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story : Forgotten Episode -27



  Forgotten Episode -27

© Authoress Manny

               Britney's POV

All the classes when by until it was lunch time
I wasn't planning on going to lunch, I just wanted to sit and maybe listen to song and play games but Kai spoilt the plan

Britney let's go for lunch please he pleaded with is annoying puppy face
Am not really hungry and kinda tired I tried avoiding it
I will carry you and you can just take a cup of juice he insisted
Knowing fully well that there is no need arguing with him I smiled and nod
But you don't have to carry me okay I said and he nod
We all walked out including Nick and Byran with our securities personnel's
We entered into the cafeteria, I noticed they had their own personal table so it was much fun and Freya won't be able to argue since am with them

We sat down and I ordered for a orange juice but Freya changed it to lemon
Freya!!! why?? I cried
Cause you shouldn't take sugar she replied
It just a juice and it orange please I pleaded with my puppy face
guys and even the security personnel's laughed hard cause of the way I was begging her
I glared at all of them and they covered their mouth to stop laughing
Come on Freya, this is serious punishment and besides am weightless
Sorry ma but no
Oh come on
Okay I won't practice anymore and I would eat as I like
Waiter I called
Fine have it she quickly gave it to me, I smiled
That's more like it, I said and smirked
She only smiled and I quickly picked one chocolate bar and ate

                    Victoria's POV

Nick didn't even call me for lunch and he's here laughing with that bitch, what the fuck as she done to him
Even when is mad at me, he calls me but now it like I don't exist
I walked straight to their table and was about sitting when Kai and Byran stood up
You got to leave Byran said
Excuse me, what do you mean I asked
You weren't invited, and this seat belongs to the four of us, which is I, Nick, Byran and Britney Kai said sternly
I was shocked and I looked at Nick but he didn't even look at my side and the bitch was just sitting and eating the chocolate bars
Nick won't you say something I asked he kept mute
Baby I called and touch is hair, damn he looked so pissed, he has never looked so pissed at me
Victoria get our before I lose my cool he stated calmly
Let her seat the bitch said
What!! They all yelled
Kai, Byran, Nick let her seat she said sternly and they all calmed down and sat down quietly

Okay fine she said and smiled
Britney you love chocolate dont you Kai asked
I smiled widely and said yes
Good cause I gat you some
Yah!!! Really?? I asked
Yes and here it is, I quickly collected it and was about opening it when miss Freya collected it, I almost cried
Have you forgotten you are on diet?? she asked
No but it a gift please and it chocolate, please I promise I would do everything you say just let me eat a little please
I have never had such effect on them, and the whole cafeteria was so silent
She only said something calmly and everyone respected her, this is gonna be a long month for me
Are you sitting?? She asked me calmly and it made me mad
And what if I dont want to asked again rudely
Then leave, and stop causing a scene she replied plainly and made to hit her but Nick held my had so tight it hurt
Get out Victoria Now he yelled making me flinch and almost fall with the force he used in releasing my hands
I left the cafeteria embarrassed am just happy cause there is no music class today only swimming and the best female, I can beat her in that

                  Nick's POV

My anger isn't good, am trying to remain calm
Everyone actually named me Mr Calm cause I dont get angry easily but Victoria is trying to bring out the devil in me and am still wondering why Britney is so gentle even when Victoria talks to her rudely
I love her personality but I also know it deadly cause when she finally gets angry this whole school will go down
She's just smiling like nothing happened, mehn she's really crazy and I like it

Britney do you swim?? Kai asked we all turned to her direction cause she as never swum in front of Us, and what I mean is she doesn't swim during swimming classes
Yes, why?? She asked,
So, you are gonna swim today right?? Byran asked this time
Sorry, are we having swimming classes today?? She asked and we all stared at her with mouth opened
Yes of course didn't you know??
I asked and she smiled and shook her head negatively
Oh men I didn't bring my swimming suit she said
No ma you did, that's why you need me  her assistant said and winked at her
She looks like she would die any minute, that's when I realized she didn't want to swim but why
Who is the best swimmer in this school?? she asked
Nick is Byran replied her
How many minute?? She asked
Five minute but he's working towards four now
Okay, what about the females??
Hmm Victoria and Mandy are both edge for who is the best but for now Victoria is the best cause she's six minute 3 seconds while Mandy is seven minute 50 seconds
Oh cool tho she said
But you guys aren't fast enough, let's go it time
But where do I change she asked
Come change with me honey Kai said
With pleasure she said and smirked we all laughed cause of the way they walked like a couple out of the hall


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