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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 13


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 13

Theme: dinner and a show

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

My eyes flapped open with a yawn. I mentally woke myself up for something, think Alisa, think. Yes! Prepare breakfast before Mr Gorgeous does so you won't die today. Mr Gorgeous have been really sweet and all that with me, he takes me shopping, explore the city and last week we visit Australia, China and Manilla. We also went back to Disneyland and the amusement park and he behaved himself
Everything he did was nice, buying me a car, buying Cedric a car too and putting him in charge of his UK branch and also offering dad a better job. He somehow made sure the two Lieutenants get punished without anyone knowing the cause and he told mom to her face everything and said some really bad words, he's very good with words and harshness. Mom cried so much and tried to talk to me but I won't let her
He even made me his model and beauty of his empire. I'm so honoured and all those things but the one thing I can't stand is his decision to make me breakfast every morning, a baby can cook better than him and he don't seem to taste how bad his cooking is. I looked at his hand which always pinned me down
'How do you escape Alisa? We have to cook' I sighed and rubbed his arm gently
'Whaaaat?' He grunted
'Can you let me go? I need to use the bathroom for a while'
'Must you know everything, hand off' I scolded, he only pulled me closer and I whimpered. 'Mr Gorgeous, I really need to check myself for a while'
'Hold still for ten minutes before I go make breakfast'
No! Panic alert!
I need to do something fast
'It's five in the morning' I lied
'Really?' He asked opening his eyes. I closed them back and giggled
'Don't worry, I'll be back soon then we can bathe together' he grinned
'I like the sound of that' he let me go and I did the sign of the cross. 'Ten minutes'
'Fifteen' I nodded even though he couldn't see me. I stroke his hair until he fell asleep again and rushed out. Need to make something fast. Avocado toast and scrambled eggs. That's fast enough
I got to the kitchen and went to work, three months of eating useless breakfast. How do I convince him to let me cook. I finished cooking just as he plodded in
'What are you doing?'
'Dishing our breakfast'
'But I wanted to cook, it's all I can do' think again
'You've tried My Gorgeous, it's my turn now to cook for my future husband and if you love me, you'll let me' he scratched his head
'Love is a strong word' he muttered. I laughed and sat down. 'Okay, I was getting tired if waking up early anyways' he sat down too and was about to take a bite when Cutie batched in
'Good morning Mr and Mrs Petersen, how w.....ooh! Toast' he chirped and took Mr Gorgeous' food. 'Mmmmm, so good, tasty. You're doing a good job taking care of him, this is delicious' he moaned and commented. He licked his lips. 'So I have good news, I intend to throw my first concert tomorrow night, you know like you said'
'I mean Kiki, she said I have a really nice voice and I'm good at writing songs so she said to try it and I talked to my manager and he agreed and blah blah, the concert is tomorrow' he muffled out
'So fast' Mr Gorgeous said unenthusiastically
'I've been planning this for a month, didn't you listen to the first single I uploaded?'
'I was so excited I threw my phone overboard' he said plainly picking up another toast but Cutie took it
'Jerk, I can't wait for the concert. Maybe Kiki will finally see me as cool and dump her stupid boyfriend'
'Again, they are friends' I smiled, Mr Gorgeous was boiling. He took another toast and Cutie took it again
'Patrick' he called with simulated calmness putting his hands under his chin
'Yes bestie'
'Am I sharing a house with you?'
'Yes why?'
'You walked in here so early just to tell me about your stupid life and you're eating my breakfast'
'Don't be stingy, there's love in.....are you gonna eat that? Thank you' he took my eggs before I replied and eat it all. He drank the jar of orange juice down and wiped his mouth. 'Thank you for the food, you guys are life savers. Bye couples and be there'
'Er......bye?' I said astoundingly. He gave Mr Gorgeous a big kiss
'Urgh! Zane!!!' Mr Gorgeous roared wiping his lips aggressively. 'What the hell man!'
'It's goodluck kiss....come Alisa so I can kiss you too'
'Stay away from my fiancée' Mr Gorgeous yelled. Mr Cutie is always doing things to annoy him, it's funny.
'Gave told you not to be stingy'
'Come here and explain what stinginess means'
'I'll pass' Mr Gorgeous huffed and went to sponge his lips, muttering to himself. 'Lissy forgive me but I need to annoy him well'
'Hey Damien' he called in a sing song. Mr Gorgeous turned and Cutie forced a kiss on my lips. He dashed out immediately while I bit my lip to suppress my laugh. Steam was gushing out of his nose and ears
'PATRICK!!!!!!!!!!!' There it is. 'COLE WHERE DID YOU KEEP MY GUN!!!!'
He ran out. That's what they do every single time they meet, fight and argue over ever single stupid thing


