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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Final


my bossy mr gorgeous - Final

Theme: The End

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

'Don't tell me any stupid thing!!!!' I roared pushing my table upside down. 'I shattered her but the least you could have done is follow hr, make sure she's alright but you didn't!!!!'
'I was making sure you were.....'
'Where is my fiancée!!!!!'
'I don't know, no one does' I screamed and punched the wall, Sea girl is missing. She ran away that night which was a week ago and no one knows where she ran to. I feel ten times more hopeless, I can't find who sent me those shit, I might have as well killed the woman I love so why be alive.
'Cole, you can leave' Patrick said calmly. I rested my head on he wall, sobbing softly. He came behind me an held my shoulder. 'Look Mien, I know you're hurting right now but I want you to calm down and listen to me, everything....'
'Will not be okay, nothing ever will. Zane don't you understand what I did, I should never have chosen dad's filthy empire over her, the choice was simple, dump her or lose everything. She's my everything but I didn't see that, I'm such a fool, what am I living for'
'You know you can commit suicide right?'
'It's an option' I smiled. He nudged me
'What happened to the Damien that is over possessive' he teaser. 'Remember that time I kidnapped her and we went on a date, friendly date and how you just appeared out of nowhere and smashed a bottle on my head? Or the time I actually planned to get her laid because she's just too hot and I'm a dog then you came and shot me with a gun, right in my ribcage and I almost died?'
'Are you trying to make me murder you?'
'Just bringing up a point here. Or the other time I took her out to bribe her to convince Kiki that I'm the right man for her and again you showed up out of nowhere and threw me over a bridge' he punched my ribcage
'Don't Patrick me! You threw your best friend over a bridge, I could have died!!!!'
'What exactly is your point' I snapped. 'I always showed up because I don't trust you with her and I put TRACKERS ON HER!' I exclaimed with widened eyes
'Finally, you foolish head gets it' he taunted and slapped my head, I grabbed his hand and bent one of his finger. 'Yoah!!!!!!!!! Cole!!!!!'

I sniffed and hugged my knees again, that's all I've been doing, crying. Mr Gorgeous dumped me, he left me, said in worthless and then I got kidnapped. The second Lieutenant got me, the second Lieutenant took me again and locked me somewhere far away
I want my scarf
'Oh Alisa' my cry increased, he was coming again. I tried to stand up but my legs were weak, too weak from his constant raping. My dress was soaked with my blood and I had bruises allover. 'Alisa' the door opened, I cried
'Leave me alone'
He's suppose to be in jail
'Leave you? You ruined my life, made me a wanted man. Alisa I will torture you until you die. It's a good thing you were running that night, it made my job easier' he have been stalking me for a month and I happened to run out alone that night. 'Now come here' he commanded. 'Come here or I'll use the iron to rape you again'
'I can't stand' I cried
'I said come h....you asked for it' he stomped to me and I screamed in fright, he dragged my hair and bashed my head on the wall
'Leave me alone'
'Be quiet!' My cheek tinged from the contact it made with his iron palm. I sobbed silently, he pushed me down and came between my legs. I covered my eyes and waited for the pain, whatever he was using was not normal and it hurt
I screamed in pain, trying to get away but he pinned me down and shoved whatever that is deeper into me, the pain was unbearable but death won't just take me
I just wanna die

I paced my room with thumping heart, why did I have to do what I did, I should have just moved on with Tenny. What do I do now
I was heartbroken and envious, I remember my dad once told me that Daniel Petersen told him a bitter secret since they were best of friends, I looked into it and wasn't pleased with how Damien was treated badly and almost died because of his wicked stepmother. At first I was just going to ignore it, but then the wedding date was announced and I lost it, now she's missing and he's running mad
Sharice came to confront dad since he was the only one who knew and he connected it to me. Now if anything happens to her, he will hand me over to the cops
I didn't kidnap her, I swear
What do I do now
Burn the real evidences.
I took everything to the yard and burnt them to ashes, I soaked the ash in water and threw it into the backyard well. That will never come up again, I hope. What can I do now? I hope she's okay

