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My Bodyguard And I - Episode29


My Bodyguard And I - Episode29


I was really missing Mike a lot,so I decided to call him.
my phone rang and it was Mike calling.
"it seems that he was reading my mind" I muttered to myself.
"hi love" we said the same time.
"am missing you so much" we said it together again, we laughed a little.
"can you co..."
"Mike give me the phone because you are prohibited from making phone calls till after your wedding " I heard his dads voice over the phone.
I quickly hanged up.
"I love you so much, can't wait to be in your arms" I in a low tune.
the door opened and my aunt and mikes mom came in.
"hi angel hope you are fine" my aunt asked.
"not really"
"but why, tomorrow is your wedding" mikes mom said.
"am sad because am dying to see my husband" I said in a sad tune and they both laughed.
"it just remaining 14 hours to go and you would have him to yourself but know that you would be carrying plenty responsibility" my aunt said
they kept lecturing and it was fun.
"Mike likes coffee a lot especially when he is off to work and back from work hope you can take that responsibility" mikes mom said and i shook my head knowing fully well that I can't.
the last time I gave him coffee, I put salt instead of sugar.
I smiled remembering his reaction that day.

the wedding day
I closed my eyes as they applied make up to my face, soon I slid into my gown and i looked so beautiful in it.
"Mike would go crazy if he sees you" his sister said and i couldn't help but blush.
I sat on the chair facing the mirror, just then my aunt back hugged me.
"I would miss my baby" she said in a sad tune
"I would miss you too" I replied holding her hands that was wrapped around me.
she brought out an expensive set of gold jewellery she wore me and it added more beauty.
"thanks aunt it so pretty"
"am happy that you love it" she said almost crying and i wondered why.
"I wish that mum was here to see her baby finally getting married" I said sadly.
"this necklace was given to me by your mum for you to wear on your wedding day" she said making me confused.
"she actually gave it to me long time ago"
let's go shopping sister my big sister said
"did you win an award?" I asked her
"not really, just wanted to spend time with my sister, you know, ever since we got married, we've not had quality time for ourselves so since we are free today, let's enjoy together" she said happily.
"awwn, you are the best" I said hugging her.
we were done with shopping and was about leaving when something caught our attention.
it was the finest jewellery that I've ever seen.
"I want it" my sister said
"OK ma'am, you really made the right choice and it would really make you more beautiful on your wedding day" the lady said.
"wow, thanks but it isn't for me.how much is it"
"it's a hundred and fifty thousand" she replied.
we paid and then headed for home.
"keep this with you, I bought it for Becky and she would wear it on her wedding day" she said smiling, I was jealous.
"but why?"
"because if Becky sees it, she would want to toy with it"
"OK sis, it's In good hands"
"I can't wait for my baby to grow up and get married" she muttered to herself .

I felt like crying but I held it in because I don't want to ruin my makeup.
"it would be fine baby" she pecked me before leaving
"mum I miss you so much and I would forever love you" I said in a shaky voice.
I put on the suit that mum bought for me and it fitted me properly.
"look at my baby that I once carried is getting married" my mum said
"mum you are so funny, am now a man"
"and my baby because no matter how a child grows, to his parents,that child is still a baby to them".she responded and i smiled.
at the church
my aunt led me to the alter but I was interrupted by a voice.
"congrats wedding girl, It seems to me that I came too early and it feels so fucking good" flora said wickedly.
"what are you doing here?" I asked
"I came to finish what I started, it's time to join your parents" she brought out a gun and pointed at me,
the guards rushed at her but she shot them.
Mike ran to me and held me tightly.
she pointed the gun at my face,i closed my eyes and soon a gunshot was heard but I wasn't feeling pains
"what happening, did I go straight to heaven?" I asked myself opening my eyes slowly.
I was shocked to see florase hand bleeding and her gun was on the floor.
soon another gunshot was heard and it hit her on her leg making her kneel down.
I looked up only to see Jake.
indeed I was so happy.
"am sorry for being late,please forgive me " he shouted from up.
"you are forgiven and thanks for keeping your promise" I responded happily.
the cops came and they took our "Mr's don't give up" away

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