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Psycho Billionarie - Episode11


Psycho Billionarie - Episode11

©Author Jenny

 🚫Not edited🚫

Mira pov
"What the hell is going on here"we heard
our laughed sized and my body frozed
How can one person have so much power and authority in his voice ,,so his been inside all this while
"hey cousin" fred said walking towards kelly who is coming down from the stairs
"What are you doing here fred"kelly asked
"C'mon bro are you still mad at me "fred replied
"Mira upstairs now"kelly half yelled and i walked upstairs
Why cant this guy talk politely like fred for once
I wonder what fred did to him thats his apologising about ,well no matter what i think he should just forgive him ,fred is a nice person
Should i go and eavesdrop ? ah no that will be bad
I kept pacing about in my room till it was an hour already and i was begining to feel hungry
I dont care if they are still discussing ,i will just go get my food and then come back
I walked downstairs and to my surprise everywhere was quiet
I saw kelly seated on the couch with his eyes glued to his phone and fred was no where
"were is fred "i asked and sat down on the couch
"He left"kelly replied sternly
"why so soon"i asked
"So you wont continue to flirt with him and throw your cheap self all over him"kelly replied and i rolled my eyes
"I like him tho"i said
"Guess what dear,he has no interest in a prostitute like you so you better stop liking him"kelly replied and walked up stairs
Hot tears gathered arround my eyes and i fight hard not to cry
There is no way am wasting my precious tears again ,he isnt worth it
I walked to the dining and saw already prepared food by annie and my sadness turned into happiness immediately
Food is my everything,ot makes me forget all my worries
I began digging in and smiling sheeplessly to my self until i was finished and that was when i realised i ate kelly's food too not leaving a single thing and annie has already gone home
I think am dead ,please guys if you know where they sell coffin at cheap amount can you direct me there because kelly is so going to kill me

Kelly pov
I woke up from sleep feeling hungry and decided to go downstairs and eat when i heard loud laughters coming from the sitting room
I was surprised to see fred and mira laughing their ass out,do they know each other from somewhere
Fred always have any girl he wants ,infact he has been my competiton right from day one ,he always has eyes for every girl am with and the worst part is that he always wins
Seeing him in my house and laughing that way with mira made me boil,i was extremely angry that i felt like choping his head off
I know mira is going to be his next target ,that was why i wasted no time in sending him out of my house and warned him never to come back
I was really hungry while i sat down replying some emails while annie prepared
food for me

It was ready and annie left ,i was answering the last email before going to eat when mira popped out of nowhere asking me question about fred ,i was really upset but i tried hard not to show it until she said "i like him tho",what does she mean by that huh
She has never said she liked me or even laughed with me the way she did with fred
I was so angry that i blurted out some hurtful words to her before i could even control my mouth
I walked upstairs and slammed the door hard ,,jezz that girl is making me go insane
I kept pacing about in my room angrily when my stomach grumbled that i realized i still havent eaten ,i walked out and headed downstairs to eat ,,i wonder why i feel this hungry today

To be continued


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