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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 14


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 14

Theme: Secret from the past

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I can't believe I'm getting married, I can't believe Mr Gorgeous loves me. The wedding plan was going well and Mom was making me model her new line of wedding dresses
'This one looks perfect, don't you think so second daughter in-law?' She asked Kiki slurping on her drink. She calls her that
'Well I think it's beautiful but we need something that will knock everyone's brain off that day, something that will make Damien drool on the altar....'
'Something that will make the priest get a hard on, yes!'
'That's not what I m....'
'Via bring the hottest wedding dresses for me!!!!'
'Eh, nevermind' Kiki sighed. Mom is funny
'When you walk to the altar, you'll sway your hips like this...' She stood up and catwalked, demonstrating how I'd walk. I giggled and clapped my hands
'Go mom!'
'Say it again baby' she hoarsed swaying her hips. Kiki laughed and shook her head
'So where do you guys plan on going for the honeymoon?' She asked curiously
'What's there in the honey that he haven't gotten yet' mom scoffed, I went crimson. 'Anyways, I plan a grand tour to Brassiere or Sardinia'
'It's Brazil'
'Shut up. So you'll pick'
'I wanna go to Australia again or no, African!'
'Really?' They snorted, I nodded. The dresses were brought and I tried all of them on. One word, tight, really really really tight.
'This is a disaster! None suits my taste' mom panicked
'Shouldn't it suit my taste?' I asked with a pout
'Nonsense, it should suit mine, I'm the mother'
'And I'm the bride'
'Sh sh sh sh' I giggled. 'Yes! I'm a creator so I can fix a gown of my dreams...Via, get my thinking table ready'
I laughed and called Mr Gorgeous
'Hello beautiful' I giggled
'My Gorgeous'
'How's the dress fitting coming? Hope mom isn't being well mom' I giggled again. 'She is, isn't she?'
'Only just enough. So what you doing?'
'Firing my workers, it's fun'
'That's cruel' I scolded
'Eh, already fired' I smiled. 'So I'm bored and want to skip work, wanna go have lunch with me?'
'Bad boy, no. Stay there and work'
'I'll go out with you for dinner, how about that?' I crossed my fingers
'Okay, I'll be ten minutes earlier and please don't wear too much colors, okay?'
'Sure thing Captain, so bye?'
'I love you'
'Love you more and more and most, kisses with colors, mwah' I hung up and fist pump the air. Kiki dabbed imaginary tears out of her eyes
'They grow up so fast' she fake blew her nose and fanned herself. I laughed and went to sit with her. 'I'm so happy for you Lissy, you've really improved in every aspect all thanks to him. I'm just glad'
'I guess the treatment is working and I'm getting better but he's the main reason, being with him everyday gives me joy and hope that I'll be happy forever. I don't know what I'll do without him, he's my everything' I said smilingly, a tear rolled down and I wiped it off. Mr Gorgeous said no crying
I won't cry

'Sir, you have a package' Valdivia said calmly walking to my table, she dropped the box on the table
'Did you precheck it to make sure it's n...'
'All checked'
'Okay, open it..or go back to work' I murmured not taking my eyes off the computer
'Okay sir' she left. I continued working, forgetting about the box. After I finished working, I grabbed my coat to leave when Cole walked in.
'You're in a hurry'
'Yeah, Sea girl said to come back fast'
'When will you learn to call her Alisa' he said laughingly
'Who's that?'
'Ha ha...what's that?' He asked pointing to the box.
'Oh, I forgot about that'
'The box I checked earlier' he went to it and opened it. I was busy packing my things into my briefcase. 'Er...Damien, you might want to see this' I walked to him and looked at what he was looking at
'What the....'
'I don't get it either'
'Come on, we have someone to see'

