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My Bossy Mr Gorgeous - Episode 11


my bossy mr gorgeous - Episode 11

Theme: this is your fiancée?

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

In my next life I want my mother to die in the labour room after giving birth to me, she's the most annoying human being on earth. She made Valdivia bring Sea girl over without my permission and she won't bring her out, there have been in there for hours 'Mom can you please bring her out!!!!! We're late!!!!!' I roared, she kept shut behind the door to her room, I could hear nothing in there. I sighed in defeat and went downstairs

Few minutes later
'Idris darling!' She called shrilly with a cryptic smile, I gasped
'Mom what have you done to her!'
'Oh nothing out of the ordinary, just gave her a little Sharice Wild touch up' I whimpered. 'What? She needs to look good for the party' she said with an innocent smile
'We both know that's not the reason you fit that' I pointed out accusingly
'Oh you're totally right, I dressed her hot good to torment you baby boy' she said winkingly and laughed. 'Oh my Damien, good luck tryna keep your hands to yourself sweetie'
'Mom what did I ever do to you' I cried
'You look like your father, that's what you did to me' she said with a laugh and clapped her hands
'Mom' Sea girl called with a sheepish voice, my eyes jolted to her and I wish I never looked

'Ur....are you sure about this? I don't think this is right' I said unsurely staring at myself in the mirror. She got me a pretty dress with so many colours but I don't think Mr Gorgeous will like it at all
Glittering gown with no sleeves, a sweetheart neckline at the chest and waistline and a very tight bottom. The chest part was a beautiful mixture of mango and apple green and the bottom was well, too much colors. Mr Gorgeous said not to wear too much colors, he'll get mad
'Nonsense! This dress is perfect'
'I can't breathe and look at the sides, it ripped and the net on my stomach and I'm wearing no bra. It feels like I'm going there a strip club' I whined
'Oh stop that, it's beautiful and you don't look like a whore or anything, it's just so perfect for you'
'I thought you liked colors?'
'Mr Gorgeous don't' I pouted. 'I don't like this dress'
'Mom please, I don't want to be seen as a slut' she grinned at that
'Now that's the making of a true daughter in-law, don't wort about that test dress'
'What's a test dress?' I asked stupidly. She smiled and went to her wardrobe, she brought out a box and placed it on the bed. He opened it and I wowed, the glowing shoes and dress blinded me
'It's my new design, one I dreamt of giving to my future daughter in-law' she cooed swaying giddily. I picked up the shining and glowing glass heels
'Since when did you have that dream mom?'
'Only 24 hours ago when I found out my son's in love' she said with a creepy grin, I chuckled nervously and moved back. She laughed. 'Don't be scared Lisa, I'm just pulling your legs with the smile'
I nodded and picked up the dress
'How long have you had this?'
'Ten hours ago, why?'
'You made this for me' I squealed hugging the dress, she cracked her knuckles with a victorious and smug smirk
'It took me an hour, but I did do it right'
'I'll put it on' I quickly took off the strangling dress and wore the new one, beautiful white dress with string of pearls in multiple lines falling allover the shoulders and arms gloriously. The beads were the hands.
The neckline was a sweet woolly zigzag slash and pearls fell all over the chest to the stomach area. It was tight but not that tight, just perfect. Now the waist had a beautiful silver woolly belt with a big diamond heart which was glowing and pearls in diamond seeds fell off allover the hips and thigh area. The dress stopped slightly above mid thigh but the diamond pearls formed a shade for my legs all the way down to my mid shin
'It's a crazy dress'
'I know you like crazy' she said with a wink. I blushed and went back to the mirror. 'Now this is what I call hourglass!' She exclaimed flamboyantly. I blushed more and swayed my hips. The dress had a big X at the back, not straps, pearls
'I really love it'
'Yeah I know, I'm awesome. Now let's get your make up done so I'll go taunt my son and make his life miserable' she said seriously, I giggled
'Mom you're a wacko'
'Nope, a psycho' she grinned. She made me up and styled my hair with pearls and diamonds, I didn't even need any necklace again but I did wear really long and uncomfortable earrings and tight multi pearls bangles. I look like a princess
She taught me how to make Mr Gorgeous jealous, I'll so do it


