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Shana - Chapter Two


Shana - Chapter Two

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

School ended well and I must say I'm impressed with everything, how long will that last? I was at my first job, a pizza parlour, my job to stand behind the counter and look pretty
'Wally attend to the customer at table six' my stupid fat boss shouted. Why won't she be fat, when all she does is shove pizza and junk food down her throat and boss me around like I'm some dog desperate for a bone. I hate her
I blame you dad!
'Ma'am, Neckar is already attending to them'
'It's Becca' Neckar shouted
'Then go and wash the dishes. I'm not paying you to just stand behind the counter and look pretty'
'Yeah whatever, too bad your ass if fat' I muttered. 'I'm not washing dishes ma'am, I can't break my nails or get wrinkled hands. I'll wash mop the floor instead' I grumbled. She stood up from the couch where she spread herself like bread waiting for butter, the place shaking a little. I gulped
'Wally!' She shrieked and moved to me with heavy steps. Did I forget to mention that she's a giant? And really strong?
'Ma'am?' I said stepping back
'How many times will I warn you to not tell me what to control you to do? I'm this boss here and you're the slave....' I was busy cursing the heavens for giving me a father who cab be compared to Eugene Krabs from Spongebob and a mother who's...well...I want to be an orphan
'I'm sorry ma'am'
'No, you'll clean the kitchen after work, make the whole place so shiny that I will be able to see my reflection and then wash all the dishes and of course, give mg darling Spooky a bath' I almost cried. Spooky is her dirty drooling bulldog who keeps trying to eat my head
'Ma'am, he's in love with my head' I said with feign calmness
'Now isn't that your own business' she said grinningly, her fat face pressing together. I shuddered with revulsion. 'And what is that?'
'Nothing Ma'am, absolutely nothing' I said with a tight smile. She turned and stomped back to her chair, the unstable parlour shaking. She fell on the chair causing a mini earthquake. Great, now I have extra work to do
'Aunt Patty!' A voice shrieked. I ignored the voice and attended to the customers, three teenage girls my age, drooling over me.
'That'd be ten dollars' I grumbled
'Shana, why look at you, all beautiful just like my little sister' Fat head said shrilly and laughed her ridiculous laugh. 'Say! How's my sister at?'
'She's fine Auntie'
'Neither her or you and that brother of yours have come say hi before, why?'
'I don't know about them but I've been busy and I do send you letters and come see you every Saturday morning' the silky voice said calmly. I love that voice, I glanced at the owner. She sat on the arm of the chair, her back facing me. 'Auntie, it's getting really boring just sitting at home and watching everybody work, mom won't let me do anything except if I come to you. Can I work here for a while?'
'Or you can say your dear of man is going bankrupt. I told my sister not to marry that man, he's no good I said but she never listens, hard headed and adamant just like mother'
'Auntie I said I was bored, not going bankrupt. Are you going to give me the job or not?' She huffed
'Now don't be rude darling. Unfortunately, I'm not hiring at all, don't have enough bucks to pay the bills. The four knuckleheads I have under me is enough money to spend so I'm sorry'
'I was really hoping I could get one, no one will hire me because they keep firing me' she said sadly
'That's because you're a catastrophe in female clothing'
'Am not! I just don't know how to take insults and watch people make mistakes' she huffed. 'Plus, I'm a master in the kitchen and I don't have any kitchen work. You know I make a nice heck of a food' she boasted
'I don't need the money, just something that will help me pass my time and get over this teenage hormone so dad won't be mad again'
'Ah! My sister tweet me in on your club madness and the boyfriend thing'
'We weren't dating, how many times imma gonna have to say that!' She stood up and turned. 'Where's Spooky?' Oh my God! She's so gorgeous!
Keep your eyes away, no admiring or dad will kill you
I looked away reluctantly. She was really beautiful with the bad girl touch and all. I love girls with crazy ad styles and wacko attitude, you know, to bring joy to my lame life
'Spooky!' Barks followed and a thud and then giggling. How can anyone let that dog kiss em? Ew. 'Ugh! Spooky you smell and haven't brushed your teeth, I'll take you home now and get that fixed'
'And this place is dirty, need some Shana clean up' God bless you
'Don't worry dear, I've got my slave to do that. Right slave Wally?' I averted my eyes from the cash register to them and grinned sheepishly. Geez! I'm always nervous around beautiful girls I might crush on. 'You're cleaning this place up, right?'
'Wrong' I said biting my lip
'Are you trying to play hard again? I'll pound on your pretty face'
'At least you know I've got one' I said winkingly. She frowned and the girl laughed
'It's okay Auntie Patty, I'll join him because I'm bored. Spooky, I'll bathe you first' she smiled, gave me a cute wink and left. I followed her until she went out of sight
Men! She's got some ass!
'I see you there Wally' fat boss said warningly. 'Get your mind and eyes off my niece or I'll chop them off'
'Yes ma'am and you look fat-tabulous today'
'Oh thank you' she said pompously. Some people giggled, yeah she's stupid.

