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Psycho Billionarie - Episode15


Psycho Billionarie - Episode15

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Kelly pov
"Dont you guys have job to do "i yelled as i climb down the bed and pushed them out before slamming the door
"You guys should hurry up with the quickie breakfast is ready"i heard my mom yelled and they all roared in laughter
Jeez we need to leave as soon as possible
Mira ran into the bathroom but at least i caught a glimpse of her ass
Shes so beautiful and perfect in all area ,,i dont just know what is holding me back
soon she came out with a towel tied arround her chest while i quickly walked into the bathroom to stop the awkward silence between us

Mira pov
I wonder how we came about cuddling each other last night and his family jezz they are something else
I ran into the bathroom before kelly could turn back
Soon i was done bathing and i came out while he walked into the bathroom
now what do i wear,,at least instead of allowing his Family bring any cloth for me i need to find one myself
I caught a glimp of kelly t shirt i quickly put them on ,,they barely reached my knee but at least they covered my butt
I sat down in the dressing table and began blow drying my hair
Soon kelly walked out and starred at me
"Why are you looking at me"i asked
"Why are you wearing ny cloth "he asked and i rolled my eyes
"What do you expect me to wear " i replied
"you can wear anything you like but not my clothes " he said
"Sooo" i streched
"sooo pull it off"he added sternly and i starred at him in disbelief
"how about you come pull it off your self"i replied
I was shocked to see kelly walking towards me with a plain face
I stood up immediately trying to understand what he was really trying to do
i kept stepping back till my back finally hit the wall and a smirk plastered on his face
what is he trying to do ?
his body was pressing against mine and our face was just and inch away from each other
He trailed his hand down my tigh and i felt shivers
He kept looking into my eyes asif he was searching for something there
then his eyes drifted to my lips
Oh no not the lips ,my Legs felt like jelly i couldnt move
In a blink his lips landed on mine and i couldnt help but pave way for him and reciprocated the kiss
The kiss lasted for minute,he tucked my hair behind my ears and left the room without a word and i was finally able to breath well
I touched my lips ,,i ran out of the room the whole family turned and starred at me awkwardly and giggling and i wonder why and that was when it hit me that i was wearing kelly's cloth
throught out the breakfast i kept on remembering the kiss and stealing glance at kelly,he looks lost ,like something is bothering him
Is it the kiss? hell no why would he be bothered about it,he has kissed so many girls so mine was nothing
Right now we are on our way home and kelly refused me to pull his clothes off
First he was so angry that i wore them and now he dosent want me to pull it off
throughout the drive back home ,kelly kept starring at me and am beginning to freak out little by little ,my palm is becoming sweaty ,,i am now regretting why i wore his cloth
Finally we arrived home
he opened the car door held my hand and ran inside
Why are we running ?
What is kelly trying to do?
what do you guys think?

To be continued


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