'Oh my beautiful sweetheart, come on and sway those hips for momma' Mom cheered with a whoop clap. I blushed and glanced at Mr Gorgeous who had his eyes and mouth wide open. I cleared my throat and catwalked around, swaying my ass and hips. 'Whoooooooo! Go mama's girl!!!!' She shrieked and cheered clapping her hands loudly, I heard another clap
It was bald head and Valdesa or whatever her name is
'What are you both doing here' Mr Gorgeous snarled snapping out of it
'Watching the fashion show...go Alisa!' Valeria cheered
'Out! You Cole, out!'
'You know I can give birth to you right?' He asked with a frown. True, Mr Gorgeous bowed a little apologetically. He laughed. 'I was kidding! Looking hot Lissy, make sure to kill him over night with those hips of yours' he said encouragingly and whistled
'Son there's enough sweetness in that large chest department that can last you for hundreds of years' I giggled blushingly and laughed.
'Enough! Sea girl let's go' he grabbed my wrist and dragged me out
'Idris wait!' Mom shouted running after us. 'You forgot this' she said waving something
'Are you kidding me mom! I don't need that' she slapped her forehead
'Right, I forgot you like it raw'
'Mom!' He cried exasperatedly, Baldhead and Vanessa laughed joining us
'Don't mom me, it's not like I don't like having grandkids, I just think you're both not ready yet but since you love it like that, make sure she cum in your.... Aaaaaah!' He chased her, she ran away screaming. 'Idris stop chasing me, I'm your mother'
I was laughing not understanding a thing. She huffed and stopped
'Okay I've stop, what you gonna do' she dared tapping her feet. He sigh and returned to me. 'Coward!' She shouted. 'Go easy on her, okay?!!!'
'Sea girl let's leave before I get infected by the madness going around' he pulled me into the car and Vicky sat in another car since three cars drove in front and behind us. This is so much fun
'I love you baby' she shouted again
'Love you not' he shouted back
'Who was talking to the sheep, I was talking to my beautiful daughter in-law, mother of my grandkids. Kisses baby' she blew me kisses and I took it with a laugh
'Love you too mom'
'Cole get me out of here!!!!!!'
How am I suppose to concentrate with such a woman beside me! It's absolutely impossible! Can someone tell me how to murder my mother secretly, she deserve to die for her wickedness
'Mr Gorgeous you're murmuring again' Sea girl sang nudging me. 'It's okay baby, I'll be here to hold your hand if you get nervous. Don't worry about the man, I'll show him why I'm the most important woman to you'
'Shut up'
'Don't be shy' she whispered
'I said shut up' I snapped. She smacked her lips flirtatiously and laughed. Stupid fool
The car pulled over at the red carpet, reporters everywhere flashing their ridiculous prying cameras. I inhaled feeling a bit nervous, once I step out with her, there's no going back. She clasped our hands together and smiled sweetly, I smiled back
'Come on let's go show them how hot my fiancé is' she chirped, I unconsciously rolled my eyes and looked away. Cole opened the door and I sighed before stepping out with her. She groaned because of the cameras
Many questions blared out of their mouth, one I choose to ignore.
We walked into the hotel and exhaled, the place was crowded, everyone sitting at their various seats and chattering about business or something worth their miserable life
'Cutie!' Sea girl squealed and yanked her hand away from mine, she ran to Patrick who was talking to Herodotus, how did he...why is he here? He's not a business...nevermind. 'My Cutie!' He squealed again and jumped on him, he twirled her around with a laugh
Easy Damien, he's your best friend
'My beautiful Lis, how have you been?'
'Sweetly awesome!' She shrieked dragging too much attention to them. I walked to them with my hands in my pockets
'Evening Mr Nelson' I greeted coldly, his eyes were glued to Sea girl and mouth opened. 'Herodotus' I snapped. 'Please get your eyes off my fiancé, I'm trying to control my jealousy issue here'
He smiled awkwardly and averted his eyes to me
'Damien, I can see you hired a hot chick for your mission, you really want to prove a point'
'Excuse me! Did you just insult me' Sea girl exclaimed leaving Patrick's arms, thank God for that. 'How dare you indirectly call me a bitch'
'I didn't call you a...'
'I was hired, what does that make me?' She snapped cocking her hips. 'I will not have you insult my person with your silly remarks and unfortunate words so watch your mouth old man' she hissed venomously, her eyes flashing with anger. Cool
'Wow! Knew you would go for a feisty one like yourself' he said with a nervous laugh. Amaya walked to us with her fake sweet smile
'Damien, longest time'
'Who's the call girl?'
'The one with the ring' Sea girl smiled sweetly showing her the ring she bought herself 'isn't it pretty?' Maya scoffed
'So you're really engage? Is this your fiancée?'
'Are you blind and deaf? Didn't you just hear my whole taunting and see the ring? Gosh! You are dumb'
'Okay that's enough Se....wetie' I changed my word, it'll be strange if I don't know her name. What's her name again? Amira, right.
'They are insulting me' she whined, I kissed her cheek and she giggled like the sea girl I know.
'Why don't you go seat first while I talk business, I'll be done fast' she nodded and went back to Patrick who was busy eye RAPING HER! 'PATRICK I SWEAR BY MY FATHER'S GRAVE, I'LL RIP OUT YOUR EYES IF YOU DON'T REMOVE THEM FROM HER BODY' I thundered, he grinned
'I was only appreciating God's magnificent creation, don't be so possessive'
'This creation have been given to me for keeps so get your fucking eyes and mind off. I don't want to mark you as a threat too'
'Fine! Geez! Beside you know I'm after the K-fire' he said winkingly
'You guys do realise I'm still standing here, right?' She asker with a frown
'Shhhh' Patrick and I shushed, she tilted her head and rolled her eyes
'For the record, I still think you have fallen in love with me instead of this moron. I can take better care of you and treat you well if you know what I mean' he winked at her, she rolled her eyes
'Patrick! Are you seriously telling her to dump me' I said quizzically
'I'm only saying she can reconsider if you have any faults, I'm ready to take over' he said with a shrug. I growled in anger and pulled up my sleeves not caring where I was. 'What are you doing?' He asked frighteningly moving behind her
'What do you think I wanna do? Come here, I won't just you'
'Alisa help me' he cried hugging her from behind. It only increased my anger, like I was seriously angry
'Why you!!!' I roared and launched to punch all his teeth off but blocked me and smiled sweetly, giving me her puppy eyes, I groaned
'Please just ignore him, please for me' she used her adorable voice, I couldn't resist. I sighed, my tensed shoulders relaxing. 'Awwwn! Thank you love, I'll take this nut head away from you' she pushed him off and hugged me. 'Don't worry, he only did it to get you angry and prove that we're in love like we truly are' she whispered into my ear. I chuckled and she pulled away. 'See ya later' she dragged whining Patrick away
Now I don't trust him again

