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My Bodyguard And I - Episode22


my bodyguard and i - Episode22


I was happy about the outcome of everything, the hole town was talking about flora and it gives me so much joy.
"Jack how are you this wonderful morning" I asked immediately I got to the living room, I sat near him. "so cool because we are now close than before" he smiled and i just stared at him "why do you always smile"
"because it makes me handsome and charming" he smiled desmostrating.
I hit him playfully "let's go out today and have the day to ourselves" I winked at him playfully "am not going with you" he replied immediately, I was so shocked "but why huh, was I really rejected? I feel really heartbroken" I held my chest playfully pretending to be hurt.
"you are so silly, you are going out with Mick today dont tell me that you have forgotten" he scoffed looking at another direction.
"gush I forgot" I said hitting my head.
"let's do something else" he stared at me somehow that I didn't understand "what huh"
"let's wrestle"
"OK, I would take you down today" I stood up positioning as if I learnt karate. he only laughed "you look so funny" he laughed but I didn't mind I kept using my hands to tell him to come on. some maids were watching.
soon we started but my legs wasn't touching the ground, I kept dangling my legs in the air.
"what the hell, Jake my legs can't touch the ground what's happening" I asked
"you are such a dummy, your legs aren't touching the ground because I carried you up" he laughed including the maids he brought me down laughing
"you are so light as paper,when we get back to Nigeria, I would personally give someone contact to supply fufu" he kept laughing.
he tried leaving but I bite him and ran
"what,i would kill you today" he chased after me.

the sun was really smiling and i could really feel it.
I am proposing to Becky today but she doesn't know yet because I want it to be a surprise.i brought out a ring case and stared inside. "I pray that she likes it" I smiled.
my phone rang and picked up immediately.
"hi Mick you are happy right?" flora asked
"I don't have your time" I tried hanging up
"be happy for now because I would make you pay" she hanged up before I could say anything.
she must be kidding I scoffed heading to the bathroom.

flora's pov
everything is ruined, but I won't give up now. I would take away his precious angel from him and his life would be forever empty I said laughing wickedly.
"did you bring it?" I asked one of my men.
"yes ma'am, I brought the best as u asked"
I stood up to confirm it and it was indeed good.
the casket looked so beautiful with the glass."Becky I can't wait to get you inside this casket" I touched it laughing.
"once you capture her, put her inside then throw her inside the middle of the sea"
"yes ma'am" they nodded trying to leave but I stopped them.
I need the both of you inside of me now, it's been long and am starving. "but ma'am you just got miscarriage" who are you to tell me what to do? I slapped him on his face.
"get to work" I commanded undressing myself.
Mick where are we going to, I asked pinching him because he doesn't want to answer. "it hurt, stop that" he tried shifting but couldn't since he was driving.
"say something or else"
"we are going for sight seeing" he didn't even look at me he just kept driving.
"Mick you didn't tell me that I was pretty today" I touched him but he just removed my hands
"you are nothing but a distraction" he scoffed.i felt bad, I just stared at the window without looking at his direction.
the car stopped but I didn't bother to know.
"Becky" he called me but I didn't answer so he turned me with force. "gush, she's crying. I thought you've grown up but you are still behave like a baby" he laughed a little. I tried turning again but I couldn't because his grip were firm.
"let me g...." he stopped me with a kiss.
"I love you so much, I was only trying to tease you" he kissed me again and i smiled.
"I love you so much"
"I love you too" I replied sharply.
close your eyes he told me
"but why" I asked
"just do it" I closed my eyes and he kept taking me to somewhere that I didn't know.
"open your eyes" he said in my ears and it was tingling, I opened my eyes and what I saw was so surprising.
the place we're decorated with flowers, it was quiet a table and a set of chair, a pool was by the side every where was so cool
"do you like it" he smiled
"yes I love it" I replied happily.
he took me by my hands and lead me to the table.
we ate a lot, to be sincere the food was so yummy.i was lost in thought or should I say the food that I didn't know when Mick got on his knees "Becky!" he said almost shouting.
"yes, why are you kneeling down" I. asked suprised.
"Becky I wanted to ask a question, promise not to say no"
"I promise"
"Becky would you be my wife, my soul mate my life time partner the mother to my unborn children,my wife?" he asked and i was so happy.
"I won't be Your wife, am not ready to get married, am still very young, I want to enjoy life first" I scoffed.
he felt bad because it was written on his face. "OK, I would wait for you then" he said sadly but I just laughed "lol, I was just kidding, I would be your wife" I said happily stretching my hand to him and he inserted the cutest ring ever.
"I nearly cried" he said shyly
"seriously, I just paid you back with your own coin"
"gush I apologised back then in the car" he scoffed but I didn't mind.
the water felt so cool,we kept swimming till we got exhausted, I wanted to come out of the pool but he drew me back so close to him that I could feel his breath "you look so pretty and sexy as always" he said smiling.
he kissed my neck and i shivered "we are in the pool" I said but he didn't stop but continued.
he kept kissing me and I responded immediately, his hand got to my laps as he inserted his finger, It felt so good and I really wanted more "let's go to the car" he spoke in a low voice and we came out of the pool only to see gun men. "wow, such a cute couple, take her!" the man commanded. I held Mike tightly.
Mike kept fighting with them and he defeated them."let's leave" he dragged my hands as we ran, but a gun shot stopped us.
Mike was shot in his leg "Mike, Mike you are"
"just keep moving" he commanded and i couldn't help but run with him.
soon he was shot on his chest and then his arm. he tried to move but couldn't "Mick, am sorry, it's all my fault" I cried because he was really bleeding so much "Becky let's just continue" buy I didn't let him. "I won't watch you die, I would have to go with them.
"Becky please don't do it" he coughed blood.
I left him lying there as I ran to the car.
"stop there you bitch" they shouted but I didn't stop so they shot my two legs, I couldn't move but I kept struggling. I opened the door, took my phone and called Jack and thank goodness he picked immediately. "Jack we are in danger, mick was shot and his dying. please come" I told him the address and immediately I finished, they hit me with gun on my head.
"God please save Mick for me" I said slowly before passing out.


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