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My Bodyguard And I - Episode19


my bodyguard and i - Episode19


I heard someone giggling only for me to realize myself. I couldn't believe that I was imagining nonsense to the extent that I nearly stripped myself naked.
Mike something in French but I didn't understand it.its really embarrassing.
I've called my aunt to send one of her maids to bring me clothes and underwear to put on so that I can start going home.
while waiting, I laid on the bed close to mick I wasn't facing him but I could see him clearly because there was a big mirror opposite me.

Mick's pov
I had been staring at Becky ever since she came out of the bathroom.
I wonder what she was thinking about that made start keeping her mouth as if she wanted to kiss someone, it was really funny so I couldn't help but giggle.
I felt someone's hand wrapped around my waist, due to the mirror I was able to see that it was Mick. I wanted it but I wanted to form small so I decided to remove his hand but his grip was tight. "Becky please just let me be like this for a while" I left his hand pretending to be angry but inside I was smiling.
"Becky am so sorry for hurting you, it wasn't my intention to leave you like that after our first sex together but I really heard to go because the deal that I made with my parents was 4 years." how come he didn't let me know, I felt guilty but I didn't show it. "why didn't you let me know" I asked in a low voice "because I was afraid that you won't want me to go that was why I tried my best in order to teach you something's so that you would be able to handle things well, and it really helped because it's showing in you" everything he said was true, if he had told me about it, I wouldn't had wanted him to go I might even go far by threatening him that I would kill myself if he leaves me. "Becky am also sorry for all harsh things I said, I didn't mean to say it, please forgive me" I could here him sniffing I turned immediately and tear was on his eyes."why are you crying,you are embarrassing me" I dried his eyes with my hands. "Becky I made you cry and its hurting me a lot. I know that we can't get back together because of you already have a fiancee but please forgive me" I smiled a little "I was only acting, he isn't my fiancee." he just stared at me
"but you had sex with him" I laughed thistle time around.
"everything was just an act bug yours was real" I said trying to back him again but he drew me back facing him. "am sorry, I won't go to bed with any woman. so please can we get back together" I just kept blushing because I was waiting for that question for a long time."yes, we can"
he kissed me and I reciprocated immediately. he tried touching me but I obliged, "don't dare, because even if you do it I won't moan"
"really, you must be kidding, let's see then" he dragged me down to the middle of the bed and I screamed because I wasn't expecting it.his mouth on my body felt so good but I wasn't going to moan. he kept teasing my left n**ples with his hand and he used his mouth on the other. it felt so good I wasn't going to give in, I only bit my lips. he parted my legs and started giving me a head on,he later assisted it with one of his finger. fuck his really good I said in thought. am not sure I could hold on anymore, the mattress become my enemy because I kept squeezing it. his really driving me crazy.
he started going in slowly, and it was painful "ouch mike" I called him in a low. "I thought you weren't going to moan huh" he gave me a gloating look. "I didn't moan you dummy, it was painful that's why" he just stared at me "just be gentle ok" he nodded his head and he was going in gently. when he noticed that I have gotten used to him, je started increasing his strokes. this is really good, I don't think I could hold on any longer, I tried covering my mouth with my hands but still I let out a maon involuntarily Mick only smiled.he shifted me to the edge and we continued again this time I moaned loudly including the once I've been holding since "keep doing that, it's encouraging me" I held him tightly because I was close, he noticed it so he increased his pace.......

jacks pov
Becky's aunt was about ordering someone to get Becky's clothes to her, so I quickly begged her to let me go and she agreed. when I entered the car I brought out the things inside the bag, I couldn't help but stare at her panties. "one day I would be the one to remove this from your waist" I smiled as I drove off.
when I got there, I was directed to where Becky was by Mick's mom and I happily went but I was heart broken to find out that Mike and Becky were back again. the way Becky moaned was making me angry I quickly turned and started heading down. I saw flora heading to Mick's room, but when I turned again, she wasn't there maybe it seems she ran off crying. girls are so emotional.
I was really bleeding because my heart was shattered. I left the clothes for Mick's mom and left.

mikes mom pov
I purposely sent Becky's bodyguard to Mick's room so that he would learn what is back off.


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