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Shana - Chapter Three


Shana - Chapter Three

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

The school compound was heaving with students in their different social group. The jocks, flirting with the prom queens who are mostly cheerleaders and rich brats, the nerds discussing about school work, the bullies giving someone wedgy and the normal class people
I wonder what class I am
I saw Larry and Barry sitting on a wicked sport car, girls surrounded them, screaming and cheering. I felt bad, deciding against going to them because you know, they seem to be the most popular kids in school. I sighed and skated to the door
'Hey!!!! My new heartstring!!!!!!' Barry shouted. I opened the door not listening, he's probably talking to someone else. 'Wally!!!!' I stopped and turned, he was trying to get away from the girls. Larry waved at me
Is it me or do we have similar sounding names?
'Come over!!!!' He shouted again, climbing back on the car. I smiled and by the looks of everyone's face, they don't mingle with anyone. I skated to them and the girls made way for me, murmuring about my cuteness. 'My love!'
'Please don't touch me' I laughed gliding back. He laughed and dusted his shoulder
'Fool' Larry hissed and smiled. 'Hey Wally, how ya?'
'Great! I had the best of night' I chirped resting on the car. 'Who owns this?'
'Me' Barry grinned. Larry rolled his eyes. 'His sister seized his car and grounded him'
'Wait, you younger sister?' I asked with a small laugh
'Have you met her!'
'She's really something' Barry added. I smiled and itched my head
'And she's suppose to teach me?' They nodded smirkingly. 'F's aren't that bad' they laughed
'Coward' Larry mocked
'So says the guy who got grounded by his little sister' he frowned and folded his arms.
'Ha! Good one Wally bear' Barry laughed smacking my head. I punched his rib. 'Aaaaaah! My dinger!' He exclaimed, Larry face palmed himself
'That is not a usable term you Numbskull!'
'Than how come I just used it' Barry said cockily with nose up in the air proudly
'Because you are brainless' I chuckled
'I'm not! Dinger is a good word, two in one genius if I must say' he explained smugly. 'It's the perfection of dick and condom in one glory so why not use it' I laughed at his foolish logic
'Is he always this...this...uniquely....'
'Foolish, yes' Larry interjected. 'Legend has it that there's no brain in this head of his'
'I'm right here' he said frowningly, then laughed to a joke only his head could tell. I laughed too. 'We better get to class before S-Claws drive in, she'll be here in three minutes' he said seriously and jumped down
'Who's S-Claws?' I asked curiously
'My sister' Larry said bitterly. 'Sometimes I wonder if she was changed in the hospital with a mad woman's daughter but again I'm made to remember that she's my almost identical younger sister'
'S-Claws is coming!!!!' A girl shouted and a panic scream broke followed by stampede to class. Larry pulled my hand and dragged me through the back entrance
'Is everyone that scared of her? She's just a girl' I said confusedly
'She's a maniac and I'm her brother so believe me when I say avoiding her is the beginning of wisdom'
'Can she kill someone?'
'I don't know but I don't think anyone is ready to find out or do you want to be the guinea pig?' Barry asked
'I'll pass'


