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My Bodyguard And I - Episode21


my bodyguard and i - Episode21


dad I can't just get married to flora and who knows, the baby might not be mine.
I said angrily flinging flora's hand because she tried holding me.
"Mick how can you say this,we both had sex together and we didn't use protection" she said crying.i pitied her but my mind keep telling me that am not responsible. "I won't believe it till we carry out a DNA test" I said looking away "I brought it with me, here it is" she handed a paper to my dad, my dad just shook his head while reading it,i grabbed the paper and stared at it, and it was true.
"you guys were doubting me, Mick please believe me" she kept crying.
I was dumbfounded, I imagined how Becky would be feeling now.

flora's pov
everything has been decided, me and Mick were getting married and i was so happy. "am such a good actor" I said applauding myself.
I really wasted my precious tears, but finally I got what I want. the engagement party was fixed, and it's a week from now.
"Mick i can't wait to be in your arms again" I laughed evilly till I felt tears come out.

micks pov
I've tried talking to becky,but she is till angry. everything is my fault, but I can't abandon my unborn child that is innocent.
I laid down on the bed, everything was just going well and now, the hands of the clock turned.

.... engagement day....
the hall was crowded with different dignitaries, everyone was happy moving about.
I sat on a chair waiting for the occasion to start,because I couldn't stand since my legs were shaking.
I haven't recovered from the shock yet just then I heard flora's voice "hi angel, won't you congratulate me" she said in a mocking voice.
"congrats, more blessings to your future marriage" I said pretending to be happy.
"are you sure of your wishes, the table really turned, am so so sorry because Mick is now mine. it seems that you are about to cry so take this handkerchief to wipe your tears in advance" she said trowing it at me and walking out.i felt tears drop.
Mick and his parents just arrived and soon, the occasion started.
please bring the rings forward flora's mum said happily.
Mick made flora to sit down and soon he was on his knees.
"flora Thomson, would you be my wife, the mother of my unborn babies my soul mate?" he asked with pains in his eyes.
"yes I will" she replied immediately bringing her hands forward.
he was about putting the ring on her hands when someone interrupted.
"this engagement would not take place" Jake shouted from the door walking in. everyone turned to his direction.
"how dare you interrupt you wench" flora's dad spoke harshly.
"am not a wench,your daughter is the wench because she is inhuman" Jake replied him immediately. Mick stood up putting back the ring in its case.
"the child flora is carrying isn't micks own, have evidence with me" Jack said confidently staring at flora wickedly as her heart kept racing.

The house felt empty since Becky wasn't here, I decided to go to. France without telling her.
when I got to France, I was about heading to Becky's house when I saw flora entering a hospital. I quickly followed her because I wanted to let her know that I caught her having sex in a toilet at the night club.
but I was late because she already entered the doctors office so I. decided to go outside and wait for her but something stopped me,i put on my recorder immediately.
"doctor are the fake result ready?" she asked
"yes, but you have to increase the pay" he said greedily.
"here it is" she replied back
"this is the original and fake result, take it and leave" the doctor replied.
I quickly hid myself because she opened the door.
"Mick it's time for you to be mine" she smiled wickedly, folded. one of the paper and threw it away.
immediately she left,i picked it up and opened it only for me to find out that it's the original result.
I walked so fast so that I would catch up with her and when I got to her, I pretended to hit her by accident, so I placed a recorder on a purse which I know that she always carried around.
everything she said I was able to hear and record them.
I love Becky so much that I want her for myself, but I realized that true love isn't by force, even if she stays with me, she won't be happy neither will I be happy because she would always think of Mick.
true love is about sacrificing that's why I. sacrificed mine in order To make her happy because I don't like seeing her cry.
that's why I must expose flora.

everyone stared at me as I brought out the original result, some people were murmuring among themselves.
I brought out the recorder and played it, since it was loud, everyone was able to here.
flora rushed to Mick's holding his legs crying "Mick am sorry, I did it because I love you so much" she kept pleading.
"I never believed that the sweet flora would be so evil like this, it's over" he removed his legs from her grip then went to meet Becky who just stood dumbfounded. "Becky am so sorry, please forgive me"he pleaded trying to kneel down but Becky stopped him. "it's not your fault,but Her's" she wiped his tears and they kissed and soon she was coming to my direction, I felt my heart beating fast. "thanks a lot for making smile, I don't know how go repay you" she hugged me tightly and i was so happy.
"allow me to be your best friend" she stard at me happily. "OK, as you wish.i would be right back" she moved to flora's direction, when she got to flora, she squat down since flora was sitting on the floor "I kept your handkerchief safe for you, it. seems you really need it now but don't bother, I added mine making it two because one handkerchief can't dry this river flowing down.dont thank me because am only repaying a favour" Becky said mockingly.


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