At the end of it all, he still cooked and I had to tell him that he cooks awfully. In conclusion, he got upset and left home

'And I've been making a fool out of myself thinking I was doing her good but I wasn't. I can't believe I can't cook' I complained to mom who was walking around looking frantically for something
'I'm sure I kept it somewhere around here' she murmured
'Hello, earth to mother who's not listening'
'Right, that. Good talk'
'Mom I'm serious here'
'Look just forget about that and help me find it' she huffed
'Find what?'
'The box'
'What box?' I asked plainly
'A small golden ring box'
'With a ruby bow?' I asked chucklingly
'Yes! How did you know?!'
'Mom it's in your hand' I laughed. She looked at her hand and glared at it
'Here you are! You couldn't even say I'm right here big mama'
'Mom, are you okay? You look really tired and well, out of Sharice Wild juice'
'That's because I am' she sighed sitting down on a soft cushion. 'I've been so busy planning your wedding with Alisa and it's stressful'
'My what?'
'Wedding!' She exclaimed. 'You guys have been engaged for months now and it's time to pick things up a little'
'Mm hm' I put my index fingers on my lips. 'You do realise that we aren't dating right?'
'What?' She asked with a dumb tone
'Sea girl and I aren't dating, we're just trying to see if we can' I shrugged. She stood up
'Hold still baby' she smacked me with her bag. 'Are you insane or tryna be insane!!!!'
'What did I d....'
'Shhhhhh, don't interrupt me when I'm about nag some senses into your damn skull. Now sit down' she commanded, I sat down and sighed. 'You've been staying with this girl for almost four months now, you give her hope and make her happy, you find pleasure shoving ya dick into her ass....'
'Mom' I growled
'Don't momma all me now, I ain't nagging to be interrupted'
'What's with the Black accent?'
'I'm in this cool bet with Charming on who can do the best black accent and impression and I'm winning it babe! I fucking am' she said enthusiastically. Charming is her gay best friend. 'Back to what I was nagging.....you find pleasure in shoving ya dick up her ass and you make her feel like you love her yet you're undecided! Are you nuts?! Everything ya both been fucking doing is dating shit, live shit. The smiles and giggles and laughter that makes me fucking sick by the way is what to ya? Just fun?'
'It's not like that' she slapped me again
'Oh hell yeah it fucking damn is. So what ya gonna tell her? "Alisa move on, I'm done with ya?" Boy you're that girl's life, the reason she feels special and wanted, the one thing that makes her happy. You can't go around thinking of how to break her heart like that son, she loves you more than she does anyone so tell her how you feel'
'But I don't know how I....'
'Shut up you dodo brain' she huffed smacking me again. 'Will you like it if she cries or go to another man?'
'No' I said with a terrified voice
'Then would you like it if she leaves you? Or hate you or commit suicide?'
I shook my head negatively like a boy
'Then what ya waiting for?! Give her this and make it official. Trust me kid, she's the only one that can tolerate your shitty attitude and foolishness. The only girl that will ever see you as her life even with your bad anger problem so shut up, is that okay?' I nodded. 'Good' she cocked her hips. 'Now tell me how cool of a black woman I am'
'You're white'

