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My Bodyguard And I - Episode11


my bodyguard and i - Episode11


I came fully prepared but it wasn't easy. We defeated them, but I got shot on my left arm. When I saw Becky, I cried out, she looked so pale I must kill them I said angrily trying to leave. "don't leave me, if you kill, you also become a murderer like him so please don't do it" she said in a low tune.
After everything, I took becky to the hospital.
"mike"i heard my name and quickly got up. "thank goodness you are awake"i smiled.
Becky passed out close to a week now and I was very happy. The door opened and a doctor walked in. "her health has improved, but she can't be discharged yet till tomorrow" he said to me while Becky kept keeping the face of I want to go now.
We chatted since there was nothing to do "Becky you couldn't celebrate your birthday party again hope you aren't feeling sad?"
"not at all, but we can still do it, just me and you." she smiled while I nodded.
"thanks for not pulling the watch again" I said stroking her hair.
A week later
Everything went well, I meant the birthday party between the both of us. "Mike I have a surprise for you"
"what is it? "
"just follow me" she said dragging me up stairs. Soon we got to a room, we opened the door and it was dark and then the lights where on. It was decorated like a room for people who just got married. "Mike here is my surprise,i want to give you my body so please don't refuse" she spoke nicely, how can I tell her that I would be living tomorrow. "Becky I ca.."and she shut me up with a kiss. "please don't say no" she said in a whisper.
Soon we were fisting on our body.

Becky's pov
.his touch where good, I felt his hand stroll down on my naked flesh,our clothes were lying on the floor, soon I felt my underwear slide down to were I don't know (beware of yahoo, if u know, you know)
I wanted more, his kiss, the warm breeze. Finally we got to the bed. He kept kissing me every where from my stomach to my laps and then in me. He pulled me closer and finally he entered me slowly. The pains were stinging, but I wanted this."Becky are you ok" he asked in a whisper
I only nodded my head. I was getting use to him inside me, it was flesh upon flesh thrust upon thrust, the pleasure was much and soon I felt my climax.
If this was a dream then I never wanted to wake up.

Mick pov
This wasn't the first time I am having sex, but it was the best. "Becky I love you so much" I said on her neck and kissing her slightly while she shivered. It seems she's already tired I said to myself. And soon she was asleep like a baby and I followed.
The next morning

Micks pov
I woke up by 4 arranged my things in other to leave. I wrote a letter and dropped it on the table where she could see it. "Becky am sorry, but I hope you forgive" I kissed her on her forehead then left for the airport.

Becky's pov
I opened my eyes slowly, everywhere was already bright I checked my time and it's was already 10:30 wow I slept so much, Mick didn't wake me because he wants me to regain my strength I said smiling.
How would I face him this morning, I feel so embarrassed and shy. I was about getting up from the bed when I saw a letter. I quickly opened it smiling
What, just tell me it's a lie I said crying, is this a play? I threw the paper and started searching for Mick but couldn't find him. Mick I won't forgive you I said crying.


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