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Luna In My Home - Episode 9


Luna In My Home - Episode 9

©Amah’s Heart.

“Honey…I can explain. Is not what you think. I was not doing anything….i was just….just

The word got stuck again. I was pleading with Bisi to hear me out but she was mad as hell.

At first, I thought she was going to pounced on Luna and start tearing her into pieces but Bisi did not do that.

Her main focus was on me, but it was not entirely my fault. Luna pushed me into the act and Bisi worsen the situation by bringing her to our home.

After Luna wore back her cloth, Bisi stepped out and brought in the kids. She locked the exit door firmly before taking off the key so no one will go out.

She took the kids straight to their room and got them busy with their favourite animation, she came out and closed up their room.

At this time, I guess Luna has gone to get her things so that she can leave the house but Bisi was inside with the keys. She left me and Luna and went back to our bedroom.

Luna came out with her things but couldn’t leave. I was afraid to go inside the room to face Bisi. She was probably crying or sobbing silently in the room because she never thought I will betray her the way I did.

How can I even convince her and undo all my wrongs. How can I make it right again?

A lot of thing has already gone wrong and may never go back to right.

I finally summoned courage to go to the bedroom and my wife was neither crying nor sobbing. She just stood by the window staring out at nothing.

“Honey…is not what you are thinking. When you stepped in you can see that we were not doing anything. My clothes were still on. In fact I was…

Bisi fled like a bee towards me and the next thing was a hot, unimaginable slap on my face. i was still trying to recover from the first slap, another one landed on the same cheek.

“What do you take me for Abayomi? You actually take me for a fool right? I knew it…I just knew it that something was going on. Yesterday, you acted so abnormal and I was convinced within me that something is going on between you and that Luna. You took her to our matrimonial bed and when you heard my voice you decided to hide her in the bathroom yesterday….Abayomi??…

I try to defend myself immediately.

“That is not true, I did not bring her to our matrimonial bed. I was having my bath when she came in uninvited and came straight to the bathroom…I never asked her to…

She interrupted me.

“Shut up! Abayomi, aaah….you? I thought you were different? I was ready to swear with my life that my so called husband was different from other men who mess around outside marriage. I trusted you Abayomi….how could you? I smelled a rat between both of you and decided to set the trap and booommm, you are both caught in my rat trap. I heard almost everything she said to you from outside the door. I knew one way or the other I was going to come in term with the truth if not now maybe later but it came sooner than expected. Abayomi you allowed me to bring your side chick home for you. You watch me bring her home without saying anything. I thought she was your colleague who needed help to get around Lagos after meeting her in your office….Ooh Abayomi! You are evil. What kind of man will do such to his family? To his own wife? Only a terrible, heartless man like you. i exposed our kids to her and our home to a serpent who I thought was human being. You wanted her to kill me and my children so that she can have you right? God has exposed all your secrets. I will personally kill her with my bare hands. She messed up with the wrong person and you Abayomi, you will not be spared.…

I went on my knee begging my wife, my eyes was soiled. I really wanted to show how sorry I am. I can’t do without her and our kids. I know I betrayed her trust and broke her heart. Looking at how angry she is, if Bisi has a gun she will put it straight to my head and kill me.

“Bisi, please…I’m sorry! I wanted to tell you earlier about Luna but i was afraid of what the outcome will be. And this is what I feared most. I met Luna in Abuja some months back and I regret setting my eyes on her ever since. I did not invite her to Lagos or to my office, she came by herself and find her way to my office…

Bisi interrupted.

“And you slept with her in your office? Oh yes…you actually did Abayomi. You are a big disgrace to the good and faithful men out there. Her hotel and your office was not enough, you allowed me to bring her home and was so happy when you saw her here. If you were remorseful of your dirty acts you would have asked Luna to leave our home but you never did instead you continued banging each other from where you left off…right under our roof, in our home….Abayomi! Your side hen was in our home and you did nothing rather you were happy and took her to our matrimonial bed, hide her in our private bathroom and refused to go to church today so that both of you can continue from where you left off yesterday. Abayomi…

“Honey… I was not happy having Luna in our home. I try to warn you…I did. You actually allowed her in without informing me. I was afraid that I may ask her to leave and she will decide to expose me. Bisi, I did not take Luna to bed, she came to meet me in our bathroom that was before you came back. I was afraid that you may never forgive me, I could have confessed to you on time. I’m deeply sorry Honey…please forgi…

Bisi walked out without listening to my plea, I stood up from the ground and followed her. She went to the kitchen and carried a long wooden spatula and dashed out to where Luna sat with her legs crossed and her bag beside her.

