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My Bodyguard And I - Episode13


my bodyguard and i - Episode13


(2 years later)

Everything was going exactly the way I want, my company now has many branches all over Nigeria but our main target is to link up with a foreign country through that way, we would be able to open a branch there.
I sat opposite Jake my new bodyguard, we were both watching wrestling. To be sincere, I was really surprised at the sudden change because I've never for one day liked that program but now, it's my best show. I looked at jacks direction and I started remembering Mike how we would always fight for the TV control (remote).
After some time, I started seeing Jack as Mick I didn't even know when I moved to where he was. "Mick why did you leave me huh?ive really missed you so much" Jack just kept staring at me in confusion "Becky are you alright?" he asked me but I replied him with a kiss,at first, he didn't respond but later, he started kissing me back. We started kissing passionately and the kiss was getting intimate.it seems that I've really been starved a lot. It was when I removed my lips from his in order to ask more questions that I realized that it was Jack. I quickly jumped down from his body "am so sorry, I mistook you for someone else" I quickly ran to my room before he could alter a word.

Jacks pov
What just happened? All through my stay here, I've wished for this to happen because I really love her so much but it seems she's still in love with her former bodyguard. It hurts my feelings when she mistakes me as him, I just want her to see me as me and not one useless Mick. I've not met him yet one on one, but I hate him so much I would never let them be together again, from now on,i must make her think only of me.

Becky's pov
What is wrong with you Becky? I slapped myself on the cheek "you can do it, just forget about mick,you hate him don't you?" I asked myself as I fell on the bed.
I wonder what Jack would be thinking about right now.
My phone beeped and I checked to see that it was an international number calling. I picked it up immediately and it was my uncle.
he gave me the good news that we could now link up with a company in France. I was so happy. "am going to announce to the board that our plans worked perfectly fine.
in the morning
the atmosphere in the car was really awkward, maybe it's because of what happened last night but I decided to break the silence.
"Jack we would be leaving for France soon"
"but why?"
"because the link has been created finally" I said smiling and he did same as usual.
"wow that's a very good news, I can't wait"
"me too, I really want to leave this country for a while also, I can't wait to tell the board about it, that way they would be able to pick orders that would join us." I concluded.

jacks pov
am so happy that we would be going to France and by that way, we would be leaving Becky's memories of Mick here and it would be a good opportunity for her to like me since am the one she got now.

Becky's pov
finally I would be able to leave here for a while, including the memories of Mick because everything about here reminds me of him. I can't wait to leave here here I said in thought as I rested on my sit.


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