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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 12


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 12

Theme: trapped, so let's talk

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

I walked into the house and headed for the stairs, Mr Gorgeous was behind me holding my hand and still apologizing even when I said it was okay. I sighed and stared at the stairs
'Great, noe I have to climb this mountain' I complained and glared at my shoes
'You can use the elevator' he said with a nonchalant shrug
'Wait! There's an elevator!'
'And escalator, you just gonna push the yellow button over there and the stairs will move on their own' I blinked dazedly
'So there was not just and elevator but an escalator too'
'And you tell me now! Mr Gorgeous, I've been suffering for years because of these stairs and you didn't think it was wise to tell me and make my life less stressful' I huffed
'There's a big sign over there saying "ELEVATOR" and the button says, click to move stairs, are you that dumb?' He said with a frown. I thought it was a design
'You're mean' he chuckled and pressed the elevator button, the door dinged open, it was so much like a wall. I walked in after him and leaned on the wall, he laughed and pressed the button again, the door dinged close. 'I can't believe you made me exercise'
'I love myself I guess'
'That makes no sense'
'You make no sense' he said with a childish tone. I giggled and hugged him because I feel like. 'You are weird'
'We're weirdly in love' I cooed. He laughed and hugged me back. The elevator shook and the lights turned off. 'Hey! Who turned off the lights!'
'The elevator stopped, I'll call Cole' he brought out his phone
'Oh no! I'm gonna die. I'm too beautiful and young to die, I can't die' I yelled shaking him vigorously
'Will you calm down' he snapped pushing me away. I whimpered and sat on the floor. 'No reception, this is weird'
'So we are stuck here? For the ghost to come eat us'
'Ghost don't eat people' he said sitting down
'ghouls do'
'They eat corpses'
'What do you know' I yelled and hugged my knees. 'I don't like tight spaces, Lieutenant Levi always locked me up in a toilet, that small smelly toilet' I sobbed remembering the wicked man. 'He's cruel'
'Who's that?' He asked curiously
'Him, the wicked man who hurt me' I burst into tears. He moved over to me and I hugged him tight. 'Mom called me a mistake, mom really hate me, it's not my fault. I didn't want to go to school that day but she insisted I go to school, she stopped at a grocery and told me to stay inside. I was a good girl, I stayed put but then the truck came and collided with the car....'

She cried in my arms, so she had a accident, so what?
'Kiki said I almost died, that my brain was affected and I almost became a vegetable. Mom and dad spent a lot on me and when I woke up, I became stupid. Mom said I'm brainless and need to get some training, she sent me to her uncle. Lieutenant Levi was so mean and cruel, he beat me, forced me to work and wake up early and then flog me.....' Ugh! Who's he! 'I was just nine' she cried 'he made me read and when I got it wrong, he flog me in the head and lock me up in the toilet, he always made me eat weird stuffs and yelled and yelled and yelled'
She knelt up and grabbed my collar
'Mom never listened, no one did. Alisa was just the stupid one and then he started making me do things to him that I don't like, he did things too. Whenever I made a mistake, he would beat me up with his whip and force me on the floor or bed and then...then...he....it was horrible! I tried to talk but no one would believe me, no one except Kiki but what could she do. I got the chance to go to school and I thought I could be free but no, lieutenant Levi didn't want me to be free, he made me stay with another Lieutenant Levi, a big string one that came to my room every night after drinking and then he'd force me to inhale that white powder. I don't like it, my nose always bled and my head hurt. It wasn't good for me but nothing.....'
'Hey it's okay'
'No! Mom want to send me back there!!! I escaped but she wants me back there, maybe. Isn't she my real mother? What did I ever do to her' she cried and hugged me. 'You don't know how it feels to have your mom hate you so much. The two Levies made me do a lot of bad things. sometimes when second Levi's friends come over, they all came to my room'
'I guess we have that in common'
'What?' She asked confusedly, I smiled and kicked my lips
'Sharice's not my real mother, my father's wife but not my mother'
'Huh?' I inhaled and exhaled thru my nose
'My dad loved her, very very much but she was and is still barren. She couldn't bear and child and somehow he ended up with my mother, a big mistake though. She had three daughters before me, got pregnant, told him and he denied it and then tried to abort me but failed. She ended up having me and poured her hatred. What didn't I receive? Was it the hurtful words or the beating from her and my sisters? Was it the starvation or sleeping at the front porch every rainy night?' I laughed as I remembered them. 'Yet I loved her, I still wanted to prove that I was not useless and hopeless, I still wanted to make her love me. I was optimistic, joyful, happy and hopeful. Patrick was our neighbor's son then, my only friend' I inhaled again, letting the tears fall
'All I wanted was just one day when she'll say she love me or even hug me but no, she didn't. She did the final on my eighth birthday, she sold me and Patrick, another woman's child. Sold us to some women who used children as sex slave' Sea girl cupped her mouth. 'She willingly and gladly sold us for the fun of it, she hated me that much. Do you know how horrible it was to be locked up in that small house with hundreds of children, no food, no water every three days. Those who die get cooked and we were forced to eat their body' I scoffed laughingly and wiped my mouth. 'We were made to practice sex act on one another, be it girl or boy, be it your own sister or not. Women and girls old enough to be our sisters, mothers, aunties were the customers and if one failed to satisfy them, thirty five lashes on the back then left under the hot sun naked before seven days automatic dry fasting....'
'Mr G.....'
'I'm not finished. I really hated her and all the women. Soon I was their personal toys, not just to the evil people that bought me, but to the older girls working as slaves too. Apparently I was too cute and good to let go. Patrick and I suffered there for eleven years before we got saved. Dad came back for me and mom lied that I died but Sharice being the psychic detected it, long story short. I was brought out with Patrick as the only survivor. The women got the news of their search, killed everyone and ran away. I still have the bullet scar right under my heart were I got shot and left to die. I really wish I did die'
She hugged me tight
God I hate weakness
I hate that woman
'What happened to your mother?'
'Please don't calk her that. She died in a train accident with her daughters while tryna escape. Death beat me to it because I really wanted to put her head on a pavement and run my car over it. Maybe that would have made me feel better and not be well...me. The anger if not satisfying my hate never died down and I passed it on to everyone and everything'
She burst into laughter
'I don't know, I laugh when my senses are dancing hip hop' she said laughingly. Her laugh was so contagious, we ended up laughing for minutes. 'Okay, I've gotten over it, not just because of my scarfy but because of you. Knowing that I have you in my life makes me feel special, useful and blessed and I'm never trading that for anything'
I smiled
'Sea girl, we're not dating, I don't love you'
'Sure you do! You bought me a ring, see' she showed me her ringed finger. 'You love me too much' she grinned wiping her tears
'Why do you think I love you?' She shrugged
'Maybe because I love you'
'And what makes you think you love me?'
'Definitely because I just know it and I know you loving me is what makes us both happy and safe' she hit her head. 'Thinking hurts'
'Don't worry, I'll have my doctor check on you'
'Why? What happened?'
'The accident'
'Accident!' She gasped. 'Who had an acci....aaaaah' she screamed
'Sea girl' I called massaging her temples. 'Nothing happened okay'
'My head' she wailed
'Hey, it's okay. I'm here for you' I whispered or maybe she's here for me

