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Psycho Billionarie - Episode18


Psycho Billionarie - Episode18

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
I opened my eyes and everything was blurly ,,but i could see some pair of eyes starring into mine
Soon i could see clearly,,i was in the hospital and the doctors were all looking at me
And that was when i recalled everything that happened
So its all true
"Are you okay miss"the doctor asked while i nodded slightly
"Am sorry there was mixup in the name ,a lady had the same name with yours and your actually two month and some days pregnant"the doctor said
gosh is this another dream or what
I am actually pregnant or is it a fake result also
I grabbed my things and ran out of the hospital to another
I sat down and waited for the result and it says am pregnant
i went to another hospital again and it confirmed the same thing
Should i be happy or sad ?
at least am happy its not fibroad
Am carrying kelly's child ? it seems like dreaming

Yeah its been a week since i found out i am pregnant ,i have locked my self up and not going anywhere
Clarie asked me if i was pregnant and i denied it bluntly
i dont know if what i did was right or wrong but and going to keeping denying it till i figure out what to do with the pregnancy
Right now am all prepared and about to hit the club with clarie ,,it wasnt my idea but hers since i have been locked up for a week now
We arrived the club and i walked in sluggishly ,,i have been a mess for this one week ,i never knew pregnancy was this difficult
i get irritated by every single thing,i throw up at night,and my appetite for food increased but am too lazy to cook ,,so i have been starving my self
I sat down at the bar with clarie while she ordered some shot
i tasted my drink and i was shocked to see it was orange juice
"Did u ordered orange juice for me "i asked clarie while she starred at me with a surprised look
"No,why would i order orange juice for you in a club"she asked and took a sip of my drink
"WTF ,you are right"she said and called the bartender immediately
"I ordered for alcohol and you brought my friend orange juice "clarie asked
"Am sorry ma'am am just following orders"he replied
"But my order was alcohol"clarie yelled
"I know but we were asked not to give her alcohol"he replied clarie and i starred at each other confused
"By who"i asked
"am sorry i cant say"the bartender replied and left
"What the hell is happening"i asked no one in particular
I collected clarie drink and glumped them down immediately
oh no! bad idea i need to puke
I ran to the bathroom and let everything out
Why will some ask them to give me orange juice huh? this is so confusing
Actually the person is right ,i almost threw up my intestine
I walked back to the table and saw a figure like that of kelly
I looked clearly and noticed it wasnt him ,,i think am going insane
A bartender walked passed me with two glass of wine in a tray ,i guickly grabbed the two of them and ran into the crowd of dancing people before glumping the drink down
Another person passed and he looked exactly like kelly i ran to the person and noticed it wasnt him
What is kelly doing to me ?
I stole another drink and glumped it down
I was drunk and dancing crazily because all i could see is kelly ,,kelly is everywhere and am carrying his child
Kelly is making me go in sane
I made my way towards the exit with another stolen drink in my hand
"You drank alot"i heard a voice said and i turned
"Mind your business"i yelled and countinued walking till i was finally out
"Do you need a ride "he asked and i ignored him
Before i knew it someone lifted me off the ground and led me to his car
If it was on a good day i would have struggled to set my self free but i didnt
I just relaxed on his body ,,i feel relaxed with the stranger ,,not only that i had a lot of things going through my mind
we both sat down in an awkward silence and only one person dose that to me "kelly"
Everything reminds me of him
"I love him so much and i miss him too"i said to the stranger who just starred at me am sure he must think am one crazy person
I moved closer to the stanger and wrapped my body arround him like a baby and placed my head on his chest like its a pillow.


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