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Shana - Chapter Four


Shana - Chapter Four

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I cleaned the marble table with a huge frown. I was at my second place of work, actually I kind of run three jobs. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I work at the pizza parlor. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, I work at mini restaurant attached to a hotel. Sometimes, most Friday nights, I do night jobs like be a bartender in a night club and then I sleep all through Saturdays
You know, rest so it won't affect me
The problem now was she somehow found my other place of water and was bossing me around because the customers are always right. She sat with legs crossed and slurping her noodles with me cleaning the already shiny table for her entertainment
'Mmm, mm oh God, this is so good' she moaned. 'You missed a spot' she said pointing to a little drop of the noodle's liquid. I glared at her and she smiled innocently. I cursed under my breath and cleaned it. 'Get me water to drink'
'There's water and orange juice right in front of you' I said through gritted teeth
'There's noodle in my water and I don't like orange juice again, I want lychee'
'There's no no....' She emptied a spoonful of noodles in it. 'Urgh! I hate you'
'And I love me' she cooed. 'Now get me my drink boy' I inhaled and picked the two glasses. 'And remember to smile' she sang forcing my lips to a crook and awkward smile with her fingers
'Did you wash your hands when you visited the restroom thirty minutes ago?' I asked with a huge frown in my voice
'Who lives in the toilet that I had to visit' she said sardonically. I scoffed. 'Anyways, I'll leave your mind to keep wondering if I washed my hands or not' she said with a wiggle of her eyebrows and a delicate smirk. It's delicate because I can easily punch it.....on second thought, I'll just go get it
I dragged myself back to the kitchen and got what she want. I went back to her and a guy was sitting at her table now, flirting with her and she seemed to love it. I scoffed in annoyance and dropped her bottled water
'Can I go now?'
'Why do you want to leave?'
'I have other things to do Shan, I have to get it done'
'Oh yes, please bring me some vegepaddies and a bottle of coke' the stupid guy said. I nodded and went to get it, boiling inwardly
Why would she flirt when I'm right here
That's not cool
And yet I feel so bad about myself, I probably look like this badly broke ass boy to her. Her parents aren't that rich as Larry said yet they get whatever they want
Here I am working to gain my own cash when my dad is a trillionaire and my mother from a home of wickedly rich people
How cruel is my life
No one, not one of them cares about me
'Here's your order. Would you like anything else?' I asked almost inaudibly
'Don't you know how to talk' he snapped. 'Speak louder'
'I asked if you need anything else' I repeated louder. He scoffed and waved me away like I was some slave, I inhaled and turned to leave
'Wallet, you okay?' Her voice made me stop. It was soft and filled with concern. I didn't bother turning around
'I'm fine' I said calmly and walked back to the kitchen. I sat on the kitchen counter and stared at the chef
'Wally, you look glum. That pretty girl give you a hard time?'
'No, it's not her' I S's d smiling assuredly at her, she rolled her eyes
'You know that doesn't work on me so spit it out' I chuckled. 'Do you like her or something?'
'How did you even know it was her?' I questioned suspiciously
'Mera wouldn't stop ranting about her being a bitch and wanting to snatch her love. The girl won't stop blabbing so I had to tie her up and throw her in the garbage can. I think the garbage truck left with her'
'Don't worry, I already called them and made a report, they'll check it'
'When did you call them?' I sighed knowingly
'Hmmmm, I think 6:49 pm' she said nonchalantly with a shrug
'That's in an hour time!' I exclaimed, she shrugged
'I'm busy and I'm too tired to get my phone'
'You always keep the damn phone in your pocket'
'Exactly! Do you know how difficult it is to move my hand to my pocket, it's so stressful' I rolled my eyes and brought out my own phone. In case you're wondering, Lois is 32. She's unmarried and not searching because she'll always say
"Men are he goats and women she llamas so they don't match. End of story"
That makes no sense!
I finished calling them and assisted her in cooking, one of...my fellow waiter came and delivered the good news that Shana was asking for me. Note the sarcasm. I dragged myself back to her and sighed
'How may I be of service?'
'Barry is throwing a party on Friday, do you wanna come?'
'No' I said coldly
'I'll be busy'
'Wallet are you mad at me for bossing you around? Okay I'm sorry. I was messing around but since you don't like that joke, I'll stop it' she said with a cute pout
'Cross my heart and hope you die' she said grinningly
'Wow, I feel so much better' I said sarcastically, she giggled softly at first and then slowly turn it to a evil crackle. I chuckled
'You are very stupid'
'Now you're getting it' she said with a adorable click of her tongue and snap of her fingers.
'Everything about you is adorable'
'And I thought I was scary'
'What's with the scary S-Claws thing?' I asked taking a seat opposite her
'Mm mm hm' she said with a shrug. 'I got angry at tenth grade, best up a huge time bully and before I knee it, in was being called S-Claws. Maybe because the principal loves and uses me a lot to correct disobeying students'
'For free?' I asked with tilt head
'Am I mad? He pays me every month. This pretty face is not free'
'Don't elevate yourself, you're not that pretty'
'Ouch' she said holding her chest. 'That cut me real deep babe' I laughed
'You're gonna get me in trouble, I need to get back to work before the manager sees me'
'Don't worry, I have a weird sway on older people for example that old man stomping to us with the face of a monster' I turned my head and almost melted