Bisi rushed to Luna and descended on her with full rage.

They began to fight but I know my wife will beat the hell out of Luna.

She hit and kept hitting Luna who was trying to defend herself but Bisi overpowered her.

Luna was shouting my name to save her from Bisi.

The children came out of their rooms to watch the fight going on between my wife and Luna.

I send them back to their room and asked them not to come out.

Bisi hit her with the wooden spatula until Luna fell to the ground.

I try to pull my wife up from where she sat on Luna. Bisi stood and turned to me with anger.

She started hitting me with the painful dry wood.

“You came to save your side chicken? You are shameless man Abayomi!

Bisi hit me until my hands and head was bruised. She kept calling me different names. All I wanted to do was for her to leave Luna so that she can leave the house. Is better for her to leave than to injure her out of anger. Bisi did not listen she went back to Luna with full force and descended heavily on her.

“You have the gut to come into my home without fear and try to take over my territory? You should have asked around first before getting into the lion’s den. Indeed, you must be a Lucifer or a lunatic lady to have boldly step into this house after all your useless and dirty act with my husband. You thought I was naive and stupid and will never find out what is going on under my nose…oh think again Lucifer because I will deal with you. I will wash, squeeze and iron you today so that you will never in your life again trade on a deadly ground. You will never ever in your life go after married men…or even smell near their homes….

Luna was shouting

“Yomi save me from your crazy wife. Yomiii ooo…! Bisi Let me go. I will arrest you for attacking me. Unlock the door so that I can leave. I’m probably pregnant for your husband and I don’t deserve this harsh treatment. Stop, get away from me…stop hitting me with that. It was your husband that invited me over to Lagos. He complained of how bad you are in bed and needed me to make him happy. I did what I have to do so that you won’t bore him to death. You should be thanking me instead of attacking me. Yomi cannot do without me. He loves and cherishes me far more than you. Yes, he told me so…

I felt like joining Bisi to deal with Luna. She was lying. i desperately wanted her to be out of my home but Bisi was so determined and did not let go of her.

Despite Luna’s scream, Bisi kept hitting her with the spatula.

“Ooh thank you Lucifer, with your magic finger and sexy body you were able to save my dear husband from boredom…I did not bore him to death, all thanks to you. But I will make sure you will never forget this day in a hurry. I will help you abort any sign of pregnancy. You thought this is Abuja? You left your peaceful abode and came all the way down to Lagos to look for a married man? How shameless can you be…even came into his home, where he live with his family. hahahaha! You are doomed Lucifer. That power controlling you will be rendered useless today because I will make sure I dealt with you to my satisfaction before letting you go.

Bisi kept hitting until Luna couldn’t fight or scream again. Her voice was becoming faint. I was begging Bisi to let her go but she refused.

Luna was bleeding and her body was battered with wound. I thought she has passed out when I did not hear any scream again but Bisi did not stop battering her.

The wooden spatula broke into two on Luna’s body, Bisi resigned to throwing hard punch on Luna and hitting her with the broken stick.

I have to rush and pull Bisi up from a lifeless Luna. She turned to me and began another round of attack on me. I was begging her to stop. She has probably killed Luna who was still bleeding on the ground but Bisi said she doesn’t care and she will kill her all over and also kill me too if she has a gun.

She later walked back to the room. I was searching for the keys to unlock the door. I have to use my own spare keys and unlock. I touched Luna and she was still breathing but too weak to get up.

I took my car key and carried Luna out to my car before Bisi will come out and finish up what she started.

If Luna dies, it will be on my head because I brought all this trouble to my home. Some things could have been avoided, the few minute enjoyment with her in Abuja has turned into a night mare. I should have confessed to Bisi when I had the time, It may take time for her to forgive me but she will eventually do and all this wouldn’t have escalated to this extent.

“What have I done? God please don’t let Luna die in my hands. Help Bisi to forgive me and restore my once upon a happy home back to normal. I beg your forgiveness and mercy over me…please have mercy on me Lord…

I prayed quietly as I drove down to the hospital with Luna lying lifeless at the back seat of my car.

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