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My Bodyguard And I - Episode16/17


my bodyguard and i - Episode16


I was really angry with myself because I caused everything, I think it's time I let go. I walked into my room,i didn't even know that flora was there it was when I felt a slight touch on my shoulder that I turned to see.
"has it gotten to the extent that you don't notice my presence anymore?" she said in a sad tune. "it's not what you think,something came up that's all" she moved closer back hugging me, "am sorry, but what happened"
"nothing really, I was trying to hold on to someone who doesn't want me but it's OK, because I've let go of everything" I turned to face her and she just smiled. "that's a good idea, just be happy always OK!"
OK! I replied smiling. She kissed me gently on my lips and quickly disengaged. "am sorry, I did it by mistake" she covered her mouth facing down. I think it's high time I reciprocate her feelings for me and I just want something that would stop me from thinking far because the pain am feeling is still stinging.i moved closer to her now fully on the bed, I lifted her face up and started kissing her. She reciprocated immediately. Soon we were offing our clothes as if they were our enemies. My mouth on her body sent shivers to her, she just kept moaning. Her breasts were still firm even if she was 25yrs.i teased her ni**les with my tongue......
Her lips on my d**k was worth dying for, she was really good. Soon I was inside her and it was strokes upon strokes as her moans filled the room or maybe beyond.
Becky's pov
I kept practicing how to apologize to Mike. He offended me first but I did something he told me that he never likes and that is seeing someone he loves so much with another guy having sex. "but I didn't do it" I muttered slowly. Once we talk things out, I would be in his arms once more because I've really been starved.
His mum ushered me in warmly and directed me to mikes room. I ran up happily but the smile on my face vanished when I kept hearing sounds of moan.

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my bodyguard and i - Episode17

"I just wish it's not what am thinking" I muttered slowly cleaning my eyes. I walked up to his room slowly in shaky legs and as expected, he was banging a girl that am sure was his girlfriend. I covered my mouth with my hands in order not to cry out loudly. The way she was moaning shows that he was giving it her well, everything she said didn't affect me, but Mike's own was like a bomb.
"Mike... Uhh I love so much" she kept saying I thought that Mike wasn't going to reply but to my disappointment,he replied. "I love you too so much, thanks a lot for always being there for me and you never gave up even when I offended you indeed you are an angel and this is the best sex I've ever had, others where just childish stuff" I felt like urinating, I wanted to leave but it seems that my legs where glued to the floor. I couldn't take it anymore so I ran out.

Mikes mom pov
I think she has finally gotten her senses, I knew fully well that Mike was making out flora, but I still let her go so that she could realize that there are order ladies that are waiting for the love that Mike is showering on her.

Floras pov
Everything is going fine, Ive really missed Mike inside of me. As I turned my face, I saw a girl that I fully know was Becky, because her picture was Mike's wallpaper. I increased my moan to make her angry and Mike helped a lot but he doesn't know that becky came and I won't tell him either because I don't want to loose Mick again.

Micks pov
The sex was really good but not compared to the one I had with Becky. I saw Becky standing at my door through the mirror that was at my bed head she was crying but I didn't care.shes engaged, so it's time for me to move on that's why I said such things so that she would get angry. After she left, the urge for sex left because her tears where my weak spot, I don't like her crying but now am the cause of her tears.

Becky's pov
Immediately I got home, I entered my room and lucked myself inside. I cried out loudly because I couldn't hold it any longer.i can't believe that the night I lost my virginity didn't matter to him it was just a child play.
Mike please let those don't be true because I really love you so much and am really sorry.

The next day.....
When we finally got to the parking lot, I came down from the car heading inside. I bumped into mick but he just pretended not to know me soon that bitch called flora came out from no where to meet Mike. The way he smiled at her was really annoying and I hated it. After everything,i went to Mick's office to see him.
"good morning" I greeted while my heart was beating so fast. "morning dearie, so what brought you to my office"he asked as if I was a stranger. "actually am not still use to the way your company runs its business,please could you teach me?" I asked biting my lips because that was the only thing I could think of "am sorry madam, time isn't on my side but don't bother I would tell my p.a to put you through" he concluded standing up. "am having a short meeting, see you some other time" he took some files and was about leaving but my voice stopped him. "Mike doesn't that night mean anything to?" I asked in an unknown tune but he just scoffed without turning to my direction " I didn't mean anything to me because it wasn't the first time I was having sex neither where you the first girl I did it with and moreover, I didn't force you to do it, you gave me yourself willingly because you were cheap that's why you still go around sleeping around with anyone and I hate cheap things.i hope that answered your question" he spoke so harshly and left without staring at me.i couldn't stand properly because my legs were shaking do I leaned on his table as tears rolled down my eyes.

Mikes pov
I wasn't expecting her in my office, but when she came, I was happy and angry to see her.i can't still believe that she could stoop so low to sleep around. I can tolerate anything but I can't tolerate seeing my heart beat on bed with someone.
I just kept staring at her lips as she was talking I felt like kissing her.
What I said to her was painful, that's why I didn't face her direction when talking because am afraid that I might kiss her. I thought she's engaged,she better leave before her fiance comes. I think am moving on."Becky isn't important anymore" I muttered slowly not sure of it.


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