I exhaled loudly and inhaled again, I was meditating, my legs folded and index fingers on my temples. I need to find Alisa, for the sake of Damien's sanity, I just need to find her.
'Why won't you just die!!!!' A voice roared in my head. 'After seven days of torment you should be dead!!!!' I heard her scream and the slashes of a whip, lashing. What's going on! 'Just die!!!!'
My room appeared in my head, I looked around and saw a black bird, she flew away and it was like she carried my spirit along, showing me the exact road to where she was. It led me out of town, to a underground house and there she was, being flogged mercilessly with a chain and bleeding. Her spirit was becoming weak and soon she would die
I opened my eyes with a gasp
'Gotcha' I stood up, grabbed my already prepared things and ran out to my car. Just hang on Alisa, I'm coming

'Come on, where are you' I mused pacing around, the trackers was taking forever to load, wherever she was must be really bad. Who could have kidnapped her.
Error loading location
I threw the laptop away, my head creasing with fear. If this doesn't work, there's only one person I can go to and I don't want to ho there but for my Sea girl, I will. Patrick picked up the laptop and retried it
'It's hopeless!'
'Calm down'
''Don't calm down, you better find my sister' unfortunately, his girlfriend came and she have been ranting but she's not the one who said that, her older sister that dresses like a Angel of death did. Difference between her and Sea girl and Kyla, this one is awfully strong and I'm not just saying, experience talking
'Elvira calm down' Kylie said calmly, Patrick told her the real reason
'Don't I look calm' she grinned creepily. 'I'm just preparing for someone's funeral'
'Just calm down'
'It worked! I've got it!' Patrick exclaimed. 'Come on, you girls stay here....'
'No, I'm coming to break some moron's head' Angel of death hissed and walked out. Remind me not to annoy her.
Cole drove us to the location, some soldiers following just in case. God I'm begging you for something, please don't let her die, don't let my fiancée die, I beg you. If you will only grant me this one request, I'll donate a lot of money to the poor and I'll forgive my mother and those who wronged me.
Close to the place, we heard a big explosion, a loud one that made the earth quaked
'What was that?' I shouted. 'God please don't let it be...' I got out of he car and ran
'Damien!!!!' Please don't let her die, please don't let her die for my sake. I reached the place, smoke was everywhere. I coughed and found my way in, fire, lot of them. Self destruct. I fell on my knees, she's gone. 'Damien!!!!' Patrick yelled. 'Where are you?!!!!' He coughed. I coughed too not bothering to move, why should I move, death is better
The woman I took as my mother was the cause of my problem
She and my father made me hurt the woman I love
She got kidnapped and killed
I'm bad luck, bad news to people
I fell on the ground gasping for breath, I got tired and closed my eyes, letting whatever wants to take me come
My ears twitched to the sound if the cardiac monitor, please don't tel me I'm alive. I don't want to survive, I'll just kill myself again. I tossed and sighed
'Mr Gorgeous' I can almost hear her voice in my head, I smiled. I'll miss hearing her call me that. 'Mr Gorgeous' I opened my eyes sharply, there she was, her face hovering over mine and her chocolate hair falling down in a curtain. Tears fell from her eyes to my face. 'I'm glad you're okay'
'Am I dead? Is this what hell looks like? I thought it would be more flamy and hot' she giggled
'I'm not dead and neither are you, we're alive'
'How come?' I asked looking to my side, I saw mom, she waved at me nervously. 'Mom?'
'I saved her before the explosion'
'How long have I been out?' I asked frowningly
'Two weeks, it wasn't an accident to kill you but your spirit was too stubborn. You wanted death badly, thank God you survived though' she explained, I turned to my side again and saw a wheelchair. 'Alisa's, she woke up a week ago and can't walk. She passed through a lot'

