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My Bodyguard And I - Episode28


My Bodyguard And I - Episode28


I also have a punishment for you I said pretending to be serious
"am ready for you,bring it on" she said boastfully we both went to bed and she kept waiting for the punishment.

"Mike how has work been" she asked
"Mike how has work been" I replied mimicking her.
"stop being silly and be serious for once" she said turning to me
"stop being silly and be serious for once" I replied again.
"Mike I said stop or else" she pointed her hands at me "Mike I said stop or else" I mimicked her again and she got angry.
"Mike just know that I hate you" she said angrily
"Mike just know that I hate you" I replied her again it made her more furious and she carried a pillow to hit me but I jumped down from the bed while she chased me around.
"I must kill you today" she said chasing me around
"I must kill you today" I mimicked her again and she increased her pace.
I fell down and she quickly jumped on my body hitting me with it.
"I would teach you a lesson" she said still hitting me
" I would teach you..." but I was cut shot with a kiss.
"please just stop" she pleaded
"OK Mr's Mike to be" I said laughing just then Becky's phone rang.
"do you guys know what is the time?" Becky's aunt asked.
"we are sorry" we said together before hanging up. we quietly went to the bed and lay down.
in the morning
when I woke up, Mike wasn't on the bed ,I knew that he has already left.

I took a quick bath then headed to the dinning because I was so hungry and the worms in my stomach were doing riot.
immediately the food was brought to me, I ate very fast and it made me unable to breathe for a while.
my aunt and her husband soon joined me on the dining.
"good morning aunty and uncle" I greeted with food still in my mouth
"morning love hope you slept well" she asked dishing out food for she and her husband.
"yes,it went well and yours" I asked without staring at her face because I know her reply.
"we couldn't sleep peacefully because of you guys" my aunt and uncle said together hitting their spoon and my heart skipped.
"am sorry"i said bowing my head before leaving.

flora's pov
why isn't the time running I asked myself scratching my hair seriously because it was itching me.
"Mike am really missing your lovely face" I laughed a little.
everything was going fine between us and he was even my first kiss, when we were still teenagers, we've been always planning our future together but one day because of one bitch he left me.
thinking of this made me angry.
"until that bitch disappears from this earth, I won't rest" I said loudly and the other prisoners turned to my direction, I glared at them and they quickly averted their eyes.
wow the wedding dress looks so beautiful I said covering my mouth in happiness.
"I can't wait to put this on, I've waited for this for so long" I said as tears of joy dripped down my cheek.
"its just remaining 13 hours from now" Mike mum said smiling.
"can I see Mike?" I asked knowing fully well what the answer would be
"you can't ok" I shook my head.
"I miss you so much I pray that nothing goes wrong.

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