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My Bodyguard And I - Episode14


my bodyguard and i - Episode14


Mick's pov
It's been two years already, things has really changed but I still miss Becky so much. I hope she forgives me.
"my baby what's wrong with you, don't tell me that you are still thinking about that girl" my mum said patting my hair.
"you are right mum, but do you think she would ever forgive me?"I said sitting down near my mum. "if she truly loves you,she will but don't worry you would still meet her very soon" she smiled
"but how?i am not sure we would see anytime soon because I've not finish making the preparations"
"OK, if you say so.anyway,your dad and I created a link with a foreign country, and they would be coming over very soon" she stood up and was trying to take my used clothes away.
"but mum,i thought you said I could now handle everything, why did you have to make such big decision without my knowledge?"
"son, anything we've ever done is for your own good, just trust us on this and you would come thanking us later" she said kissing me on my head and was about leaving. "mum! Ive told you that I can do my laundry, am not a child anymore." I said scratching my hair "you would always be my baby no matter how big you've become." she left my room and headed to the laundry.

2 days later
The people representing the foreign country are coming today, the whole board are waiting for them.i sat In my office going through some files, just then my office door flung open I didn't need no one to tell me that it was flora my best friend from childhood that came inside. She's has always wanted more than relationship but I wasn't interested. "sir I tried to stop her" my secretary tried explaining "you can leave" flora quickly ran to me "my love, I've really missed you so much and I was dying to see you" she said back hugging me "but we saw yesterday" I removed her hands standing up.
"Mick you really changed a lot, it was just me and now; you only think of one nonsense girl that I don't know what she gave to you and also she's an African they are capable of doing anything" she tried coming close.
"just stop talking nonsense, I made a mistake and am paying for it, if you were in her shoes you would had done the Same, so please don't say anymore or else" I shouted at her while pointing my finger at her face.you can have the office to yourself, its time for the board meeting. I left her stunned in the office.

Floras pov
Mick has been my childhood friend, he loved me so much and we planned our future together but ever since he came back to France from Nigeria he suddenly changed.
Am not giving up now or in the future, I would do everything possible to get back Mick.
I stood in front of everyone in the conference hall were the board meeting was held, I was giving my speech and soon the door opened slowly and some people came in. "it seems that it's the company that we are being linked to" I said slowly. I was about turning my face back to the board members when I saw someone that I never thought I could see for so long
"Becky" I said slowly. She looked so stunning and beautiful, immediately she saw me, the smile on her face vanished and was replaced with a deadly frown. She took her sit while I continued with what I was saying, I couldn't concentrate so I told my P.A to continue.
Soon Becky was up saying something that I didn't hear because my attention wasn't there.
I just kept staring at her and to be sincere she really changed a lot. She talked so maturely when she was done, everyone applauded her. She was smiling to someone and when I traced it, it landed on a guy that was standing at the back. I became jealous immediately.
Everyone has started leaving but I was still sitting down. When Becky was about to leave, I quickly ran to her but she just hissed and walked away before I could even say hi.

Becky's pov
I was really surprised that this company belongs to Mick but thank goodness that I was able to resist the urge to kiss him. I won't forgive him that easily.
This few days has been the worst days of my life because Becky is really giving me a hard time.

Mick's Pov
We just finished a short meeting in my office and everyone started leaving. I won't let Becky go this time.
"Becky please just give me a chance to explain" I said trying to stop her, but instead she tried snubbing me again. I drew her back with full force, and we were now so close. My hands was on her waist and her body was touching mine, I could feel her breath. "so are you now ready to listen to me" I brushed her messy hair aside.
"Mick please just let go" she said in a tune that I could clearly remember.it was this same voice she used when we had sex.
Why did her voice suddenly change?
"Becky it seems my touch has it effects on you?" she didn't answer me, she only stared at me biting her lips a little. I couldn't control myself anymore so I brought my face closer to her and she closed her eyes immediately. I smiled a little and kissed her.

Becky's pov
I was really trying my best to avoid him, but he just kept coming closer. When he drew me closer,i felt my breath seized. I couldn't resist him because his hands on my skin was already making me weak.
He kept kissing me and I didn't stop him either because I wanted these, I've missed him so much. But when I remembered how he left me that day, I quickly pulled away cleaning my mouth and arranging my hair properly. Just then Jack walked inside. "Becky hope there's is no prob..." I quickly shot him up with a kiss. "sweet heart what took you so long?" I asked in a shaky voice breathing high.
He played along also "am sorry, I was taking care of something, let's start going" I quickly took his hands in order to leave but micks voice stopped me. "who is he? "
"his my fiancee" I said not facing him as I left his office banging the door.


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