Things are going so well, the wedding plans and all. In five days my baby will get married, isn't it cool. I just love Alisa, she's perfect for him
'Mom!' Damien roared barging into the house with heavy steps. Someone's on fire
'How may I help you son?'
'What is the meaning of this' he threw a envelope on my face. Hmmm. I opened it and brought out the content with a confuse look
'Oh my God' I murmured
'Start explaining' he thundered furiously. Okay, this wasn't suppose to happen
'Er...er...I..erm....your father and....'
'SPEAK!!!!!!' I screamed and jerked back
'Okay, I wasn't a nice girl a teenager or youth. I was raised by a harlot mother and criminal dad so I was like them, I did a lot of bad and illegal things, killed some few people and might have had too many abortion. I changed, I changed and that was when I met your dad, Damien I really love him. There was a time your dad's empire was going bankrupt, I had to help so I introduced him to some of....'
'The main shit is that you and dad were involvements in drugs, illegal drugs shifting. The accidental explosion on the orphanage hospital that took thousands of souls, you both caused it and the rest....'
'We stopped'
'After so many died. There is also evident of who my biological mother was, how they died, what happened to me. You killed my mother and sisters and you made it seemed like an accident, you, Sharice you were in charge of the place that made me me, you ruined my life' he cried softly. How was I suppose to know whose son he was, I did a lot but that was in the past. 'All these years while I drowned in my misery and agony, you were the reason, you opened that foul place that took a lot of souls. You made me a slave, you WERE THE MASKED WOMAN I ALWAYS SLEPT WITH!!!!' He lost his calmness. 'How could you'
'I'm sorry, I was only trying to help your father'
'By cheating on him with his little son?' He asked scoffingly. 'By ruining children's lives'
'He knew about it and I didn't know you were his son'
'God dammit Sharice!' He yelled smashing his phone, I flinched. 'Now you see those stuffs, those many shits will be out to the media if I don't break up with Sea girl, they want me to crush her heart because of what my selfish parents did. Why do you all have to ruin my life, what is the point of living. If I don't do it I know what will happen. Thank you so much for finalizing my hate' he turned and walked out. I burst into tears, I knew this day would come
But who did this

I shook my legs waiting for Mr Gorgeous, he cancelled on me and didn't come home for two days, all I did was sit and wait. Our wedding is in three, I hope he's fine.
The door opened and he walked in with his face down
'Mr Gorgeous!' I shrieked and ran to him. 'I've missed you s...huh' he pushed me aside. 'Is everything alright?'
'Uhm' he walked to the elevator and I followed him behind. He was acting strange so I gave him time by going to my old room and playing with Scarfie. My phone rang
'Alisa what happened? What did you do to him!!!!'
'What did I what? Who's him?'
'Damien, he called off the wedding' I broke into a pea of laughter
'You're funny. It's late November Kiki, not 1st of April' I laughed
'You don't know' she gasped. 'He called off the wedding with no reason than he's tired of you'
'What? It's a lie' I hung up and rushee to his room. 'Mr Gorgeous, what's with the wedding cancellation thing?' He was standing by his window, staring at the sky. 'Mr Gorgeous'
'Yes I cancelled because I'm tired'
'Of what? Me? What did I do?' I asked tearily. 'Is it my colors? I'm changing'
'No, I don't want to marry you again'
'Okay, I'll wait, as long as you are still with me' I smiled wiping my tears. He turned and walked to me, he entwined our hands
'Alisa, I'm sorry but I don't want to be with you anymore, I'm sick of it. I don't love you and will never do'
'But you said....'
'I lied, it was all for the contract' his eyes were emotionless, his face was cold. He's not lying. I stepped back
'No, it's not true. I know you love me, you said it, you gave me a ring. You love me' I cried
'I can't love someone like you' he said softly, my tears streamed out. This can't be happening
'This is a dream and I'll wake up, I'll wake up and find him smiling and kissing me, yes' I assured myself with eyes closed and hands on my head. 'He loves you'
'Alisa get it already, the contract have ended and you have to leave. Get out of my house' he snapped. I knelt down and hugged his leg
'Please don't do this to me, Mr Gorgeous you're all I have. Please don't chase me away'
'Alisa, let's go' Baldhead said calmly. I stood up and walked to him
'He's lying, right?'
'I'm sorry but he's not' I cupped my mouth, this is a nightmare.
'No!!!!' I ran out of his room, I ran out of the house to the gate, I pushed he guards aside and ran out. This is a nightmare

Damien sat on the floor crying bitterly, one hand covering his mouth. I know he's hurt, really hurt
'Cole I shattered her'
'It's not your fault'
'I broke her heart' he cried again. 'Why do I have to suffer like this'
'It's still not your fault' I should make sure Alisa get home safely but if I leave him, he'll do something stupid to himself.
Who did this

To be continued


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