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story :Forgotten Episode -28



  Forgotten Episode -28

© Authoress Manny

                    Britney's POV

Kai took me to the special changing room, and took out my swim suit, sincerely am not so sure I want to swim with this, it brings out my whole body and am pretty sure Freya did this intentionally but I don't have a choice so I must I tired my little towel around my waist and let my hair fall freely, my boobs were showing a little

Britney come on it been about 40min already I heard Byran shout out to me
A minute please I relied for the tenth time
Ladies are so annoying, always spending forever Kai said
Kai shut the fuck I said as soon as I opened the door
Omg you look gorgeous
Am in love with you be my girlfriend
Just one night honey
Kai and Byran kept saying annoying things and I smack their heads Nick just smiled and glared at Freya who smirked at me
We all walked to the swimming pool, today's activities involves the whole school, everyone wants to know the best
I walked in and gossips started I turned to my left and saw Victoria smirking and sending me glares and to my left was Mandy smirking
Okay Attention let the best guys come out and compete
Nick and Byran and Kai left with about two other guys and they competed
Nick came out exactly four minute, I smiled he beat is record and another guy came out then Byran, then Kai and the last guy
Ladies get ready and go Victoria cake out exactly the same time as Mandy six minute 10 seconds while Manny 11 secs
Miss Gates do you know how to swim the coach asked and I smiled
Isn't it obvious she can't, she only knows how to dress fancy that's all Victoria said and I smiled and walked in front of the pool
Victoria you did 6min right well I will do 3 everyone was shocked with how bold I told the coach to set the timer and he did go he shouted, I jumped into the water and swam back and forth and came out
Unbelievable he exclaimed
How many minute Victoria asked fuming
2:30 seconds and I smiled
Nick looked at me with the WTF look and I smiled
Nick work harder I said and he shook his head
Everybody kept swimming but I just sat  down with the guys

Hmmm Britney love Byran called and I almost flinched even Kai and Nick turned
Byran what do you want am getting scared I replied
Well the thing is,,,,,, he stopped and hitch the back of his head nervously
Okay okay Eva isn't one of your type of girl, I won't allow it, you are a big time play boy okay
How do you know I wanted to ask about her he asked
Cause I saw the way you looked at her at the party, you were really nervous around her and am not sure I like it
Okay fine does she have a boyfriend or an ex
No boyfii but gat an ex
Oh it good then
Well maybe she will like me
I glared at him and screamed
Never ever ever would she, I will make sure of that, Nick and Kai and every PA and guard started laughing
I am changed like am a good guy swears
Yes he's even a virgin Kai said sarcastically and laughed
Whatever she says but am not gonna help you one bit got it I said sternly
Fine but I really stopped I smiled then sat back
Victoria was busy sending daggers to herself not me, I just smiled and looked away
We continued laughing and talking until we decided to leave the pool for those were still being coached
I took a cold shower and my assistant brought out a short gown above my kneel with diamonds on the neckline it was red and pretty , and she gave me marching heels
I wore my undies and wore my waist bead which my mom gave me then wore the dress and the heels and stepped out
The guys dragged me straight to the roof top and we all sat down in a comfortable silence relaxing

I liked it this way but I had to ask even if it will spoil the mood I finally mustered up the courage to ask
Guys!? I called
Yeah they all replied
Well I don't know if you wanna talk about this but am really curious to know about...........
Victoria?? Nick asked cutting me short
Yes I replied and bent my head
Okay I will tell you but you mustn't insult me okay Nick said and I nod

Then he went ahead to tell me how he liked her and they started dating but he couldn't touch her, not even a hug or peck but he still let her be cause of how strong his feelings was for her but she lied and pretended to be a virgin and an innocent girl, unknown to him that she was sleeping with his friend his family is the second richest in London, they had sex countless of times he caught them the first time
And still forgave them, but she still did it again and that let the hell loose, he broke up with her and she kept begging
I was on his way to the field to tell her he had forgiven her but he met her kissing the same Juan and that's why he hates her and everything that has to do with her
The mistake he regret the most was turning deaf ears to Kai and Byran who warned him against her

I felt sorry for him but he was too emotionally stupid


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