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Luna In My Home - Final


Luna In My Home - Final

©Amah’s Heart.

Bisi was not fully out, her restriction and withdrawal was glaring. Someday is hard for her to look at my face and talk to me and other days I watch her become the woman that she used to be.
I understand her plight and kept wishing I can change back the hand of time and turn down my urge to be with another woman.
A mistake I will forever regret.
Bisi was right when she asked me the bitter but true question.
If I happen to catch her making out with another man or having a secret affair, will I accept her and forgive immediately?
Such thing will break me into pieces.
I may not be able to forgive her for such act or even lay with her without feeling disgusted.
I know she was seriously trying to let go of the sins on my head but what if the table was turned, will I still be able to call her my wife?
Society always ask the woman to forgive a cheating husband and move past it but condemn the woman if she is involve in such act.
I don’t blame Bisi whichever way she chose to treat me, all I ask is for her not to leave me. Bisi maybe harden if she is pushed to the wall but beyond that is a sweet, loving and caring wife and mother.
She wanted to work initially when we got married and insisted in doing that. I allowed her for the first year until she became pregnant with our first child.
I stopped her from working and asked her to be a stay at home mom.
The money I was making was enough to take care of my family. I don’t want to trouble my wife or watch her quickly grow old because of stress. She agreed to do as I said.
I cherish her so much and another truth is that she completes me.
Home feels good when a woman is happy.
Coming back home for the past few months, ever since Bisi found out about me and Luna, coming home has been so boring and lonely. I don’t get to talk and laugh with my wife like we used to do. I watch her from the sitting room or dining go about her normal duty and i will start wishing she will look towards me and smile like she used to do before.
I talk and play with my kids when I’m bored and I also watch television until I feel sleepy and go straight to the visitor’s room.
Those first three months was like hell on earth but I thank God everything is gradually changing.
Bisi deserve to be angry, because I could have done more than been angry if I was in her shoe.
I served my silent punishment within those month but is over now. I have moved back to the master bedroom. She doesn’t chase me off or leave the room at my presence. Is been a long time I saw her laugh but I know is little by little she will become herself again.
I kept blocking Luna with each new number she uses to reach me.
One day after work, as I was driving out of my company gate I saw her.
Luna was waiting for me outside the gate because the security wouldn’t let her in and she can’t reach me again over the phone.
I parked as she walked up to me.
“yomi, why are you been so heartless and wicked. Despite I almost died in your house? You suppose to show me love and care but instead you distance yourself from me as if I’m the devil. What if I was pregnant for you…is this how you will still treat me and my child?


