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Shana - Chapter Five


Shana - Chapter Five

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

The days flew by fast with me trying to adjust to my new school, getting used to the popularity, classes which were really hard, Shana always annoying me and dad's new green rules.
"Let's not waste and manage with natural sources" he said. Now he planned to open his own farm so he won't have to buy anything. Anyways, in conclusion it has been a month
Shana might have technically been the most annoying human in my life, but she was also the only one that genuinely and fully cared about me. It was cool the way I got to meet their parents and how they made me feel like a human being worth loving and I get to wonder if I was actually adopted. Barry, all he did was try to impress rainbow Chelsea who don't really care about his existence because she's drooling over blonde boys.
She has a strong obsession for blonde boys and Larry and I are blonde
'So class, you'll be picking your partner for the building project. Hope you have sorted it beforehand?' The what is he teaching again teacher announced. I really can't remember what he teaches because he confuses me. I think....bah!
'Larry, you're my partner right?' Barry asked with puppy eyes. 'I'm too dumb to do it' yes, we were all in the same class because it was an assignment for all the seniors
Don't know why
The school is weird
'No, I already partnered with Chelsea. She's smart and building dollhouses is her thing'
'But what about me? I'm your best friend and you know if I fail again, dad will send me to study camp. That horrible place were they force you to eat healthy foods and exercise and read! Lot and lots of reading!' He exclaimed horrifically holding his head. 'I'm too young to read' he cried
'Barry please, every time I work with you, all you do is sleep and leave all the work for me. I end up exhausted and making or solving it by myself and you get all the credits'
'That's because I'm more sexier than you and teachers love me but that's not the issue here. The issue you not helping me' he huffed. 'What are best friends for? Bros over bras remember?'
'Hey Janet!!!' I shouted to the second smartest girl in class. She turned and looked at me before pointing to herself in shock. 'Yes you. Do you have a partner yet?' She shook her head negatively. 'Congratulations, you're Barry's new partner for the rest of the year'
'Hey! You can't choose a partner for me' he flared hitting my head lightly
'It's either her or camp' Larry scoffed
'Can you cook? Like everything?' He asked enthusiastically
'My mom's a chef so yeah' she said softly. He squealed and rushed to her
'Will you marry me?' He asked going on his knee. Larry face palmed himself while I laughed at the flustered girl. 'I promise I'll treat you well, just marry me and come to my kitchen'
'Barry, you're an idiot. Now go to your seat' teacher somebody ordered. She whispered a "call me" to her and jogged back to his seat behind me. 'Where's Shana?'
'With the principal' I replied
'Doing what?'
'We're both here, aren't we' I said with an eye roll. He cleared his throat
'Since you're the only other guy that can tolerate her, you'll be her partner. The project must be submitted next week Monday so you guys have all weekend to get it done. See you on Mondays kids'
We grunted, he loved calling us kids to annoy us
The bell rang and he left, soon students trooped out of the big class
'So what are we going to build?' Larry asked Rainbow Chelsea
'I'm good at building dollhouses, it wouldn't be that hard to create a building, our dream house'
'I don't understand the reason for this assignment' I sighed
'Neither do I but this school is never doing anything normal' Barry said like a Human being for the first time 'hey look what I found! My old gum' he shrieked bringing out a gum from between his book, a chewed up one. 'So you've been hiding here'
'Barry don't... eat that gum' I tried to stop him but he already shoved the entire gum into his mouth.
'Ew!' Rainbow Chelsea scrunched her nose with disgust. 'Gosh! You're so disgusting'
'What did I do? I only ate my gum'. He defended
'Wallet, come on' Shana called sticking her head into the class
'Where are we going to?'
'To throw stuffs at the cheerleaders as they practice' Rainbow Chelsea chirped. I rolled my eyes
'I told you all already, I'm not doing that'
'Fun sponge'
'I'll go! I love throwing things at people. Like the time I threw that cockroach into Larry's mouth last week in gym class' Barry said excitedly
'You were the one who threw it!!!!!!!!!'
'What? Me? Why will I do that?' He asked innocently stylishly moving to the door
'I swallowed a cockroach and almost choked to death because of your stupidity!!!!' He yelled again taking off his shoes
'It wasn't that bad. Cockroaches are good for the health, they give vitamin and protein, nourish the livers and enrich the blood. With cockroaches, your energy in bed will increase and your bones will become super strong' the fool explained
'Why you....!' Larry roared and dashed to him. Barry ran out almost colliding with Shana.
'And they will fight all day' she sighed. 'I love it, Chelsbie, let's throw stuffs at them instead as they fight'
'Oh Wallet, we're doing the project at your place' she delivered the big blow and ran out
My place!

