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My Bodyguard And I - Episode15


my bodyguard and i - Episode15


"who was that?" Jake asked after we got into the car.
"He is nobody" I replied cleaning a tear that was about to drop. " come on Becky speak to me,that way you would feel at ease" he said looking at my direction.
"OK, his Mike my former bodyguard" I said resting on my sit.
The look on Jack's face suddenly changed "I don't want to get close to him again, so please can you pretend to be my fiancee just for now" I asked him and he only shook his head and concentrated on his driving.

Jacks pov
We really ran into our fear thinking that we escaped.anyway thanks to Becky because I can now carry out my plans perfectly but one thing is certain and that is she would eventually be my fiancee for real one day.
Raul's mansion
I was really angry with myself because I caused all this, I can't believe that I lost her.
I passed my mum without knowing but her voice stopped me.

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"fils,quel est le problème? Votre visage semble moody" ("son whats the problem? Your face looks moody")
"c'est rien maman" (it's nothing mom)
"parlez-moi et je vous aiderai" (talk to me and I would help you out)
"OK maman, la vèritè est que Becky a dèjà une fiancèe, il semble qu'elle est engagèe" (OK mum, the truth is that becky already has a fiancee it seems she's engaged)
"Je ne pense pas,mais ne vous inquiètez past, je voudrais enquêter à ce sujet OK! Je ne veux pas que Mon bèbè s'inquiéte" (I don't think so, but don't worry I would investigate about it ok! I don't want my baby to be worried")
"Merci maman, je t'aime tant et je souhaiter aussi que ce qu'elle a dit n'ètait pas vrai" (thanks mum, I love you so much and I also wish that what she said wasn't true)
I walked to my room, I couldn't help but think negative. "what if they've already had sex" I couldn't think properly because it seems that my head was spinning. Since there villa was close to our, I decided to pay them a visit.
When I got there, her aunt directed me her room, so I quickly went up but I really went at the wrong time because she with her fiancee were making out. I think that I should just give up because what am seeing doesn't give one hope. I quickly walked away as fast as I could while the pain in my heart keep piercing me.

Becky's pov
I sighted Mike coming so we quickly pretended as if were having sex. I was just putting on a bra with a short skirt. Jack was really good. I thought he would just pretend then I would would pretend to be moaning but he did everything real I couldn't help but moan. His lips on my skin sent shivers to my body, I didn't even know when Mike left. I really wanted this so I returned every of his touch. It was getting too intimate but when I remembered the look on Mick's face, the urge for sex left. "Jack I think he has left, so you can now go" I covered myself while Jack left my room. "is Mick angry? Would he think that am cheap" I kept asking myself stupid questions. I don't want to loose Mick no matter what.let me just talk things over. I wore my clothes then headed to there house.

Jacks pov
Beckys body was wow, I really wanted more but she spoilt everything. Till now my erection has not gone down.
Just imagine wanting to have sex with someone you longed for, then boom,plans got spoilt.


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