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Luna In My Home - Episode 8


Luna In My Home - Episode 8

©Amah’s Heart.

Before my wife will step into the room I grabbed a towel and asked Luna to remain still. I rushed out to her just in time as she was coming towards the bathroom.
“Darling. Oh.. you were having your bath. I was beginning to wonder where everybody disappeared to. The kids are the only ones in their room. Did you see Luna?
She asked me still standing at the same spot, I did not leave the bathroom door. I was standing there like a security guard and trying to appear calm.
“You mean Luna…no…no…I didn’t see her. She is probably in her room or she took a walk…I don’t know where she is.
Bisi moved closer. She looked at me in a strange way. I swallowed hard, my heart was on a continues beat.
“She is not in her room either. I have already checked there. Are you alright darling…?
“Ye…yeah. I’m fine. I will just finish up with my bath. I heard your voice and ran out. I did not hear when you came in. please go ahead and make the breakfast, I am hungry already.
Bisi said something that almost made me collapse.
“I feel so sticky, let me take a quick shower before going into the kitchen. We can bath together darling. You know how fun that can be. Leave the road…why are you standing by the door like a mopol?
She asked me urging me to get away from the door.
My hands were beginning to sweat and my legs couldn’t carry me anymore.
Bisi was already removing her cloth when my son called out to her.
I asked her to go and answer him, he probably needs more cereal since he loves having cereal as breakfast.
Bisi wore back her cloths and left the room. I did not know that I have been holding my breath all this while.
It was after she walked out I released my breath and hot air filled my nostril.
“God, please I don’t want to die before my time”
I silently prayed before turning to tell Luna who was standing behind the bathroom door to wear her cloths and follow my signal.
I left the bathroom, wore my cloth and went out to make sure Bisi was occupied in the kitchen.
Bisi was actually on the dining making cereal for the kids.
I stood there watching, after she was done I followed her to the kitchen.
The kids were going to see Luna from the dining from she comes out. So I asked them to go back to their room and watch some animation while taking their breakfast.
“But Dad you don’t allow us to eat breakfast in our room?
My oldest child said when I was urging them. I told them to eat there just for today since is a weekend.
They left to their rooms. I checked Bisi in the kitchen, she has already started the breakfast.
I held her waist and kissed her neck so that my heart can be calm and she will not suspect anything. She smiled and asked me to help in turning on the gas and I quickly did so.
While she was still cutting the onion and tomatoes, I quietly left and went back to the room. I gave Luna sigal to start matching out slowly while I will keep my wife busy in the kitchen and that was how I got saved that day.
Luna returned to her room and later came to the kitchen where Bisi was almost rounding up with breakfast preparation.
If I did not collapse or die today, I will not die again. I was almost caught, what explanation would I give that will sound reasonable to what Luna was naked doing in my private bathroom with me?
“Bisi, you are back? I was perceiving some sweet aroma and knew it must be you. I took a walk around your neighborhood. Back in Abuja, I usually go for jogging every Saturday morning. Since I don’t know anywhere around here, I did not go far. I returned not quiet long and took my shower. What can I help you with…?
Luna said, acting all innocent. She was indeed a good liar and actress. As they got talking, I knew it was time for me to leave the two women in the kitchen.
While Bisi’s head was bent on what she was doing, Luna winked at me as I walked passed her.
I sat alone, thinking over my life. I wish I can drive out of the house until Luna leave but I don’t trust her.
Saturday came and was gone, Sunday was a church service day.
I usually take my family to church for worship. Luna said she was not going because she doesn’t have anything to wear. I was not comfortable leaving her alone in my house.
Bisi offered her some cloths but she said they were too big for her kind of person. She said she will rather stay home than go.
While in my room, I asked Bisi if we can all skip today’s church service because I was not comfortable leaving Luna alone in the house.
Bisi insisted that she was going and do not want to stay at home on Sunday. She asked me to stay instead but I told her let all of us stay home for the Sunday. We can all go next week but she refused and said she won't stay home for anything. She and the kids will go.
I know what was at stake if I stay. I don’t want to be alone in the house again with Luna. I wish my wife will listen to my plea and skip this Sunday church just for today.
