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story : Forgotten Episode -26



  Forgotten Episode -26

© Authoress Manny

               Miss Freya POV

I so much like Britney, she's just so lovable and kind I promise to do everything in my power to protect her and get her ready for what she will face and besides all that she's kind and maybe too kind for this kind of world

            Britney's POV

The elevator opened and I stepped out  with both my assistant and my personal body guard Jake with another guard (frank) following behind I walked straight and was about opening the door when frank quickly opened the door, I smiled and walked in the door was dead silent and I walked to my sit but Victoria was sitting there
Mmm can you please take another sit, this is supposed to be my seat I said politely
Well get another sit, you don't expect me to switch for you right she thundered rudely I just smiled
Well you can have the sit I don't mind I said and was about turning
Ma?? Jake tried arguing
Jake it fine, that isn't the only sit and beside I don't need anymore argument
I nod and I smiled
I walked over to a sit in the middle of both Kai and Nick
Hmm Kai can I sit I asked and he smiled
Sure why not and he took his bag away he said
Seriously you are gonna let her sit, when you didn't allow me Victoria shouted and I was about losing my temper but Nick stood up and made me sit I was shocked
I didn't bother talking my personal assistant sat, and the teacher walked in, Victoria was fuming with anger but she didn't talk

                 Victoria POV

I entered into the school, I heard everyone talking, well the school queen is back so it expected, am the number one bully in school so everyone fears me, I don't care if your parent are rich, I let you know what am capable of
I walked straight to the elevator with my personal assistant Clara and guard Steve as soon as the elevator stopped I walked straight to class and entered, some of the girls and guys greeted me but Kai, Byran and Nick didn't look at me twice I walked to the seat beside Kai and Nick and was about sitting when kai stopped me and asked me to sit somewhere else, I tried arguing but Byran chirped in and sat elsewhere few minute later Britney walked in with assistant and two guards which is too much by the way
She asked me to leave the seat and I was pissed but More pissed when Kai allowed her sit on that seat it annoyed me most when Nick practically helped her sit
I felt like slapping the hell out of her but I gat to keep my cool

             Mandy's POV

This is gonna be fun, the school queen and Britney having a beef is gonna be top news but I just hope that Britney isn't try to seduce my Nick
It so annoying, the fact that she's more pretty than everyone else, Victoria was the most pretty but Britney just took that from her now
That is one of the reasons Victoria dislikes her and another reason is that she's far richer than everybody in the School, I also hate that fact a lot

                Nick's POV

I can't believe she actually talked to Britney that way, Britney is actually too cool for my liking or maybe she acts matured
Well Britney Is the most prettiest and Richest in the school is Victoria must hate her
I can't actually believe I got over Victoria, seeing Britney for the first time made everything I felt for Victoria run out of my head and am so happy, she's just a classless bitch, I regret ever trusting and loving her, it was the worst mistake of my life
I know why she's back, she ones to have me but it won't ever happen, I couldn't even kiss her or hug tight, she'd always behave like she's such a holy girl not knowing she's a slut in disguise


                  Kai POV

I wonder why that bitch had to come back to school, she even had the guts to try to seat close to I and Nick such guts, am so happy Nick doesn't look at her like he used too
She's just a two faced slut and Nick was blinded but now he has seen her true colour or should I say she should her true colours
 But Britney's too nice, got to talk to her about that and yippie she's gonna be staying in our table, I will make sure of that

I wasn't supposed to post, but case I love you guys I did even tho I was tired


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