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Psycho Billionarie - Episode19


Psycho Billionarie - Episode19

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
I woke up with a light headache ,,and the bed i was on felt so comfy
I opened my eyes gently and noticed i was in an unfamilar apartment
I tried standing up but some hand held me down and cuddled me
Omg that scent
I raised my head and looked at the face it was kelly
Omg am hallucinating again ,,the event of last night came back to my memory
I cant believe i drank that much and followed a stranger home and now the stranger looks like kelly
He opened his eyes and we starred directly into each others eyes for seconds without a word
"Why did you sleep in the same bed with me is that how you treat strangers"i asked
I know for some reasons i sound crazy but i dont care ,,maybe its because am carrying kelly's child thats why i see him in everybody ,,i mean everybody is kelly ,,,you guys dont actually expect me to believe its kelly right before me ,,i mean my own kelly
He scoffed and stood up ignoring me
I tried to stand up and i noticed i wasnt wearing my clothes
"You pervert how can you undress a stranger"i yelled while he starred at me confused
"C'mon theres nothing there that i havent seen or touched before "he replied
"Well the fact that you have seen others dosent mean you will see mine,,Now get me my clothes "i yelled
"You do not want to see that,,you messed it up last night"he replied starring at me
"Am sorry mira for leaving you"he said still starring at me
I stood up from the bed and walked towards him ,,,i sniffed his body
Omg its kelly
I trailed my hands through his body ,,,it was actually him
I hit my face twice just to be sure i wasnt hallucinating or dreaming
But yeah it kelly right before me apologising
"its me mira,,am sorry"he said again
I threw a heavy punch at him ,,and his lips bursted while he held it
"You left me like i was some piece of trash "
"for months kelly" i yelled
"You made me fall inlove with you ,,,you got me pregant"
"You vanished"
"Not even a call kelly ,not even a text "
"And now you just showed up and tell me your sorry"
I grabbed my things and stormed out of the room or let me say house
I hailed a cab and gave him my address
Jezz my hands are paining me already
But the act i put up there was great i couldnt be more happy
Kelly came back ,,he really did ,,,i just had to resist the urge of kissing and hugging him that moment
He looks so handsome than before but you dont expect me to forgive him just like that ,i have to fake annoyance so he wont repeat it again
And that punch i gave him was lit

Others girls slap in this situation but she punched me ,,such a crazy girl
But i deserve it
The truth is that i have never for once forgotten her ,,i have been with her since that day at the airport
I was happy when she quit her call girl job and i made arrangement for her to be given a better job
i have been stalking her for long,,i even knew she was pregnant before she found out herself
I couldnt live without her ,,i love her so much and am ready to make things work
And carrying my child made everything even better
But how do i make her forgive me ?

To be continued

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