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Shana - Chapter 0ne


Shana - Chapter 0ne

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I sighed dragging my feet to my father's study, I needed to ask him for money for lunch. I knocked gently
'Come in' I inhaled and pushed the door in
'Good morning dad'
'Uhm, are you ready for school?'
'What else do you want?' He asked not sparing me a glance. I itched my head
'Mom forgot to pay the lunch money. The food there are really expensive and payment is made to eat freely for the whole semester' I explained
'How much are we talking about here?'
'5000 dollars'
'Say what?' He asked looking at me, I grinned. 'Don't do have food at home? Did you tell them you were not fed well at home?'
'Dad it's for lunch period in school'
'I have a kitchen in this house and a good chef, if you want lunch, get a food flask and carry to school'
'Dad I'm not a kid. That will be...'
'Wally, do you know how hard it is to make money? It's not easy' he flared. I smiled
'Can I at least get a new bike? The bike you bought me got run over by a car' I said honestly
'What! Wally I spent a fortune on that expensive bike!'
'Dad you only spent 10 bucks on that cheap old thing'
'Can you buy a car? Do you earn money?'
'I have two jobs so yeah' I said in a duh tone
'Good, now use your money to buy a car and not disturb me' he said angrily. 'Wrecking that expensive bike' he grumbled. I walked out to find mom, she was on the phone in the kitchen, the food she was microwaving burning to ash
I turned it off with a sigh
'I'm busy'
'Can I get money to pay for the lunch thing?' I asked caressing her hair
'Oh my God! She didn't do that at all....she's so screwed...'
'Mom can I take your credit card?' I asked taking it from her purse
'Yeah sure, whatever' she said dismissively. I smiled and walked out with the card. By the time she drops that call in three hours, I'll be done with what I want and she can kill me later. I could drive one of her cars but they are all too feminine and ridiculous.
Good thing I spent all my money making a nice roller skate. One with unique and delicate glass that can change colour. I'm sure no one will notice
I skated to school and went straight to the principal's office. I looked kind of cool in my flashing shoes and expensive wear. If only they knew, I murmured greeting to him and sat down
'Oh, you must be Wallace McBryde, it's an honor to meet you in person sir' he said standing up to greet me, he's giving me the sweet treatment. I hate my life
'Sorry sir, I'm not in a good mood, I never am' I said glumly. I mean what's so special about my life? I'm frustrated
'Why is that if I may ask?'
'Personal' I said coldly. He smiled. 'Please can I not be treated like a king because I'm not'
'Just don't let anyone know who's son I am' I said sadly. I'm not proud of who they are. 'Please, I'm just Wally Bryde here, okay?'
'Okay Mr Wally'
'Wally' I corrected
'I wasn't expecting this' he admitted. I smiled and rake my fingers through my hair
'Don't expect too much' I said smilingly. 'Here, for the remaining payment' I whispered giving him mom's credit card
Finally done with the registration, I walked to my class on the phone with mom, she was asking me about her credit card and why I used it
'I had to pay'
'Without my permission?!!!!'
'Mom, you said to' I said smirkingly pushing the class door open. I walked in and salute to the teacher with my index finger winkingly. I might not be allowed to keep a girl but it doesn't mean I won't be a little bit charming. 'Look mom, I'll return it later'
'You will waste my money'
'When have I ever? I paid the necessary and that's it. I'm in class now, can I go?'
'If one more money....'
'Bye' I hung up and shoved my phone into the back pocket of my jeans and sat down in an empty seat. The teacher cleared her throat
'Who are you if I may ask?'
'New student, Wally Bryde'
'Hmmm, that's funny. I was expecting a Wallace McBryde' she said suspiciously
'Who's that?' I asked ignorantly
'Never mind' she waved off and faced the board. I bit my lip seductively, I'm pretty good good looking so my charms were effectively. I smirked at the murmur and brought out my books
In case you are wondering, I don't have friends, dad said they are too expensive as well. Normally I don't like keeping them, how will I explain my predicament to them?