I scuffed at her first before saying.
“Why will you even be pregnant for me Luna? Did I ever complain to you that my wife was a barren woman and can’t give me children? Even if Bisi has not been able to give me a child I will still keep hoping and waiting until the set time comes and if God decide otherwise we will adopt kids but I will never come to you for children because you are self-centered and a heartless human being….
She looked at me shocked. I continued.
“….yes Luna. You go for whatever makes you happy and do not care who gets hurt in the process. I ended things with you in Abuja but you found your way down to Lagos and to my home. You brought disaster to my home and almost succeeded in setting it up on fire. Do you think if Bisi leaves me I will come for you? The answer is never. Even if it takes me a decade or more to plead or earn her forgiveness I will certainly do that because she is good woman. You are a lady with sense, stop acting foolish. Luna, you are obviously wasting your time here in Lagos because I will never give you a second look. And for your information I and my wife are cool and I don’t hide anything from her again. I show her all the nudes and messages you sent to my phone and we both laugh at your foolishness together. She goes through my phone and blocks your every new number by herself. If she sees you close to me or close to my home, sorry will be your second name. This time around you may not return to Abuja in a perfect shape because you are invading a private property after signing a restraining order to stay away from me and my family. You are breaking the law and can be jailed if I return back to the police station to tell them that you have refused to let me and my family to be in peace. I can even show proof with the nudes and messages which you have been sending to me with different numbers. Now, listen to me carefully Luna, If I set my eyes on you this week or you send another senseless message to me again Luna, I will get you arrested and jailed and make sure they deal with you inside the cell until your skin starts falling off. You have crossed your boundary enough and I have tolerated your excesses. I have been nice to you by footing your bills and even giving you enough money that will get you to Abuja and you can use the remaining for shopping. I have done that but it seem that your desperate self will not rest until my home is destroy, now watch me destroy you in the same manner. You can’t be dumb and heartless at same time. I meant every word that I just said and if you doubt me, try me or come anywhere close to me or mine. This is not just a threat, you should really take everything I said to heart because I meant every word.
As I try to face the road again she said angrily.
“Yomi you are so heartless and very wicked. My God will punish you and that your useless wife. It will not be well with you Yomi for treating me like trash. I will return to Abuja this weekend because waiting for you to come around is a waste of my precious time. And if you ever set your foot in Abuja and I happen to know about it, I will come and deal with you myself or get boys who will mess you up. I know if I stand naked before you, it will be hard for you to resist me. Or are you not the same Yomi again that had me to your satisfaction in Abuja, almost did in your office and right in your bathroom? Stop sounding like a motivational speaker because you will still fall into my arm if you are given the opportunity. Is hard to say no to somebody like me and for the record I’m irresistible. The sad truth is that I loved you and it was what drives me down to Lagos. I don’t go risking my life for a man but I did it for you thinking you are a human being. I wanted to have your child and keep you close to my heart. I have never done that for any man before or expose myself to danger like I did with you. I can see you don’t worth it. You are blind and will never find a woman who deeply loves you like I do. Even your wife can’t even be compared. Is your lose Yomi and I will return to Abuja and get over you. You don’t worth my time or my life. You are just a bunch of some useless Lagos men who do not appreciate true love. Please, can I get some money from you and I also won’t mind if you will be kind enough to drop me at my hotel or close to my hotel?
I looked up at her and scuffed again. I raised my phone up and said.
“Everything you just said is recorded in this phone and I will be taking this to the CSP of police both the one in charge of Lagos and Abuja. If you are still here by next week, you will be arrested Luna and I will be very glad to watch them torture you so that next time when you see a man you will leap carefully.
I smiled before whining up my car glass while she was trying to say something.
I zoomed off leaving her standing there.
After insulting me she still wanted me to drop her off at her hotel or somewhere close to her hotel. Luna was even asking me for another money after spending the huge amount I gave her before to travel back.
Luna must be insane.
I drove off and stopped at a supermarket to pick up some things for the house and also bought one of Bisi’s favourite drink and snacks.
Bisi was watching a television program with the children when I returned. The kids ran to me and gave me a welcome home hug.
My wife was laughing from the television skits that she was watching. She turned and looked up at me before telling me welcome.
I asked what the show was all about, I just wanted to hear her talk to me. She started explaining the comedy skit and I have to put a show of laughter too even though deep down it wasn’t so funny.
The kids were also trying to explain another version before Bisi stood and said to my daughter
“Go ahead and explain to your daddy let me get his food ready.
I handed her the bag containing her favorite drink and snacks. She took a peep inside the bag and thanked me before walking to the kitchen.
I went to the room, entered the bathroom and had a cool shower.
When I came out Bisi was in the room folding cloths.
I went to hold her from behind.
“Hmmm! you smell so nice and fresh Yomi…
One of the best things I have heard her say to me in many months. I blushed and kissed her neck.
She does not struggle with me anymore.
“Honey, you smell like onions mixed with sweat…
I said to her, she turned and looked at me with a fake frown. I laughed out loud and told her that I was only joking. She managed to curve a smile.
“I will freshen up before going to bed. Cooking and doing few other things got me all sweaty.
“Give me the privilege of bathing you like my baby…please….please…
She smiled.
“C’mon Yomi I’m not a child. I will do that when I’m done with every chores. Your food is set on the dining, go and have your dinner.
“Dinner can wait and I will help with every chores that needs to be done tonight. Just be my gene and grant me my first wish…
She was about saying something else when i swept her into my arm and moved to the bathroom.
It was refreshing evening and as we later retire that night to bed.
I try to open up to her concerning Luna because I promised never to keep secrets or hide anything from her. At first, she doesn’t want to hear about it but she later listened and even asked me if I gave Luna the money she was asking for. I assured her that I did not, I drove off and left her standing.
Bisi gasped out before going silent. I can still see her struggle but we are becoming a great partner to each other again and I know is a matter of time we will be in our best as always.
Luna went back to Abuja and I never heard from her again.
Within the following year I have travelled to Abuja twice and return back to my family in peace. I have never seen or heard from Luna ever since I saw her last outside my office gate.
Is been over a year and in three months’ time it will be two good years that Luna became a history.
My family is flourishing every day.
What could I have done without Aram my good friend, who showed me a great support when I needed him. My loving and understandable wife who I vow with my life never to hurt again. My amazing and smart kids. They are one of my biggest blessings.
And to everyone out there who was there for me in my weakness and when I thought everything will crumble. I’m deeply grateful.
My wife is not yet hundred percent her usual self, I don’t expect to get her fully back after betraying her love and trust. it may take a miracle for that to happen but I’m grateful for her progress. Her restriction ban is lifted off and I’m happy for that as I await for more of her love and trust for me to resurface again.
I’m a man who broke my vow, failed my wife and disappointed those who believed in me but I refused to remain on the ground. I found myself back up and I’m standing again and will remain standing. I will never disrespect the bone of my bone like I did before. I learnt my lesson in a bitter way.
My name is Abayomi, a husband, a father, a friend and also an imperfect being. my emotions or fleshly desires will not rule over me again because at the end is filled up with regrets and sadness. There is no pride in failure but I became stronger through this simple means.

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