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My Bodyguard And I - Episode24


My Bodyguard And I - Episode24


we finally got the coffin to the shore, we tried opening it but the chain used in bounding it was padlocked.
"am coming let me get a stone" Jack said running out.
"Becky please hold on a little, we would get you out of here I said touching the coffin. I wiped the tears from my eyes, as I kept staring at the coffin "if I didn't leave you but stayed back in Nigeria, this wouldn't have happened" I cried more
"gush I can't believe that a man like you would be crying like a baby" Jack mocked.
we finally broke the padlock and untied the chain,when we were done,we quickly opened the coffin but to my surprise Becky wasn't there, it was flora in the casket. "what the hell, I can't believe I spent my time to save this wore" Jack said laughing, I couldn't help but laugh also. "if flora is in here then where the hell is my Becky?" I asked worriedly.
"don't worry Mike, I have a feeling that she is safe somewhere but first let's revive this bitch" we kept pressing her chest until she started coughing out water "am alive" flora said immediately she woke up but she froze immediately she saw me "don't worry, just remain silent or until you get to the police station or else anything you say would be used against you in the court of law" Jack said laughing seriously
"join the force because you are really good" I teased him just then I got a call from flora, I was shocked "who could this be I asked myself" I decided to pick the call and to my surprise it was Becky
"Mike are you okay?" she asked with a weak voice immediately I picked the call "Becky I am okay, your voice sounds weak, send me the address and i would pick you up" I said breathing a sigh of relief,she sent me the address, and we started heading there.
all while flora was just quiet it seems that she is still recovering from the shock.
when we got to the place, we located becky and she just sat at an edge, based on her face one could see that she is weak
"Becky you are really injured, let's go to the hospital" I suggested while she just smiled weakly. "aren't curious about what happened?" she asked
"I am, but let's take care of you first" I suggested but instead she started explaining everything weakly.

I was shot on my stomach, the pains was much then the second bullet came but it didn't touch me I only pretended that it hit the same spot and i passed out immediately to avoid more bullets.
I was carried and taken to the coffin.
"let's eat first before we tie her" one of the thug suggested and the the orders agreed.
I quickly came out of the casket.
I wanted to escape but they would notice on time so I decided to hatch another plan.
"flora" I called immediately knew saw her.she was shocked to see me but she just kept laughing devilishly "wow, she came to take revenge and am so scared" she said mockingly.
she moves close to me trying to draw my hair but I didn't allow her and soon we. were fighting. "there's no time, I muttered to myself so I quickly used a hard object and hit her on her head and she passed out immediately, I exchanged our clothes and replaced her in the coffin.i watched them tie her without noticing and soon they were of. "she dug a pit and ended falling into it.
my legs were becoming weak.

"wow Becky you are so good" Jack said laughing seriously this time and flora just glared at him.
"that the results you get when I got the two best bodyguards ever"she said smiling
"also, the thought of me loosing you gave me more strength" she said again "awwn, so romantic"Jack said keeping a funny face

Becky's pov
soon I. started seeing double "Jack and Mick so you guys have a twin because you are double" I said weakly.
I was hearing distant voices "I want to be with Mick again" I muttered with a low voice and soon I was out.


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