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Psycho Billionarie - Episode13


Psycho Billionarie - Episode13

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
"Enough of the huging you all give her some space please"kelly said as he dragged my arm
"The food is ready"one of the maid said with a bow and we all head to the dining
Jeez my eyes almost popped out ,the dining was massive am sure it can be enough for 20 people or so
We sat down and the maids began dishing out the food for us
Kelly gave me a glare which i knew what it mean "do not misbehave"
We began eating and kelly's mom kept asking me some question which i answered perfectly and some i lied about them
Well the only place i lied is when it comes to me and kelly
"so you have female friends "one of the girls who her name was steph asked
"Well just one "i replied and she smiled
"Great,because we will be your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding"steph said smiling at the other girls
"Ohh i cant wait "the other girl betty said
All this while i kept stealing glance to kelly
to see his reaction but there was none
"So mira ,i really enjoyed my time at the house the other day"fred said and i smiled
"Me too,hope you come back some time"i said and he nodded
"I will love too"fred replied
soon we were done eating and i must confess kelly's family is amazing unlike him ,his so grumpy,arrongant and rude and so boring to be with
I heard my phone ringing and i decided to go pick it up from the sitting room
"Are you pregnant mira" his mom asked and i nearly choked on my breath
The whole eyes were on me waiting for an answer including kelly
how could his mom imagine that already
"what nooo am not" i finally said
"That how her stomach is anytime she eats"kelly said for the first time since we sat down on the dining
"Awww he even know about her stomach " rissa the other girl said smiling
"so romantic"steph added
"I cant wait for you guys to have a baby"kelly's mom said
"okay guys its time to leave"kelly said standing up
"I am so happy you came mira"his mom said hugging me
"i wish i could too,infact i would love to but you know i have to change up and others"i said
"Really that is great ,the girls and i gat you covered and for kelly ,fred can handle that,we thought you might say so we already arranged a room for you guys"his mom said
"Mom i have work to do and i wasnt prepared "kelly said
"Kelly you are staying and thats final "kelly's mom said dragging both of our hands upstair and took us to room
"everything you need is in there and you too better be careful at night because the room isnt sound proof "she said ,winked at me and left
"This is all your fault"kelly said starring at me
"How is it my fault "i asked
"If u didnt blab to her then we would have left in peace"he said and i rolled my eyes
"Dont even try anything funny because i will throw you out of this room"kelly added
"You wish ,,,,you aint even that attractive am just with you beacause its my job and not that i love doing it but i have to, so dont stress you brain boy"i replied and kelly starred at me in anger
"You think if i knew it was you i would have agreed ,,jezz you are not also my type girls fling their self to me"kelly said
"Says the guy who told the whole world his a gay" i replied
"My personal life is none of your business so stay out of it"kelly half yelled took some clothes and head to the bathroom
Later he was done and walked out with water dripping from his body
He look so handsome
I took the clothes and the bathroom ,,soon i was done i was shocked to see a black lingerie
i felt like screaming my lungs out ,how can they expect me to wear such

To be continued


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