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'I'll be fine, mom I'm going to my room now since he's okay' he said lowly and dropped to her chair
'Please don't go' I pleaded
'Bye mom' she drove her automatic wheelchair out. I looked at mom pleadingly
'You dumped her remember'

I got to my hospital room and cried again, Mr Gorgeous is alright now but he still hates me. I'm worthless to him. I wish she didn't save me that day

Flashback >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Lieutenant Levi 2 left after flogging me, I rolled over a little, I was dying. It felt better, I don't like living. He came back later with a big gun
'I'm tired of all this, it's time you die so I can leave' he cocked the gun and I cried, I don't want to die again. I want to stay for Kiki and Cedric and Noah and....and....and scarf....I screamed when two gunshots fired. Lieutenant shot me on my shoulder, close to my neck
The pain surged through me, I cried in pain. He fell down and pressed a watch
'Alisa we need to get out of here' mom yelled. She carried me up and I slowly went to sleep.

I woke in the hospital and Mr Gorgeous was not okay. It hurts me to know he got hurt looking for me. Why will he look for me? What for? I miss him and now he's awake, he'll leave me. The doctors said my brutal rapes might affect me, they are not sure until after the treatment is complete
Living is hard
One thing I've learned in that place is I cannot give up on life, I cannot give up on my happiness and if Mr Gorgeous is my happiness, I won't give up on him

I played with Carlyle's new baby happily, she's so cute. I was being discharged but I wasn't going back to mom, I'm going to stay with Cedric, far away. I've decided to move on instead and find a way to be useful to myself, I'll surely try
'Lisa, let's go' Vira said coldly carrying the baby. She gave her back to Carlyle and helped me up since I can walk a little now. 'No time' she carried me and walked out
'Vira, can I see him first? Tell him I'm leaving?'
'I said no' she snapped
'Elvira put her down' Kiki said coming out of nowhere, I pouted at her. 'At least let her say bye oh wait! She can't leave because she's his. Do you guys think you can just send her away! She's Damien Petersen's fiancée'
'He dumped her and she almost got killed' I jumped out of her arms and ran behind Kiki
'And you think he'll let you take her like that' she scoffed. 'Let's go Alisa' she pulled me away
'Ignore them' she hissed and helped me reach his room, he was being discharged too. I walked in and she shut the door behind me. He was looking out of the window
'Mr Gorgeous, I'm leaving now'
'Why?' He asked and turned to look at me
'You dumped me' I said shakily, he smiled and used his index finger to tell me to come. I dragged my feet to him. 'Did you really not love me at all? Tell me now, I'm ready to take you back or beg you to take me anyone just to be with you because I don't want to go I want to stay with you and have my nineteen children I don't care why you left me just take me back please I don't want to leave you...' He kissed me, I cried and wrapped my hands around his neck. I cried as we kissed intensely
Is he going to still leave me?
I'm confuse
He broke the kiss and cleaned my eyes
'I'm sorry, I won't ever do that again' he sobbed
'With my life' I squealed and hugged him. 'I'm sorry I made you suffer'
'It's okay, I'm okay now. I love you so much'
'I love you too'
'What about my nineteen children? Will I still have them?' I asked pulling away to look at his face. He laughed
'If it's possible' he smiled. 'You'll see' he kissed my nose and hugged me again. 'Don't worry about anything, I'll never leave you again'
I'll hold him by his promise

So what more of a happily ever could there be! All in jolly good times right mates? What should I say? Alisa did give birth to a son and cried that she will never go back to the labour room. She had tow more sons but the nineteen theory was murdered, buried and s house built on it grave. Hmmm, most of you will think Patrick ended up with Kiki but no, let's say Kiki wasn't ready for love or rather not ready to love him, she married her best friend and it really broke Patrick
Damien calls it karma for the hearts he broke but nevertheless, he found love in Amaya's arms. Only them both can explain where that love grew from. I guess that concludes their happily ever after but you know a leopard never changes his spot. Patrick wasn't that faithful and committed but again, who is Amaya

Thanks for reading
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