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story : Forgotten Episode -22



Forgotten Episode -22

© Authoress Manny

                Britney's POV

I was hearing some sounds, but too lazy to stand up until I heard my moms voice calling out to me, I jumped out of bed as quickly as I can and went to the door with my sleepy eyes
Hey honey you have slept for over 3 hours, you need to bath now and get ready, some guest are here already she stated
Oh gosh, okay am gonna have a quick shower now and meet you downstairs I said hoping she would go so I cab get another five minute sleep
Hehehe no way, with the way you are you are gonna go back to bed, so I will just pick ur dress and wait for you while you shower okay she said
Gosh this woman just spoilt my plans, okay mom, I quickly entered into the shower and stayed dere for about 20min before coming out, I decided to wash my mouth which I decide and came out
I saw a beautiful black diamond gown which is above my kneel laying on my bed waiting for me to wear it, sincerely I still don't know wear this dresses come from cause I dont see them on my wardrobe, I quickly applied my lotion on my skin and wore my black pant and bra, and I put on the dress, it hung on my body perfectly and brought out my curves, it was just so perfect and I liked it I wore my red diamond stoned slippers and oiled my hair and brushed it then let it fall to my waist

I walked down the stairs to the sitting room, I saw lots of people I haven't seen before like the major USA peeps
Everybody was staring at me as I take each step down the stairs, I walked down till I got to the last step my dad came to hold me down and we walked down together, he introduced to lots of people, am sure of not that my IQ is high I wouldn't remember some certain peeps
We walked further until we stopped at a table were Mandy, a little girl, a matured lady of about 40 with a man was standing and he introduced them as Mandy's parent Mr and Mrs Michael and the little girl Michelle
We walked to Kai's table and he hugged me really tight, firstly I hate the male sex hugging me but I couldn't push him away until he let go of me
He is an only child, his parent Mr and Mrs Grande hugged me warmly
We moved on until we got to Bryan's table he gave me a little hug, he also had a little sis of about five Anabella, she hugged me a little I was introduced to there parent Mr and Mrs Murphy they both hugged me warmly we got to Tristan table and he also hugged reluctantly I was introduced to his parent Mr and Mrs Troy they hugged me warmly also, we did this until we got to a table that I didn't recognize
Dearie this is Mr and Mrs Kendal and their lovely daughter Victoria my dad said
Nice meeting you ma and sir I greeted respectfully
They are the third richest in London
Oh it a pleasure meeting you ma
We continued and I swear my legs were aching me, my mom just sat down winking at me I laughed a little at her childish act
We walked till we saw Nick and his family
the first time my dad left my hand and hugged Nick's mom I guess they most be very close,
We exchanged pleasantries and laughed at some silly jokes and for the first time I saw him smile fully
My eye sighted someone, I quickly excused myself from my dad and ran to me her, I hugged so tight that am sure she couldn't breath, I hugged her mom and dad also and dragged them to my mom unknown to me that my mom was actually close to the family
Mrs McKenzie my mom exclaimed with a huge smile
I and my bestie exchanged a confused look until they explained how close they were in college, we smiled exchanged pleasantries until it was late and everyone left I went into my room and fell flat on the bed
Mom and dad came in so I sat up and they sat beside making me stay in their middle
You won't be going to school tomorrow okay mom stated
But why I asked
Well we are moving back to the main house, we left when we lost you back then so it time to go back honey, dad said and I nod
Get some rest no need for you to pack, I already ordered everything you would need and the house is already ready okay I smiled and nod and they left


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