Classes were going on fine, strangely everyone was glad she was helping the principal in his office. She seems to be feared, I wonder why. The bell rang for lunch time and everyone stood up, packing up their things. The door burst open and the whole place turned eerily silent.
Heavy boots echoed in the class and the noisy chewing of a gum and metal clacking against something
I didn't bother looking up
'I'm looking for a Thomas Walkers' that voice! My head jerked up and my mouth fell. She was different from who I saw the previous day. Her blonde hair was somehow pink and her sapphire eyes were well...like glass, pale silver glass. Her harsh red lips had pink lipstick smeared...okay that one is normal because she's a girl
The point is, she looked like a bad girl before but now, she looked like devil's last daughter
'Who's Thomas Walkers?' She asked popping a bubble in her mouth. Everyone pointed to a guy who was seriously already peeing his pants. She looked down at his wet pants, her long black lashes which really stood out because of the whatever she added, flapping. She smirked. 'Come with me'
'What did I do' he cried in a small voice. She shrugged
'You'll know when you get there' he went on his knees
'Please forgive me, it's true I was the one who broke into the principal's office to change my grades but I'm sorry' he cried. She chuckled
'I was just going to take you to his office because your dad dropped an emergency call buuuuut, you're in trouble now. Pick up yourself and be at his office with dry pants before I get there'
'But you walk really fast'
'See you there' she turned and left the class. Now I get why there are scared, the aura and the voice was like a beast echoing in your ears. How come I didn't see this yesterday? Oh yeah, she was nice
I stabbed my fajitas absentmindedly. Larry was busy with his phone and Barry publicly teasing a girl sitting on his laps. No one else sat with us because they don't want it.
'What are you doing?!' A girl yelled. I looked at her, she was blonde and somehow short. She stood with arms akimbo glaring at Barry. 'Why is she sitting here?'
'Because I'm bored' Barry deadpanned
'Barry I thought I was your bae, why is she here?' she sobbed. I sighed simultaneously with Larry. That was the eleventh girl coming to say the exact words
'I got bored and decided to change skirts, yours is old and tacky' he said coldly. She cried
'Bye Linda, you can go'
'But you said you love me'
'I lied' and just like the others, she ran away in tears. Barry is a full time playboy
'I swear, one day I'll kidnap you and have plastic surgeon change your chopper to actual plastic' Larry sighed rubbing his temples
'And even with plastic, I will still fuck them all hard' Barry voiced boastfully. The cafeteria piped down like in class. 'Oh God' he breathed and pushed the girl off him. 'Scram' he whispered, she crawled away. I clicked my tongue and waited for her. She came to the table and sat on it
'There's a chain right here' I said with a small smile. She averted her eyes to glare at me but the glare turned into a confuse look and then an excited one. 'Hi S-Claws' I said winkingly
'Wallet!' She squealed and jumped on me, I almost lost balance. 'My ATM!'
'My broke ATM, duh' she grinned releasing me from the hug. She sat beside me and entwined our legs. 'You wanna know the crazy thing, I was just thinking about you as I walked in and boom! You're here' she was talking like the Shana I know
'Yeah, I started this school yesterday and met your brother and his idiot friend'
'Oh! You must be the Wally he mentioned. What a sweet coincidence!' She shrieked blasting my ear
'Can you not scream my eardrum to deafness' I groaned. She smirked
'You mean like this?' She screamed into my ear and I screamed too, she laughed. 'Ha! Look at your face' my ears were ringing
'Dammit girl' I moaned painfully. 'You cruel with that name, what's S-Claws for?' She blushed and played with the tip of one of her cornrow braid.
'I'm not completely normal, escaped a psychiatrist hospital thrice' she said shyly. 'I don't want to go there' she whined and covered her face sheepishly. Awkwardly cute.
'You need more deliverance than I thought' I laughed nudging her side. She giggled and leaned her face closer to mine
'Will you deliver me then?'
'For you baby, I'll be a bishop'
'Er...Larry, remember that time I told you I do drugs and you told me to stop it because I might start seeing weird things that will make me run mad? I think I have' Barry said with a godsmack look on. I chuckled and looked at Larry whose jaw was on the table. 'You do drugs too?'
Everyone has the same look on
'Face your food you all' she hissed venomously, they all faced their business still nonplussed. Larry stood up and walked over to us, he held her shoulders and started shaking her vigorously
'Tell me! What have you done to my sister!!!! Where's my sister you shapeshifting thief!!!!'
'Laaaaaaarry' she called, her voice vibrating because of the shake. 'Let go of me'
'No! Not until you tell me where you kept my sister. Did you eat her?....'
'No! You ate my future wife!!!!' Barry yelled holding his head in dismay. He knelt down and grabbed her waist. 'Hang in there Shana, I'm going to get you out of there if it's the last thing I do!!!!' He swore shriekingly. 'Keep fighting the digestion babe'
'Will the two of you stop being so weird' she snapped and within the blink if an eye, Barry laid flat on the floor and Larry's head pressed against the table hard
'Yup! She's back' they both groaned painfully.
'I can't feel my face' Larry cried
This is hilarious

To be continued

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