt from my heart, I hate myself for what I did but still I know if someone else was in my place they would protect their child first

                Mrs Brianna's POV

Omg how Antonio and Millicent are behind my predicament, how can they hate me so much
I pleaded with him, for Us to stop the arranged marriage and he agreed but he hated me all this while, why didn't he just tell me back then, why did my child have to suffer for something she knows nothing about, How could they, is it because I and Damien are both calm, do they not know what we are capable of
Oh my no wonder Tracy (Mrs Brown) always look lost whenever we are close to her, I can't hate her even if I want to, she only did what any mother would have done
She still tried keeping my child alive

              Director Damien's POV

How could Millicent do this to me, I treated her like a younger sister, I explained why I couldn't marry her
I couldn't do a marriage without love and she told me she understood while she was plotting something evil
She dare mess with my child, I will make her pay even if it the last thing I do on earth
As for Tracy Brianna and Anastasia are the ones that needs to forgive her cause I can't hate her no matter what, she has always been like a sister to me and I know she only did this out of stupidity


Sorry for not posting yesterday, there was no light  even now there's still no light
I managed to  boast my  Phone to post this episode


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