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Shana - Prologue


Shana - Prologue

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

If you think having parents or parent who don't have time for you, who's always travelling and not caring about you is worse, then you are wrong. Have you thought about the ones who impose all their choice on you, who gets to decide what you'll become, how to become it, what to wear and even how to brush your teeth? What about the ones who only thinks about themselves and how to party and boast? The stingy ones and the loveless ones
Well my parents are all combined. I really wish they were the travelling constant type but no, they weren't, well almost both. My mother is a control freak, so pushy and snooty. She always made me do things her way. From the way I ate, to the way I walked, to the very boxers I wore. Everything about me was her style. The only good thing about her is she's always going to different parties and thinking about the latest fashion, always on phone so she didn't really have enough chance to monitor me
Thank God
My father! Hmmm, God help me. He is abso-goddamn-lutely fucking stingy and selfish. Jesus! He's the only man I know that keeps record of every single thing he spends from when he was nine till date. The only man who makes his son write exams before giving him any money, even as low as a dollar. My father is so stingy he made me board buses everywhere with little fees. When I said buses, I meant the cheap buses
When I got to fourth grade, he made me write ten scholarship exams so yeah, I went to a big school under scholarship until my senior year. Imagine me, a freaking son of a trillionaire, trekking and boarding buses, managing resources when I could get em well. The only thing wealthy about me was my appearance because mom made sure I looked good so she could boast. My dad was so stingy he went to local markets himself to buy foodstuffs and prize em. If you see him prizing, you'll wonder if he's truly a trillionaire.
God will help his soul!
At the last semester of final year, I had to talk to mom using her boasting nature and finally she made sure to put me in a good and freaking expensive school. She wanted to buy me the latest Lamborghini Hybrid but dad bought me a bicycle, a second hand bicycle.
My life was hell with their existence. My dad had no mistresses or backup because he'd always say
"Women are expensive, I can't afford them. Son, I'll advice you don't have one either until you start making your own money and not waste mine on tiny girls" so yeah, I didn't have a girlfriend, I was forbidden from having one. When I secretly had one for two months, dad found out and seized my empty accounts and every tiny privileges. He also made sure to destroy her family and since then, he had eyes on me
I had two jobs working to get my own money and I still wasn't allowed to even sniff a girl, so tell me, do you wish to have them alive or dead?

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