Fast_forward >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
It was just me and her in the shop cleaning up. It was so quiet and boring and I couldn't say a word. We kept glancing at each other and waiting for who will speak first. Bored of the silence, I went to the boom karaoke player and turned on a song. Motivation by Normani
Cool song!
She smiled and danced as she worked and soon we were singing to the song, we were singing rubbish by the way but our voices were super awesome.
'That was lit, nice voice you've got there' she chirped after the song changed
'Thank you, your voice was not completely froggy' I said jokingly. She laughed and nudged me
'Gorgeous one' I smiled flipping my hair
'You wish' she sucked her button lip and smiled. 'Hi, I'm Shana, sexy niece to Fatima' she said with a mock curtsy
'Don't tel her I said that' she whispered
'I wouldn't fatty dare' we laughed. 'Wallace but I go by Wal...'
'Let, wallet it is'
'That wasn't what I was going to say' I protested
'Hey! First one to clean up faster buys the other one dinner' she squealed and ran off. I smirked and relaxed, I don't mind buying dinner. She came back hours later after I was tired of singing and dancing to the songs. 'Cheat'
'Smartness' I corrected
'You owe me two weeks of dinner or buying of everything I want'
'I'm a broke ass girl, I've got nothing on me' I said seriously. She snorted
'Your problem, now get up. We need to lock up and you are buying me steamed lobster with extra spicy sauce, hot chilli and tacos and three bliss of chocolate paradise'
'Wow! In one stomach?!' I exclaimed quizzically
'I'm a growing girl' she whined
'Aren't you like fifteen?'
'Eighteen, now come on'
'Let me grab my jacket' I sighed and stood up. That was easy, she's a flowing kinda person

'Fry me' I said cracking my neck. She giggled and threw the fries. I caught them with the tip of my teeth and slid them into my mouth. 'Mmm, ketchup' I muffled and opened my mouth, she pour chili instead. 'Nailed it!'
We came to a little restaurant, her favourite and we ended up playing catch the fries. I won!
'Okay, can you do six fries?' She asked waving three long fries. I gulped down the ones in my mouth and licked my lips.
'Let me see' I opened my mouth and she threw them into my mouth, she poured ketchup. I chewed and swallowed. 'Nailed it again' she laughed
'That's the last of them....geez! I'm filled up' she exclaimed patting her stomach. 'Thanks for dinner, at least now I don't have to face mom's cooking'
'Today's meatloaf night and her meatloaf is deathloaf'
'I wish my mom could at least try to make me death loafs, it'll be great' I sighed. She smirked
'Let me guess, your classic "I'm too obsess with fashion and parties to attend to my son" kind of mom'
'And "I'm too stingy to buy anything" kind of dad' I added. I told a stranger my secret and it felt good. She laughed
'My mom's like that. She's so stingy that she uses left over vegetables to make salad for us and sometimes, she uses her own patched up dresses to make underwear' she gasped and covered her mouth
'Don't worry, I won't tell if you don't' I whispered with a wink, she dropped her hands and smiled. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I sighed and brought it out. Message from mom
"Come home son, I'm about to smash a bottle on your father's head and where's my credit card?"
'That's my cue to leave, mom's back'
'I better go too before my mom thinks I'm at a boy's place again having a chopper warm my cooch' she rolled her eyes. I dropped my phone in front of her
'I don't want to lose a new friend' she grinned and picked it up. She gave it back to me after punching in her digits and I called her to be sure. 'Goodnight then?'
'Yeah, you're walking me to my street' she ordered. Cool


'No! You are heartless Cornell, how could you tell me to order for only water on a special day like this!!!!!' Mom yelled at the top of her voice. I could hear her from a thousand miles away. I walked into the compound and sighed
'Good evening sir' the security guy greeted
'How long have they been like that?'
'Two hours'
'Great' I bowed a little to him and jogged to the house.
'Katie the food there was expensive, how do you expect me to spend 1000 dollars on a common lobster!!!!!' Dad yelled back. I walked in and ran to the kitchen to get my popcorn
'It's our anniversary, all I wanted was to spend time with you but you ruined it!!!!' I ran in and sat down, ready for the show. God! I missed two hours of my favourite live show. 'I should have listened to my brother when he said not to marry you. I hate you so much you stingy bastard' she sobbed
They are like this every of their anniversary
I don't but them gifts. I don't have enough money to buy what will please mom and dad will always say "the best way you can please me is by saving that money and giving it to me every year as compensation for bringing you into this world" yeah, my parents are the best
'Well don't blame me, I don't have anything to spend' he said shamelessly. She scoffed and wiped her tears
'I want a divorce' she will say it but not mean it. 'This marriage is over and because it pleases me, I'm going out there to get fucked hard'
'You will do no such thing Ann' he yelled running after her
'My name is Evelyn you weak ginch!!!!!'
I missed the main show
Oh well
I made three new friends today and that's what matters

To be continued

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