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Psycho Billionarie - Episode12


Psycho Billionarie - Episode12

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
I kept walking about in the kitchen thinking of a perfect plan and idea on how to explain the disappearance of kelly's food which of course i ate it
But in my own defence i didnt do it intentionally ,,yes i will tell him that ,he will understand right?
Who am i kidding he is going to kill me
Soon i heard footsteps coming downstairs ,it was kelly ,i decided to act cool
He walked over to the dining and sat down before seeing the empty plates
"Were is my food" he half yelled which i totally ignored
"Mira"he yelled and i still ignored it ,till he walked up to me
"Were is my food "he asked
"Well i dont know ,i only saw good on the dining and ate it"i replied casually
"You mean to tell me you ate the whole food that was meant for the both of us "he yelled angrily
"You mean to tell me that you insulted me without feeling any remorse"i yelled back and he kept mute starring at me in anger only God knows were i got the courage from to face him but inside me i was scared as hell
"Go into the kitchen and prepare me something to eat"he said and i smiled
"Really ,i would love to cook for you "i said sternly and walked towards the kitchen while he gave me the "dont you dare look"
"You know what never mind ,just get out before i loose it "he yelled and i ran upstairs
Well....that went well for me ,,he knew i was going to do something bad to the food
Within me i feel quilty for eating his food because he looks hungry ,,,serves him right , he should have insulted me the way he did

Kelly pov
I ordered pizza out of annoyance ,,my phone began ringing and i picked it up with even looking at the caller ,i was so pissed
"What"i said as i placed the phone on my ear
"Have some respect for your mother boy"i heard my mom voice
"Am sorry mom i didnt know it was you"i replied
"I heard your in paris and you got a new girlfriend "she said and i rolled my eyes
I know its all freds doing that guy is just getting on my nevers ,who told him mira is my girlfriend
"Yes mom"i replied hoping she would end the conversion
"Awwn thats great,bring her to the family house for dinner tomorrow we will all love to see her "mom said and my eyes almost popped out of its sockets
"Arrh mom shes not feeling too well"i lied
"Nice try son ,bring her or else you will have a lot of visitors tomorrow at your house"mom said and ended the call before i could say anything.
Jeez am so going to kill fred when i see him

Mira pov
I woke up in the morning feeling good ,i sure did have a wonderful sleep
I went into the bathroom did my morning business and head downstairs
I saw annie serving breakfast , i greeted her and began eating totally ignoring kelly
"We are going to my family house for dinner"he said without sparing me a glance
"your family live in paris,,,what am i even saying ,,why on earth are we going there"i asked
"Well its all fred doing,he told them your are my girlfriend and they want to meet you"he replied
"Cant you just cancel"i asked
"NoPe ,,,else you find them here before you wake up tomorrow and trust me you do not want them coming"he replied
"Fine"i said

Right now i was dressed in a beautiful silver gown kelly bought for me with no too much make up and my hair in a ponytail
I walked downstairs and met kelly wearing a black tux he was looking handsome ,we gave each other and awkward glare before walking to the car
We have been driving for one hour now and i was beginning to get really bored none of us were talking to each other ,kelly is really boring
About thirty minutes later we arrived at a manson ,okay this more like a castle because its really huge
We stepped down and some guys rushed us greeting kelly in french
We walked inside the house and there was alot of noise it seems they were arguing or something
Kelly cleared him throat and they all turned to our direction in shock ,,well they were focused on me actually and it feels like the ground should open and swallow me
they were five female and three male but i recognised only one and it was fred
"Mira" fred called out rushing towards me but was pushed out of the way by a woman in her 50's whom am sure its kelly's mom
She hugged me tightly together with the other ladies and i couldnt breath anymore
The really love hugs but i think am suffocating

To be continued


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