#Fast_forward >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
'Shana this is a terrible idea, very very terrible' I panicked looking around my room in fear. 'My dad or mom can come anytime'
'Wallet, your problem right now is yourself. You're not a kid, why are you so terrified of your selfish parents who don't give a shit about you. You make your own money, you feed yourself most times and you have been caring for yourself since age seven. Why do you fear them? If you tried speaking up for yourself in the last, maybe one of them would have changed but you never tried. My mother changed from being Mrs Stingy yeller after I told her my mind, after I let her know that what she was doing was wrong. You should at least try to talk to your mother, she's a woman and they are easily persuaded than men....are you even listening!!!!'
'I am, i am' I huffed. 'It's not like I'm scared of them, I just respect them'
'Respect is only given to those who deserve it'
'Wallace!!!!!' Mom shouted from downstairs
'Oh great'
'Just shut up and answer her' she said rolling her eyes. I stood up and ran downstairs to meet her
'Hey mom, you're back home early' I said confusedly eyeing the skinny girl staring at me at the couch with legs crossed
'Yes, I want to introduce you to Martha, you remember her right?'
'Ms Elsie's daughter?' I asked walking closer to her. Mom nodded
'She just returned from her studies in Yales, isn't she smart?' Oh I get it
'Yeah, smart' I said uninterestedly
'Hi Wallace, it's nice to see you again' she said with her fake grin plastered on her face. The last time we met, she reported me to dad that I had a girlfriend
'Yeah, nice' I scoffed. 'If you'll excuse me, I was busy upstairs with someone else'
'Wallace!' Mom exclaimed. I huffed and jogged back to the room
'Welcome back' Shana chirped bouncing on my bed. 'Wuzz up?'
'Mom's playing cupid and knowing her, it's a do or die to date that girl and I rather choose death'
'Or you can reject her fearlessly or let me do that for you' I chuckled
'How do you intend to do that?'
'Watch, I came prepared' she grabbed her bag and ran into my bathroom. She's always up to something
'Wallace' mom called angrily pushing my door open. 'What was the meaning of that insult back there?! I brought home a beautiful girl for you but you insult her like that!!!'
'I don't like her'
'Why?' She snapped pettishly. 'She's beautiful, elegant, smart and intelligent and she's from a wealthy home. Your father wouldn't bother much about her'
'She's scrawny, short, a borrowed brain and I don't care if she's from a wealthy home, I'm a poor boy, remember' I said calmly going to my bed
'What do you mean by poor boy?' She huffed folding her arms
'Nevermind' I said dismissively, I bit my lip as Shana's words reverberated in my head. 'Yes something' I stood up. 'My parents are fucking and filthy rich but I'm not, I'm poor and lame and you wanna know why mom? Because my parents are dead, I'm an orphan'
'Don't call my name like you deserve to call it. If it was possible, I gave birth to myself. You and father were obviously not ready for marriage or children so why did you get married?! All you've both done is make my life miserable and frustrated. Do you even remember when I was born? Do you remember my full name? When last did we spend any holiday together? Never! When did either of you asked me what I wanted or surprised me with something? Never!!!!' All the anger I had bottled up for years slowly came out. 'Ever since I was seven, I did my own homework, I dressed myself to school and ate alone. I made my own Halloween custom and went out on my own, on ever celebration and holidays I sleep or celebrate with myself. I trained myself with no nanny because you didn't want anyone to steal your husband and dad couldn't "afford" one. When last did you buy me anything other than useless clothes and shoes? When last did either of you sat with me or fought with me? Any stupid thing teenage boys and their parents fight about?!! I inhaled deeply. 'You hire a male chef to do the cooking and he's barely around because he knows how useless my parents are what did I do to God that he had to send me to two confuse fools who know nothing about. Yet I still love and respect the both of you, I still listen and do whatever you both want'
'Don't interrupting me!!!! I'm still pouring my feelings out. You're pushy, annoying, irritating and all you know how to do is talk on the phone and visit parties and buy latest fashion and cars for yourself. You don't care if I die, if I live, if I'm eating or not. All you care about is yourself and how to make me exactly what you want. At least if dad was bad, you as my mother should have been there for me, love and care for me but no, all there is you and you alone'
She was crying. That's good
'Now mother, get out of my room....no Mrs McBryde, leave my room and don't talk to me again'
'I didn't know'
'Please don't regret it, I'm already nineteen, I've lived through it. Out' I pushed her out, locked the door and sigh with my hands rested on the door. The bathroom door opened and Shan came out. I turned with a sad smile.
'I'm so proud' she chirped wiping her tears. I arched a brow. 'I'm so proud of myself for convincing and initiating you to my coven. You're no longer a complete fool, just a baby one' I rolled my eyes and walked to my bed but stopped and turned back to her
'What are you wearing?'
'Like it?' She asked twirling around. She was a very shiny dress and it look expensive. 'Imma do a little something to put your dad in check or get you disowned but either way, I'm still going to give him a piece of my mind'
'Take off the dress, you look ridiculous' I lied, she was actually distracting me with her new girlish look and it was weird and beautiful
Too beautiful

To be continued

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