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My Bodyguard And I - Episode25


My Bodyguard And I - Episode25


The light front of the operating room finally went out and some doctors came out.
We quickly rushed to them "doctor how is she" Becky's aunt asked. "it was successful, indeed she's strong not everybody could pass through this stage especially when they've lost excess blood and wasn't rushed to the hospital on time" the doctor said and we all breathed a sigh of relief.
"doctor can we see her?" I asked praying for a positive reply.
"she's yet to get consciousness but you can see her once she has been transferred to her ward" he replied and excused her self.
Becky's aunt quickly sat down crying "I thought I was going to loose her, she's my only family remaining" she subbed while her husband consoled her.
"the doctor said that she would be fine,so please don't cry or else I would cry with you" he said and they both smiled.

.... in the evening....
I sat close to Becky holding her hands, she looked so beautiful while sleeping. "wake up soon my love" I kissed her hand.
"Mick you've been here since morning, let's go home together so that you would refreshen up" my persuaded me but I obliged. "I don't want to go, I want to be the first person she see when she wakes up" I replied staring at Becky's face. "if Becky where to see you like this, she won't be happy" she said again.
Finally I stood up and headed home with her.
At the police station
I was kept in a cell where women where kept, I didn't regret anything I did, I still seek for vengeance. "I would have to look for a way to escape, I can't loose not now and not in the future" I muttered to myself biting my lips.

Becky's pov
Every was dark and discomforting,i
wanted light,i tried opening my eyes slowly but couldn't.
I could feel my eye ball rolling, I tried again but couldn't "what is happening, am I blind" I said in thought.
"doctor her hand is shaking" I heard mick's voice clearly and boom my eyes started opening slowly at first my vision was blurry but later got used to the environment.
"Becky are you okay?" Mike asked worriedly, I wanted to reply but my mouth was too heavy for me so I nodded my head slowly.
"am glad that his the first person I saw" I said in thought as I smiled weakly.

A week later
"I want to get discharged, am perfectly fine now" Becky said pretending as if she wants to cry.
"fine, I would get the papers ready" she smiled happily.
"so what about flora, you'd not said anything about her" Becky questioned "we took the case to court, so she's awaiting trials" her face changed a little "I hope she's those not want to beg me to drop the charges because I won't" I muttered to myself slowly "gush, am feeling sorry for her, but she deserves more, you guys could had just left her inside the water to die inside the coffin she bought herself, I can't believe that such beautiful coffin passed her by. She doesn't deserve to stay in that cell because she deserves more" she said angrily then finally biting her apple as if she's quarreling with it.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
"nice one I like that guts"
"get ready, we are getting married In two weeks time" I said heading to the door
"what!! I mean wow" she said in a confused expression and i just smiled.


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