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Psycho Billionarie - Episode17


Psycho Billionarie - Episode17

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
It hailed a cab and hopped in immediately giving him the address to my new apartment
After the hazard with kelly ,,,i stopped working as a call girl got a better apartment and a better job which have been really stressful but at least the pay is good
Its been three month now ,,yeah you heard me three whole month since i saw kelly ,,well i wont blame him because i moved to south to have a better life and since then everything have been moving well for me ,,i still miss him though but am very sure he dosent even remember me anymore
The cab stopped in front of my apartment ,i came down paid the cab man and went inside ,,I slumped on my bed immediately
It not easy to be working non stop everyday ,,for the past month i have been having some kind changes in my body and my face is pale ,,am too busy to give it an attention but this time its getting worst
I have an appointment with my doctor so hopefully i will get treated and be okay soon

Author jenny
My phone rang and i looked at the caller
It was clarie my newly found bestie she work in the same place and shes has been a great friend to me
" hey girly"she said immediately i picked up
"Whats up clarie"i replied back
"I was thinking if we could go out tonight and have fun'"she said
"Not interested clarie"i replied
"C'mon mira,when last did you have fun ,,i promise we wont stay out long please plsssssssssss"
"Fine "i replied and ended the call ,,clarie is always persistant ,,she never lets things slide am sure she will not let me be if i dont go out with her ,,and shes right its been long i had fun
I decided to grab some sleep before she comes
I was in the middle of my sweet dreams before i heard a lound bang on my door obviously it was clarie ,i cant imagine she just disturbed my sweet dreams ,,i was dreaming about kelly
"Omg you are not yet ready"clarie half yelled
"Chill babe i will do that now "i replied
"Go take your bath while i choose your clothes"clarie said in a bossy tone and i nodded gently making my way to the bathroom
Soon i was done taking my bath ,clarie choose a sliver short gown ,its been ages since i wore them and they were really tight bringing out all my curves ,,i cant believe i put up such weight in a short time
I looked at the mirror and i was satisfied with the way i look before heading to clarie's car
"Were are we going "i asked
"To the club"she replied with her eyes on the road as she drived
"why didnt you tell me earlier clarie ,you know how much i hate clubs "i replied faking a frown
"Your gonna enjoy it trust me"she replied
Soon we arrived at the club and entered
To say i was uncomfortable is an understatment ,,she sat down at the bar and clarie ordered some shoot while i used the opportunity to take a proper view of the place and that was when i noticed the VIP section and then some pairs of eyes were starring directly into mine from there, the place light was dim so i couldnt see the face clearly but i was sure that person was looking at me without blinking and it looks so creepy i had to remove my eyes
I began taking the shots while clarie stood up and went to the dance floor with some guy ,,great she ditched me
After taking some shots i was feeling a little but tipsy so i dragged my feet to the dance floor
I looked up at the VIP section to see if the creepy guy was still looking at me and yes he was ,, i decided to shrug it off and enjoy myself
I had a really bad hangover today due to the amount of drink i took.
Right now i was done with work and on my way to the hospital
i arrived at the accurate time and went tonthe doctors office
After taking my blood and went to the lb for test slim nurse walked in with a file in her hands am sure it must me the result
I know know why but i felt tensed and nervous of what the outcome might be
What if am pregnant ,,jezz my hands began shaking
The doctor collected it and looked at me with a shock expression
Omg is it that bad i thought
"What dose the result says doctor"i asked
"It say you have fibroid" the doctor said sadly
He before i knew it everywhere went dark

To be continued


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