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story : Forgotten Episode -24



Forgotten Episode -24

© Authoress Manny

                Britney's POV

When we got to the compound more like an estate I was wowed the house was really huge and it was completely made of glass with a very huge water fountain I smiled on seeing it
There was a huge pool lying at the side of the building the pool obviously didn't have an end, we walked into the house and I saw lots of pictures hanging on the wall I actually saw a picture of I and a little boy and if I am not mistaken that boy is Nick I walked closer and examined it
That is you and Nick on your 2years birthday my mom said I smiled and nod
I walked back to them
Anastasia (my middle name) this is your personal assistant, she would be following you everywhere and assisting you with everything my dad said while my mom smiled but I wasn't okay with it
Dad I don't need an assistant come on I tried to make them agree with me by giving them a puppy face but it didn't work
Honey you do need one and her name is Freya Frank okay mom said and I nod cause I know there is no winning this argument
Come outside with me honey dad said
I stood up and went outside oh did I forget to tell you that the security in this place is more than a military zone
I saw some cars but there is one in the middle of it all with my name on it
Britney this is your personal car but you can choose from others, and this is personal drover, your personal guard, they will follow you everywhere
And the rest guards will have to follow you around okay my dad said I could utter a word I just nod cause I know it was hopeless arguing with him we finally went inside the house mom should me everywhere then took me to my room
Gosh I couldn't close my mouth when I entered it was like a palace on it on with chandelier in it
My bathroom was wow, I add a separate room for shoe, clothes, makeup and bag and yea mom already filled everywhere with things I would need my bed sheet was pepper red and my duvet was gold in colure which I loved it
Mom is surely great at design and picking everything one would need I smiled and laid on the bed after checking everything out
My assistant suddenly knocked
Come in I said
Miss Freya is there a problem I asked
Not really but I have to train you on how to be Britney Anastasia Gates she replied leaving totally confused
What do you mean by that?? I asked with a raised brow
Well I have to explain to you how to pick your Cutlery's, your dress the undies that would match, how to walk on very high heels, and how you should always stand tall when talking
And we have to start now?? I asked
Yes ma, we would be starting with your dress undies and shoes, it won't be hard, during weekends we would go into very high heels cause am aware you are good with heels and your use of Cutlery's aren't bad she stated
How many days or weeks?? I asked a again
If we do this more diligently we would be good to go before Sunday she stated again
Okay let's go
She explained and told me everything, and what I would wear when am going to a particular kind of place I listened and grabbed
It was 7pm but I wanted her to tell me about the Cutlery's and we went to the dinning, she should me the class for wine, for water, for champagne, for normal juice etc
Told me the spoon to use when eating certain dish, the fork and how to drop everything when am done, how to sit and stand up
The only thing remaining for me is how to walk with my head held high and how to use super high heels
She promised to teach me how to walk with my head held high

I went down stairs to the dinning since it was dinner time, I was exhausted and hungry too since I refused to eat lunch and annoyingly am on a diet no sweets aloud not even my favourite thing in the world chocolate, we greeted my parent and we ate our dinner lasagna and chicken in a comfortable silence

After dinner we all went to the sitting room and that's when dad threw the bomb
Honey you would be going to Spain for a year to learn everything about the company and also you would release your first song there if you want to include singing or modeling in your career
Dad?? Spain?? That's far, I wanna stay with mom I said with a baby face
Sweetie you have to go it only a year okay mom said
But not now right?? I asked with hope
In two months time, when you must have written your final exams
Okay and am going to school tomorrow right ??
Yes?? They both said more like asked

asked and she smiled and shook her head negatively
Oh men I didn't bring my swimming suit she said
No ma you did, that's why you need me  her assistant said and winked at her
She looks like she would die any minute, that's when I realized she didn't want to swim but why
Who is the best swimmer in this school?? she asked
Nick is Byran replied her
How many minute?? She asked
Five minute but he's working towards four now
Okay, what about the females??
Hmm Victoria and Mandy are both edge for who is the best but for now Victoria is the best cause she's six minute 3 seconds while Mandy is seven minute 50 seconds
Oh cool tho she said
But you guys aren't fast enough, let's go it time
But where do I change she asked
Come change with me honey Kai said
With pleasure she said and smirked we all laughed cause of the way they walked like a couple out of the hall


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