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story : Forgotten Episode -23



 Forgotten Episode -23

© Authoress Manny

                 Next Morning
                 Britney's POV

I woke up early, so I took my time, I stayed in the bath tub for over one hour before washing away the foam from my body and I proceeded to washing my hair neatly then rapped my towel tightly on my chest, and did the same thing on my hair then stepped out of the bathroom, I saw my undies and a black leather trousers, a stoned white short top with a black denim jacket on my bed with a flat sandals moms handy work I smiled
I proceeded to drying my air and body then applied my lotion on my skin I wore my clothes and sandals, then oiled my air and packed it into a ponytail I walked to the dinning and saw my both parent ready and waiting for me on the breakfast table
Good morning mom Good morning dad I greeted
Morning honey, money darling they both responded, I sat down and we began eating after which we went out of the house preparing to leave
The security I saw almost made me choke
Dad what's with the security I asked
Sweetie we need it most especially you, I already retired being the director of Cyrus high, I wanna concentrate on the company until you are ready, and we have to talk about that later okay
Okay but I don't need this much security
Yes you do no argument he said and exhaled loudly
Come on honey let's go mom said I smiled and entered the car with them
And we drove off to the main house which was a little far from this one

                Mandy's POV

I can't believe that commoner was actually the long lost Britney, gosh well one thing I won't let her have is Nick, am pretty sure he doesn't look at her. That's a relieve but another problem is the fact that Victoria Kendal is back Nick's first love, gosh she's still so obsessed with Nick even having cheating on him, well mine is better I only have sex with Tristan because we aren't anything special, am too young hell what ever am sixteen will be 17 by Friday so I can as well have the whole fun in the world back to Victoria, she told Nick that she wasn't ready for intimacy and she was a virgin but Nick caught her having sex Juan his parent are the second richest in London he and Nick were pretty close until the incident, Nick forgave them both but still didn't touch her, after s month s caught them again and that broke all his resolve even when she kept pleading he said No sternly annoyingly Nick still met them kissing which annoyed him more, that was about a year ago though, do I got to have Nick here the stupid Victoria even had sex with Tristan

                  Nick's POV

So she really is the Britney I always wanted to find, the one who I had so many baby picture with, how could not have known, with the way I always felt like protecting her and now I have fallen for her so deeply am not even sure she likes me at all, she looks at me with so much annoyance and worst of it all the Devil is back Victoria Kendal my worst Nightmare the one who made me so cold towards everyone, I just hope she as grown matured enough to let me be now

                    Kai's POV

I always had that feeling it was her, especially when Nick said he felt like it was her but we just let it all go, I want Nick to be happy with her since he has fallen for but with the Bitches arrival am not so sure, after practically having sex with every dick available she now wants him back, I so much hate her guts. Am so worried I dont know how Nick would take this but am also happy that in a month all this might be over, we would take our final exams and voila we are out only coming for music, dancing, swimming classes, you must be curious why our education is more fast well only the upper class education is this fast the others  aren't

                Bryan's POV

Gosh so she's Britney I didn't really see her when we were young but now it really nice knowing her, but Victoria is Back, Serious Drama is back, I just hate all this, now Nick won't be able to live freely anymore

I have to make sure I have Nick now before he starts looking at Britney

                   Victoria's POV

Yeah I know I messed up with Nick but what the fuck, I still want him and am gonna get him, it has simple as that, pardon my manners I am Victoria Kendal the one and only child and daughter of the Kendal's my parent her the third richest in London which makes me the third richest in London, but here in USA I would be the 5th richest which sucks

               Unknown POV

So they actually got their daughter back and they wanna live happily, we that won't happen. I won't let that happen Damian and Brianna
I wanted you but you choose her, my husband also wanted you Brianna but you dare choose my Damian
Well prepare cause I won't let you be happy, I won't
I wish I killed that little rat while I had the chance If not for that fools advice, I would have to deal with her later bitch


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