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My Bodyguard And I - Episode23


My Bodyguard And I - Episode23


Mick's POV
at first when I opened my eyes, every where was blurry,then finally my eyes started getting used to the environment, "his finally awake" I heard a strange voice say. "Becky, Becky, where is Becky" I asked immediately but no body answered me, they just kept moving around. the door opened and my parents walked in. "thank goodness, my baby is finally awake" my mum said touching my cheek. "where is Becky?" I asked trying to shift but the pains on my chest wouldn't let me so my mum gave me a hand.
"we've not seen Becky yet for the past one week but we are still searching"
"I would look for her myself" I tried standing up again but the pains was too much I didn't give up either."Mick you can't move for now" my dad and the doctor tried to hold me down but I refused. soon my chest started bleeding.
"you won't be going out till you recover as for becky, leave her to us" my dad said angrily as they finally subdued me.

Becky's pov
I've been here for over a week, thanks to flora because she made my life miserable. I was hungry and thirsty. "your time is finally over" flora said at my back, I couldn't turn because I was tied to a chair.
"am not sure if you would be able to get a proper casket when you die, so I bought you a very beautiful one" she laughed hysterically "you would surely pay for this" I cried out
"put her inside and you no where to dump her" flora said wickedly leaving the room.
"please don't do it" I cried out loudly but they didn't listen.
one of them brought out his gun and shot me on my stomach and i groaned in pain.

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"Mick I love you so much, please be alive for" I said slowly before the second bullet came to my stomach again and i passed out immediately.
"make sure you tie her hands and legs properly" one of the men said.
at the sea
"the breeze is so cool" one of the hoodlums laughed.
"yes man" they both laughed.
"aren't we yet at the deep part of the sea?" another asked.
"we just got there"
they drew the casket that was bounded with heavy chains and threw it into the river and it started moving slowly as it began to sink.

Raul's mansion
"Jack thank goodness you came" I said happily.
"no problem man"
"please you have to help me out" I asked with a pleading eyes.
"help me escape from this room, we need to save becky"
"I would have helped you, but we've not located her direction yet" he responded his immediately turning to another direction.
"we can track her location through the watch on her wrist" I said trying to sit upright
"seriously, let's get going then" he turned to my direction smiling and i was happy.
we managed to escape from my house and was heading to the sea. "why would her watch be leading us to the sea?" Jack asked rubbing his chin. "I just have a hunch that she is there" I looked out of the window with a worried face.
we are almost there I said happily.
we came down and started heading to the sea."Jack look over there, those guys were the ones that shot me" I pointed at them
"if they are just coming out from that boat, it means that something is wrong" let's ask the man that owns the boat.
we quickly ran to him and he told us that they trew a coffin in the sea.
"call the cops immediately and tell them that they should block those guys" I said worriedly to jack
"take us to where they dropped the coffin" I commanded the man.
"Mick your chest is bleeding again" Jack pointed at me
"am OK, I just want my becky"
"here is the plac..." before he could complete it I dived inside.
I kept searching but didn't see anything, I was running out of breath when I saw a coffin that sinking down, I kept struggling but my strength was running out and i was becoming weak just then Jack dived in and started heading to the coffin but it seems that it was too heavy for him to pull.
the thought of me loosing becky gave me strength and i started swimming down and soon we were able to bring her out.
I just pray she's alive

To be continued


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