Whenever I stress my brain, it hurt and that's why I hate books. Lieutenant Levi hit my head too much. I sighed trying to sleep, Mr Gorgeous had me wrapped up in his arms as he slept with a wince on his face. No wonder he was so cruel but he's better now because of me
I looked at his face tired of trying to sleep. The room was dark and we were covered by a beautiful golden curtain, I could still see his face from the faint moonlight that reflected on the curtains to us. He's so beautiful
Just like me
I'm so proud of myself
'Can't sleep?' He hoarsed, I bit my lower lip and sucked it. 'I can't sleep either' he peeled his eyes open and smiled. 'Why can't you sleep?'
'I don't know'
'I keep seeing her face in my head, it's driving me silently nuts. Will her face ever stop hunting me'
'It will because I'm here for you like you are here for me. That's what loving is all about' he chuckled and suddenly caged me on the bed. 'What are you doing!' I panicked
'Tell me, how many times have we made love in that pretty head of yours' he whispered huskily kissing my ear
'9999, why?'
'Why don't we make it one million then?'
Panic alert!
Panic alert!
His hand was sliding into the shirt he made me wear, at the same time nibbling my neck. I gasped and cupped my mouth
'Why? You scared? I thought we've done this a loooot of time' he teased
In my head we did, not physically
'Don't worry, I won't show you my full professionalism yet, just a nursery foreplay for tonight' I shook my head in fright. 'I'm not him Sea girl, relax' he soothed removing my hand from my mouth. I closed my eyes and let him kiss me
We've done that before, a lot of times
I made that weird sound Lieutenant Levi always forced me to make it I get slapped. His hand fondled teasingly with my breast and the other caressing my hip. I moaned again deepening our intense kiss and wrapping my legs around his torso. My fingers finally got to touch his hair, getting lost in the expensive and nourish strands. He broke the kiss and tore the shirt off
He licked me down to my cleavage while I squirmed and moaned, it felt so better than the Lieutenants'. He sucked and nipped my tits, fondling with one hand and caressing my special surface with his other hand. I couldn't help but moan his name and begged him to stop my little torture, my body was on fire and I was really wet and what will I use for it
He dipped his fingers gently into me and I screamed thinking it would hurt like Lieutenant Levi's but it didn't, it got my entire system heated with a whole new wave of desire. I pushed my head back and grabbed the sheet, squeezing it like my breathing depended on it. He returned his lips to my mouth and drove his tongue in again
'Just nursery class' he whispered on my lips, parting my legs. I pulled his head up and cupped his cheeks
'You love me, right?'
'Maybe' he smiled. 'I don't know yet' I blushed and pulled his head back, he thrust into me and I moaned into his mouth. He never left my lips like I never left his. He was so smooth and gentle and made me feel so nice and warm everywhere
Now we'll get married and have nineteen children

To be continued


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