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My Bodyguard And I - Last Episode


My Bodyguard And I - Episode30


the music was loud, and i rocked it like crazy.
I was so happy because everything is over and I've decided to let go of my past.
I turned to see Jake dancing as if he was the one wedding, I moved to his direction.
"hi Jack,thanks for today" he just kept dancing.
"don't thank me, its my duty" he smiled charmingly.
"and thanks to you because you made me attend the best reception ever.

Jake pov
after hugging me, she left and i stopped dancing
"am so happy that I let go of this feelings, am now free" I grabbed a wine from the tray and kept rocking the music.
"am going to miss you so much" I said hugging my aunt, she dried her tears as I finally carried my belongings and headed to my husbands house.
"marital life please be fair to me" I muttered to myself in a low voice.
when we got to the entrance, it was the biggest house with beautiful surroundings that I've ever seen.
I came down from the car and my lovely husband walked me In.
"do you love it" he asked lovingly
"yes, it's the best" I replied and we walked in.
in the evening
we sat together on the bed and I rested my head on his shoulder.
"I can't believe that am putting on the same outfit as you" I said breaking the silence.
"me,i never believed that we would eventually get married" we stared at each other for a while.
"when did you start loving me?" I asked.
"hmm, from the first day I saw your picture" he said in a scared tune.
"seriously, gush I can't believe this. you just made me suffer all this while" u said disengaging from him.
"I did it because I was scared and i thought that it would be child abuse" he drew his words.
"what, am a child right, then why did you get married to me"
"because I love you" I blushed a little before resting again on his shoulder.
"how did you feel on out first night" he asked me
"It was so painful but because it was you I endured the pains also I trusted you. but everything changed when you left, I nearly died, I wanted to forget you, but the more I tried the more I loved you more so what about you?"
"I was scared because I thought that I would hurt you because you were so tender but it felt good and I won't ever forget that night anyway I enjoyed the way you cried" he teased me.
"OK, good night" I lay down and covered myself properly
"tell me that you are kidding" he said shaking me gently.
"am serious, just sleep am tired and besides it would be an abuse because am still tender" I said jokingly.
he kissed my hands and shivers ran through my body.
he kept kissing my hands till he got to my shoulder.
"good night I love you" he kissed me again before going to bed.
"gush I need him now I was only kidding, should I call him? let's just sleep" I closed my eyes but no sleep so I decided to turn to his direction only to see his eyes wide opened "you couldn't sleep right? I couldn't either because I want my wife now more than you want me your husband" I smiled faintly as he took my lips in his and soon I was in paradise.
in the morning
I woke up but couldn't find Mike "did he leave again?" I asked myself worriedly.
I quickly ran out of the room only to see him working out.
"can I join you I asked" he smiled
'you can't because it's heavy" I kept persuading him but he refused
he later agreed and gave me something to gin with,
the last thing I could remember is that it was too heavy and i passed out.

The End.

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