I’m trying to overcome the temptation and trouble of Luna been in my home but my wife was not helping me with it.
I know I got myself into this mess and don’t have any right to throw blames on my wife.
But it would have been better if Bisi has not invited Luna to our home. I wish I have never met Luna or even consider having anything to do with her back in Abuja.
Now I keep getting into trouble. A trap I don’t know how to escape from.
Today is Sunday and I can’t be left alone with Luna.
I pleaded with Bisi to stay she insisted on going.
Bisi said that she doesn’t want to miss the women fellowship which was after church service.
She was already getting irritated with my plea and asked me why I was begging her like a child just to stay home.
She said she hates to stay home on Sundays.
she stays home from Monday to Friday and sometimes Saturday when we don’t go out for weekend hangout. Sunday is the only time to mix up with others and also worship and thank God for the past week and present week.
I told her she can do all her prayer and thanksgiving at home. She refused.
It was almost turning into argument, i have to let go.
Bisi left for church with the kids and I was alone again with Luna.
“Don’t tell me that you are afraid of me Yomi? I heard you and your wife arguing over staying home just because of me. hahaha…you are very funny and filled with drama.
This was after Bisi left and I saw them off to the gate. It was when I stepped in I saw Luna standing beside the door with only undies.
I turned my face, ignored her and try to walk past but she quickly crossed over to me.
“Yesterday could have been so much fun under the shower but your wife interrupted us. Today, she is off to church with the kids, so, we have the house to ourselves. Yomi, stop trying to resist me, I mean no harm. My only offense is that I love you right from the first and second day in Abuja hotel…remember. I wanted you ever since then and I know deep down you also desire me but you are afraid of your wife. I’m right in your home, a divine arrangement, can’t you see? Just like I wanted and presently your wife is off to church with your kids. Let’s have our fun because by tomorrow your work will start and it will be hard for us to meet except if you decided to come over to my hotel. We have the house to ourselves…this kind of opportunity comes only but once.
I know Bisi was gone and will probably come back in the evening after her women church meeting.
Luna was enticing but the guilt and fear wouldn’t even let me. I narrowly escaped yesterday and even begged God to save me. I don’t want to indulge in this anymore.
This is more reason I asked Bisi to stay.
Luna was already pulling off her undies.
“Luna, please stop it. I did not stay home for this. I love my wife and I hate myself anytime I touch another woman who is not Bisi. Stop making me do this. Enough is enough. This is my home, it was wrong of my wife to have invited you here but since you are here already please let’s keep it cool. Bisi almost caught me in the act yesterday. I died and wake up that yesterday. Bisi trust you and that is why she agreed for you to stay, this is so wrong Luna. You are not welcomed in my home if you are going to turn it into a brothel. I have kids like you already know and I respect my wife. hate myself for starting this at first…
She was already unclad, wearing nothing before I will try to talk some senses into her. I was trying to control myself from doing anything with Luna.
She moved closer in her naked self.
“I noticed the way you grabbed me yesterday. You desperately want me. You don’t mean any of those things that you just said. Sweetie, you stayed home today because of me but have to pull a stunt so that your wife will not suspect. You wanted me in your office but Bisi interrupted. You wanted me in your bathroom but Bisi interrupted and now that we are alone. Your churchy and naive wife will not interrupt us because she is off to worship. Let’s do our thing just like we did in Abuja and just like yesterday. You enjoys me more than your wife because I got good romantic action and I know you can’t resissssss.…
Suddenly the door was kicked open and my wife stepped in.
A silent scream left my mouth. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me but everything was quiet and still.
I looked at her, speechless. Every saliva in my mouth dried up.
The kids were probably in the car or outside. Bisi stood by the door with a puzzled face looking at me and Luna.
Who know if she has been listening from outside the door?
Luna, who was naked, gracefully picked up her undies from the ground where she threw it.
Bisi was supposed to be off to church, I was expecting her arrival in the afternoon or evening.
What is she doing here and why did I forget to lock the door when I came in?
It was all because of Luna. “Oh my God. I’m a dead man.
“I’m indeed doomed this time.

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