My Bodyguard And I - Episode12


my bodyguard and i - Episode12


Becky's POV

I never really wanted to believe that Mike could really leave me,i trusted him so much and he just left me like that "Becky it's all your fault because you were the one that wanted this relationship badly" I cried out my eyes out through out that day.
When I opened my eyes again,it was already evening.
My head was really aching me "it seems that I am having headache, maybe it's because I was crying all through" I muttered slowly rubbing my hair that was messy. I came down from my bed and headed to my living room.
I was hearing voices but I wasn't surprised to find out that it was my aunt and her husband. "why did they come now" I said to myself angrily biting my lips.
"how are you my baby?" my aunt quickly ran to hug me Immediately she saw me.
"I am still in the same way you kept me" I shrugged looking away. "your maids told me that you've not eaten anything since morning,so please come and eat,i made dinner" she said trying to make me happy.
"am not hungry,i just want to be alone" just then my stomach growled "you are saying another thing but it seems that your body didn't agree to it" she tried dragging me along to the table but I refused removing her hands. "I will only eat if you explain everything to me" I felt tears slide down my cheek and I wiped it off immediately sniffing. " I don't have anything to say, Mick has left and he won't be coming back,you better move on anyway your new bodyguard would be coming tomorrow" she said harshly not looking at me then left. "I don't need any fucking bodyguard, from now I would do my things my way you got that" I shouted at her back so that she could here me.
"am not eating but I am actually hungry" I rubbed my stomach with my hand.the food looked yummy, so I sat down and munched the food quickly.
I was going back to my room but something caught my attention and the thing that caught my attention was the room that I had my first sex. I walked then sat on the, I kept on rubbing the duvet, it was still stained with my blood, I couldn't help but cry more. I removed the duvet then took it to my laundry for washing.
"Mick I really want to forget you, but I can't because everything here reminds me of you"

2 weeks later
My annoying aunt and her husband has finally gone back to France leaving me alone with my new bodyguard.
I chose my bodyguard myself this time.
He was really handsome but not as Mick, he likes smiling a lot,each time he smiles I smile also because of his funny face. He restored happiness back into my life, as for Mick, I would never forgive and I never want to see him either.
"ma'am it's time for the board meeting" my p.a said bringing me out of my thoughts.
Am now handling everything, and it really feels good being the boss. I smiled a little took my presentation and walked to the hall.


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