I sang as I brushed my hair happily, Mr Gorgeous came back and said we were going out. I tried my best to look pretty enough. A simple knee length flare gown and ankle timber boots. I carried the clutch bag and ran out
'I'm ready!'
'Uhm' he said coldly. I pouted and looked at myself. 'You don't look bad, you're beautiful'
'Absolutely' he smiled and came to me. 'I'm just nervous'
'About?' I asked curiously
'You'll see, let's go' he entwined our hands and led me out. Something smells fishy
'Ooooh! Selfie for my fans' I said bringing out my phone, I'm a celeb now. 'Say sweet'. He scoffed, I nudged him. He groaned. 'Come on please?'
He wrapped his hand around my waist and kissed my neck, I winked and tilted my tongue out to the side sexily and took the picture.
'So cool!' I uploaded it on my Instagram and Twitter while he carried me out, I'm busy you know
"Life can never be much more sweeter, every single day with you makes me feel stronger and loved. I can't stop loving you Mr Gorgeous, kisses
#lovedrunk "
My perfect man, can this get anymore better

I can't see, Mr Gorgeous blind folded me, I hate this.
'Can I see now?'
'Hold on a sec' he said chuckling bouncing me up, he carried me like his bride. He finally put me on the ground and removed the blind fold. 'Tada! Surprise'. I cupped my mouth in shock, it was a beautiful little dinner table under the big moonlight. Smooth green grasses and fire flies lantern. 'Happy birthday Sea girl'
'I thought my birthday was last year'
'Exactly! I made sure no one remind you so the surprise wouldn't be ruined' he said with a sweet smile. I blushed and hugged him tight
'Thank you so much my love, thank you' I sobbed. He kissed my temple and led me to the table, he pulled the chair out and I sat down happily.
'So let's eat' he opened the food and dished out some for me, sweet turkey salad and French wine. 'Don't drink too much'
'I won't' we ate talking about random stuff and I could tell he was nervous about something, after dinner, he took me to the big piano and made me sit down on the smooth grass. 'Are you gonna sing for me?' I asked excitedly
'Mm hm' I gasped and crossed my fingers. 'Okay I don't know any song because I'm not a fan of music and my voice might sound horrible so I'll just play something and you sing'
'No, just sing anything, please'
'Okay' he played a soft tone, I grinned and hugged his leg. 'I met a girl once' I squealed like a fan girl and jumped on mg seat
'I met a girl once
A beautiful dare one
With glowing star bright eyes
That I see not just the sky
But electric sea of glistering blue
One that made my heart see you....' He stopped and bit his lip. I clapped and cheered for him. 'The one girl that made me sad
The one girl who I could never stay mad
Which I can unsay all the words I said
The ones that made her cry
The ones that made her feel bad
It's not easy to....okay I'm singing nonsense'
I laughed and stood up, singing beside him
'Don't ruin the dinner and a show' I played the piano and smiled
'God help me, I'm ruining everything again' he murmured. 'Let's dance' he pulled me up and turned on the music player I didn't notice there before. I grinned at the song. 'May I have thus dance?' He asked with a bow. I smiled and took his hand again.
It was just like the first time he proposed to me, dancing under the moonlight. I looked into his eyes and it was nervous
'Sea girl I don't know how to day this, it's hard for me but I hope this will help you understand' he stopped dancing and placed my hands on his heart. I smiled ear to ear with tears running down. 'Do you understand?'
'Yeah, I love you too'
'Not just that' he went on one knee and removed my ring, he threw it away. 'You don't need that'
'Shhhh. I'm not good with being romantic or making a lady feel butterflies but I do know that this feeling is true, that I don't want to ever let you go, ever. Ariana...er...Amila...arch, sea girl, I don't want you to leave me so....' He brought out a gold ring box. I gasped and cupped my cheek. He opened it and the shinning ring winked at me
'Yes! I'll marry you again!!!' I shrieked and jumped on him in tears
'But I haven't propose yet'
'Do you need to? Okay say it'
'Sea girl will you marry me?'
'Should I scream out the yes?' I grinned. 'Wear it already' he smiled and slipped the ring into my finger. I kissed it and hugged him. 'Thank you'
'No, thank you' he whispered. I burst into tears
'We're gonna get married and have nineteen kids right?'
'Nineteen what?'
'Nineteen kids' I sniffed
'By the time you're in there once, we'll see if you want another' he said laughingly. 'I love you Sea girl'
'You said it!!!!!!' I shrieked and jumped to my feet to do my happy dance. 'He loves me, he loves me....' Best day ever!


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