'You could have lost your teeth' I laughed. Cutie and I already found a table while the others talked, the fundraiser was yet to start.
'I had to help, that's why I came'
'Or to ask me about my sister' I sang, he grinned
'You already know me so well'
'Cutie you want to hurt my sister'
'I won't, I promise'
'And if you do?'
'Killing me is by choice' I nodded and told him all he needed to know about Kiki, her ex's, teen to present hood. He digested all the info in before Mr Gorgeous came to sit with us, the thing started. I paid no attention to it, that girl ROM earlier kept giving me Saudi looks so I had to spice things up
I entwined Mr Gorgeous' hands with mine as we talked and talked and I made sure he laughed loud enough for everyone to hear, according to Cutie, he doesn't smile so this will prove that I'm his one and only. She angrily stood up later and went to the restroom, I made a skimpy excuse and followed her
She was crying
'Awwwn! Did I make you cry' I mocked
'What do you want' he huffed wiping her tears
'Nothing but to taunt you, it makes my life feel good' I smiled with a shrug
'You maniac, after stealing the one man I ever loved....'
'Girls and their pathetic obsession with guys that can never be theirs, he's mine now and I have his ring to prove it'
'How long do you think that will last?' She asked smirkingly. 'It's either he'll leave or I kill you, as easy as that. I always get what I want'
'And humiliation is next, you better let go' I smirked back. Vesuvian burst into the restroom panting. 'Vanilla?'
'You have to come, Damien is gonna kill him!'
'Who?' I asked calmly
'Just come' she pulled me and we ran back to the fundraiser, I gasped. Mr Gorgeous was just lifting a man and slamming him on a table before it broke. He stepped on the man's head ready to do more damage
'What did you call her again!!!!' He roared pressing his foot down more, the man's guard were surprisingly too terrified to make a move. I rushed to him
'Mr Gorgeous please' I cried, he averted his murderous glare to me
'Stay out of this Alisa' Cutie warned dialing a number
'You promised me that you'll control your anger, you promised' I sobbed stepping back feigning fright. It was the only way to stop him. 'You said you'll change for me but you are killing him, you broke your promise' I cried seriously, gotta make it real. He removed his leg as he calmed down
'I'm sorry, he said something and...'
'I don't want to hear it, save it' I snapped
'I said I'm s....'
'I said shut up, you almost killed him' I hissed and stomped off
'Sea girl I'm worry, it won't happen again, I promise this time seriously' he yelled running after me. 'Please I'm so sorry, don't get mad' he begged. Do you know how happy I am? The paparazzi will carry it and the whole world will know Mr Gorgeous, whatever his name is, loves me so much that he begged me. Mom and James will see and they'll know I'm not lying
Thank you Jesus for using that foolish man to help me prove a point
I'm so excited!

To be continued


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