I sat glumly at the cafeteria really bored and sad. I stared at the miserable chicken stabbing it frowningly like it was the cause of my misery.
'I hate you stupid chicken' I huffed angrily and punched it. 'So dry'
'I don't think the chicken deserves such treatment, just dump her if you don't want her anymore and don't damage her pretty face' a voice said chucklingly. I averted my frowning gaze to the person in front of me. Wow! He's talk, really really reeeeeeeeally tall. 'Hi new guy' he smiled and sat down. I felt a little bit intimidated by his height
'I didn't ask you to sit' I said frostily. He laughed like a drunkard
'Please I'm not the chicken, don't hurt me with your eyes. They already cocked their guns and are ready to blow my brain off' he said laughingly slamming the table. 'You should have seen your face'
'So funny I forgot to laugh' I said emotionlessly. He grinned
'I'm Barry Kingsford, humble clown and generous puss sucker' he said with a playful bow. I laughed and smiled
'Puss sucker?'
'I love going straight to the point' I smirked at him. 'You're hot, really hurt. You don't suppose to be gay right? If you are, then I'm available' he said winkingly. I chuckled
'I thought you just said puss sucker'
'I'm a generous donator. I give wherever my sperm is needed'
'Idiot' a hot slap on the back of his head made me laugh. 'I've warned you to stop saying ridiculous things' another tall guy said. He was much more taller. Not that I'm short but compared to them, I was short. They were above seven feet
Isn't that huge?
'Larry, don't do that' Barry cried rubbing his sore head. The other guy sat down. 'I was only being straightforward'
'You're lucky Shana isn't here, you'd have eaten those words' he said smirkingly. I cleared my throat. 'Oh, hi there. I'm Larry MacKinnon, age nineteen and co captain of the football team. Nice to met you' he stretched out his hand to me and I took it, I like him better. 'Sorry, we made a bet to befriend any new person today so here we are'
'We don't move out of our friend zone and my sister thought it would be good to enlarge the circle and maybe find someone that will correct his brain' he was talking to Barry
'My brain is alright thank you very much' Barry snorted with nose up high in a childish annoying pride. He's a dark skinned guy with jet black hair and chocolate eyes. Larry was creamed skin with ash blond hair and vivid blue eyes. 'So who are you hot kid?' I glared at him still stabbing the chicken
'Wally' I said looking at them
'If you don't want that chick again, I can introduce you to a hotter chick with sweet legs' Barry grinned referring to the chicken. I laughed
'She's too old, I don't like her' I said playing along with his joke
'This hot babe? Bah! Mercy is one of the hottest chick ever. Just look at her hot a d sexy legs, so edible. You should see the way they dance in the air when I give her a sweet tongue work' he said dreamily. I laughed again and pushed it to him
'Have em' he gasped girlishly
'For me?! No one have ever done such for me before. I will love you for the rest of my life' he squealed. Larry rolled his eyes
'Larry, is there any available sport I can join?'
'Are you good at any?' He asked dropping his phone
'Basketball, cricket and soccer'
'Soccer was closed this semester after the accident last semester and after "somebody" whipped a ball into the principal's dick and made him temporary impotent last year, cricket was bound for life' he said glaring at Barry
'Whaaaat! There was a satanic spider there, I was trying to help him!' Barry exclaimed with hands up defensively
'And you almost killed him' Barry grumbled to himself and faced the chicken. 'Anyways, basketball is up, a lot of the guys left the school and new people are needed for the team'
'Great! I'm in' I said happily
'You'll need someone to help you catch up with your studies, I can't help because I'm a science student. Barry is art and I won't even advice a snail to take lessons from him so I guess my sister will'
'Who's she?'
'I just called her my sister, her name is Shana but she's not in school today' I nodded. I turned to Barry who was moaning as he ate the chicken
'Oh Mercy, you can make a man go wild' he moaned louder earning stares. Larry face palmed himself and then slapped him
Rule number two broken, I've got myself some friends. Hope dad won't start reading me his how to economize book again
I really hate my life

To be continued

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