'That's the manager' I whispered nervously
'Wallace! How many time have I warned you to stop flirting with me customers!!!' I sighed
'They are the Ines flirting with me' I can't help how rude I am
'Wallace you keep distracting everyone with your...'
'Whoa! You look really awesome sir' she chirped. She took a photo of him and smiled sweetly at him, he looked at her for a while and then smiled. Mr Millar never smiles! 'Where did you get this from? I'll love to buy this for my dad'
'Hmm, Wallace, you didn't tell me she was this loving. What's your name child?'
'Shana and he wasn't flirting with me, he's my boyfriend' I blinked at her lie
'Ah! He finally got himself a girl!' He exclaimed and gave my back a hard slap. I groaned and moved away. 'Well that is nice but you never keep an eye on this boy, he's always with this girl or the other'
'He dare not cheat or I'll cut off his arm' she said seriously. He nodded with a creepy grin. 'Can you please give him a early closing? I have to tutor him on our last topic and tomorrow will be too late, pretty please?' She begged with a sweet voice, holding his bicep tenderly
'Only because you asked sunshine. You are just like my daughter, cute and irresistible'
'Daddy' a voice called in a shrilly singsong.
'Speak of the devil' we averted our eyes to the girl skipping to us. She looked like a confuse Chelsea, blinding my eyes with her multicolor pinkness. 'There you....hey! Black fire!' She cut herself off
'I thought we agreed on Chelbie' she said lowly 'whatever, let's do the happy squealing and holding hands with a gleeful jump or jumps' she said with her sweetly tiny voice. They held hands, jumped and squealed
How many personality does Shana have
'OMG girl, you look totally dope' she said after they stopped their jumping squealing. She used that weird nose or was it throat voice, annoying over sassy teenage girls used
'I know! And you look fabu-cute' pink girl replied making annoying girlish gestures. 'Now let's be serious' she said with a laugh
'Hi Chelsbie, nice to see you again'
'Me too. I thought I would never see my door friend but this world is indeed small' at least they were talking normal
'You know each other, that will explain things' Mr Millar said with a tired sigh
'Daddy this is Shansi, the girl I told you I met in math camp last summer. Shan this is my dad, Mr Lemuel Willow'
'Your last name is Willow? I thought it was Millar' I blunted out. 'Forget I said that'
'What do you want Chelsea?' Mr Now Willow asked grumpily
'Mom said she have been trying to reach you so she'll know if to prepare tofu or fofu for dinner tonight. And should she polish the lobsters or just sprinkle vanilla syrup on them like you like it and finally what dessert do you want?'
'Banana pudding'
'Frozen yogurts and nuts'
'Got it and dad, I got my transfer paper. I'm transferable to the school tomorrow and I need a new car or to respray my car. The pink doesn't speak me well, I need something more pinkier and shiny with more glitters and maybe lavender or lilac, anyone'
'Dear God' I murmured and left but I heard her say something about coming to our school and they squealed.
Wednesdays, I hate Wednesdays. In fact I hate my life. Mom and dad kept me up all night with their stupid loud sex and scream. And she said she was getting a divorce
It was gym Wednesday
Like the real gym Wednesday
Barry was trying to impress the pink girl who by the way decided to come as a rainbow popstar. He was trying miserably to life a barbell and he was going to faint soon.
'Barry you can let it of. I don't care if you can lift a stupid barbell' she said with a sigh
'No, I can do it' he groaned. Larry was busy doing pushups with Shana on back who was gawking at me like the rest of the girls. I was coolly using the dumbbells and showing them how awesome my muscles were since I was shirtless
One, what kind of school make students work out like they're in a real gym
Two, why is this school so strange with so much weak guys
Three, even though they are good looking, rich and proud, they are all lazy cowards
Four, why am I the only one working out with Larry? The others were just trying to flex their muscles
Oh now I get why Larry and Barry are more popular, they work out much. Larry was shirtless too, his hard brawny back revealing the rightness of his veins and muscles.
I don't even know among us who's more muscular
Barry was shirtless too and sweating profusely because of the assignment he gave himself
We're hot
'I can do it' he said finally lifting it. His legs quivered along with his body. He raised it above his head. 'Yes! I did it!' He started falling backward. 'Help me' he cried with a small voice and bam! He fell on the floor flat like a dead man, the barbell almost pressing his head. 'Ow pain'
We laughed
'You did good' Pink laughed and lifted the barbell. 'Bit not good enough, watch' she went on and lifted it five times before stopping. 'I don't want muscles to spoil my beautiful shape'
'Now I know why she made you her friend, you're just like her' Larry chuckled still doing pushups
'Hand me the barbell please' she picked it up and gave it to me. 'Thanks'
'You're so hot and muscly' she cooed and hugged my sweaty body. Even your sweat smells so nice and a turn on' she sighed dreamily clinging to me. Shana laughed weirdly
'Thanks but please don't touch me' I tried to push her off but she should be named iron grip. 'How do one peel off a color confuse girl'
'How did someone yell help me I broke my spine' Barry cried
'It's Chelsea' she sang
'Chelsbie get off him' Shana ordered. She let go but didn't fail to kiss my cheek. Ew!
'Oomph' Larry groaned. He fell
'Okay class, let's play a game now' The coach announced. 'Shana please help me lift this box'
'Hey babe, go do it' she said winking at me. I rolled my eyes away
'Don't wink, it feels like your eye will fall off'
'Let's play pin the pin on the moron!' She yelled excitedly
Uh oh

To be continued

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