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Luna In My Home - Episode 5


Luna In My Home - Episode 5

©Amah’s Heart.

I was standing behind my office table, it shield my waist and down below. Luna was well seated and pretend as if she was going through a file which she picked from my table.
Bisi stepped in with a bag containing the food flask and her hand bag.
I needed to go round the table to welcome my wife with a hug but it seems the burg was determined to disgrace me today.
“Hey honey…
I said with a smile, still trying to sound and appear as if nothing happened. I picked up a file and held it down the burg side. Covering my shame with the file but in an unsuspected way as I try to walk up to Bisi.
“Darling, I hope I did not interrupt your meeting?
She said looking at the fine lady seated in my office calmly. Her eyes travelled round the office in a suspicious way.
Bisi will never suspect that I cheated on her because she trust me and I have never given her room to think otherwise.
I was good in covering up my tracks. Bisi was very smart but when it comes to me having affair, it will be a great doubt to her because I have heard her bursting to one of her friend from the children school that I can never cheat on her. She has hundred percent trust for me.
Thinking back and knowing that I have betrayed her trust made me feel disappointed in myself.
I was counting my step while walking down to hug my wife and there is no way I will hug her and she won’t feel the burg which I try to hide.
Luna saw my discomfort and the file I held seriously in front of me and knew what was at stake.
She quickly stood and I was shock at what she wanted to do.
She smile and winked at me before turning to face Bisi who happens to be few feet away from my door and was still standing.
Luna gave her a convincing smile as she went over to her. I stood at a spot, watching what Luna was upto.
My heart skipped as I wonder if Luna want to expose my secret to Bisi.
As Luna stood close to my wife, she turned to me and said
“Mr Yomi, you never told me that your wife was far more beautiful in person than in picture?
I did not reply her or say anything. Bisi returned the charming smile that Luna was giving to her as they stood close to each other.
Luna extend her hands in greeting to Bisi.
“Hello, beautiful Mrs Ayomide! My name is Luna Smart. I used to work from state to state until I was fully transferred to Abuja branch where I currently base. And now, I’m back to Lagos for the main time. Probably for few months, after my assignment here is over I will return to my base. I’m working under Mr Yomi, your husband. He is a great boss and I have learnt a lot from him already. He talks about you alot too. I was hoping to meet you someday, I never knew it will be soon. I’m so please to finally meet you. And by the way, I love your dress, this gown you are putting on looks so perfect on you and your hair is beautiful too. Maybe within the period I will be in Lagos, if you don’t mind you can take me to where you do your shopping and also the salon you use. I don’t know places here just from my hotel room to work and then back to where I am lodging. But if you can’t, then there is no problem. I don’t want to stress you…
I watch as Bisi replied with a sincere smile.
“No…is not a problem. Is nice to meet you too and you can call me Bisi. Thank you for all the compliment, I’m feeling like a star already….
They both laughed. Bisi is so innocent, if she knew who Luna really is, she won’t be talking to her so freely.
Luna got her with her sweet words and now they were busy talking and laughing like old friends.
I was not happy with the sudden friendship but I dare not say anything or my hidden secret will be exposed.
I quietly returned back to my seat. The burg has finally gone down but my heart was still running on a marathon.
I wonder why Bisi chose to come around today. She comes to my office, it was nothing new. But is been over two months she came around here.
Bisi did not mention coming over today, I would have asked Luna to leave or I step out to avoid Bisi meeting her.
I sat on my chair looking at them as they kept talking and laughing with each other. They started exchanging numbers and I almost stopped my wife from doing that but I kept calm, biting my lips. And smiling anytime Bisi looks at my direction.
“…Staying in a hotel must be expensive. How do you even cope with that? Don’t you have any relative in Lagos?
My wife asked Luna, she was indeed concerned for her.
This their topic is taking another rout, I was seriously getting uncomfortable with this whole thing.
“I don’t have any relatives here. Is not easy living in a hotel and going to work from there but I don’t have a choice. Is just for few months and I will be done with what I came to do. Despite the huge expenses I still have to cope…
“Ooh, I’m sorry about that. I understand how that must have being for you…
Bisi fell for Luna’s tricks and buys into her lies. I needed to do something immediately.
I stood and walked up to my wife, I put a hand around her waist and said.
“Honey, Luna was about leaving when you came in. I think whatever I and she have to do or discuss can wait till next time…
Luna looked pained but she did not stop smiling. She nodded gently before walking to where her hand bag was.
Bisi did not want her to leave like that.
“Darling, I think I should be the one taking my leave. I only came to drop this lunch for you and I will be going back immediately before the kids will close from school. I need to go and pick them so Luna should stay and finish up the work she has to do with you. I will just leave right away...
Luna saw that I don’t want her to stay, she picked up her hand bag and said she will be leaving too. Maybe the work can continue tomorrow.
Bisi and Luna stepped out of the office together. Luna turned and winked at me while walking side by side with my wife, forcefully whining her waist at me.
I closed the office and gasped out heavily.
I held my head in my hand, thanking God for the narrow escape. What if Bisi came in without a call and caught me and Luna in the act? How will I explain such thing to her?
I don’t know how this their new friendship will end but Luna will have to find her way back to Abuja because I can’t have her close to my wife or agree for Bisi to take her to any boutique or salon in Lagos.
I have no business with her and if she needs money I will give her the money that she needs so that she will leave me the hell alone.
I couldn’t even eat the food that Bisi brought to me, my worries filled up my stomach and made me lose appetite.
I asked the receptionist if she will like some food.
I did not want to return the food home and end up offending Bisi and I can’t trash the food when there maybe people interested in it.
The receptionist said that she was about going for lunch and wouldn’t mind.
I gave her the flask and she thanked me. When I was leaving the office, she returned back the empty flask, thanking me again for the sumptuous meal.
I didn’t go home immediately, I stopped at my usual bar where I met Aram and told him everything that has been going on.
He was surprise too and said I should quickly find a way to settle Luna, so that she will return to Abuja or I should confess to my wife so that I can be free from Luna.
The last suggestion from Aram was unthinkable. How can he expect me to tell Bisi? Did he want to destroy my marriage?
Bisi must not hear of such and I will try to make sure she doesn’t.
I told Aram that confessing to Bisi was not even an option because Bisi will never forgive me. The only thing I’m going to do was to try and send Luna out of my life and I will make sure I do so.
Aram asked me to be careful as I drove back home that night.

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