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Luna In My Home - Episode 4


Luna In My Home - Episode 4

©Amah’s Heart.

Pacing around my office that day after getting the message from Luna that she was in Lagos and lodging in a particular hotel, such information ruined my day.
I didn’t have the intention of going to meet Luna in a hotel but the other part of me was curious to know what exactly Luna was doing in Lagos.
I wanted to call her to know what she was up to but just then her call came in.
I picked up.
“Hello Luna”.
“Yomi, I was begining to wonder if you haven’t been getting all my messages or seeing my calls. You keep ignoring me and never bother to return any of my calls or messages. Why is that? Are you the only married man on earth who cares about his family? I was really pissed at the way you kept on ignoring me. You showed me serious interest in Abuja, telling me how beautiful and sweet I was…making me feel you truly want me. All of a sudden everything changed…ever since you returned to Lagos. Yomi, I don’t have issue with you being a married man. That is the least of my troubles. I wan…
She was talking and I interrupted her.
“ Luna, what do you want? What brings you to Lagos? We had our fun in Abuja and it ends right there. It was obvious I don’t want to get into such again which was why I kept my distance. I’m sorry if you feel hurt but I do not take pride in sleeping with a woman who is not my wife. My conscience has not been totally at peace ever since we mate in Abuja. I look at my wife and guilt wash over me. Listen Luna, I’m sorry for ignoring all your messages and calls, I just don’t want to lead you along. I could have blocked your contact but for whatever reason that made me still leave you I can’t precisely say. I expected you to understand. And that brings me back to my first question which is what exactly are you doin I’m Lagos?
I can hear her chuckling at the other end before saying.
“ this is one of the reasons I love you Yomi and want you one more time…. At least you felt bad for what transpired between us…you regretted your action more because of your wife. Which means you have a conscience that pricks you every now and then. Some other men wouldn’t care if they have a wife or not…all that matters to them is to get their needs met. Such men are not moved at all because they have lost their conscience. Men like you who knows where and how to make a woman feels good are not so common and that is more reason I desires to be very close to you. And to answer your question Yomi…hmmm! I came in to Lagos three days ago for some personal business which I’m done with. And before I return back to Abuja I wish to spend little time with you. To see your sweet face again, you can even take me around Lagos and show me all the happening places. I just want to have Lagos experience before I travel back to Abuja and I want you to be my map. You can still chose to relax and spend few hours or even a whole night…with me in my hotel room. Your wife wouldn’t have to know. You are too smart Yomi, I trust you to cover up your tracks…I promised you that this time around you will smile all through the day and night that we will spend together…give it one more try Yomi…
I gasped out at her enticing words. The phone was still on my ear. Her voice sounds like a melody. She was almost getting me to consider but I got myself and said.
“ I can’t Luna. I’m sorry. i don’t want to go down that lane with you again. I hated myself for doing it in the first place…I can’t Luna.
If I spend more time with her talking, she may eventually convince me and I will be on a drive to meet her at her hotel.
The best thing to do is to end the call and that was exactly what I did.
When I got home that evening I try to appear in my usual self.
Bisi served me dinner and was filled with gist of how her day went and also the kids.
I paid half attention to her while half of my mind was occupied with other personal fight.
My prayers is that Luna will find her way back to her base and leave me the hell alone.
I’m not falling for her charms again no matter how she tries to get…
Bisi called my name, I looked up at her and she was standing with a folded arm, akimbo fashion.
I got carried away with my own thoughts and did not hear all the things she was saying.
“Yomi, you are not even listening to me. I thought I was having a healthy conversation with my husband, I never knew he was in a meeting of his own…
“no honey, I listened to everything you said.
She frowned at me.
“i hate it when you try to lie to me Yomi. What was the last thing I said? Since you said you are listening, tell me what I said last?
I looked at her and smile. Despite I don’t know the last thing she said I have a way of turning her seriousness into a joke.
“honey, try and give me a harder exam. This one is really simple. The last thing you said is that you hate it when I try to lie to you. I got it right?
I twist my mouth like my little son will do.
Bisi smile, shakes her head pathetically at me and said.
“Yomi, don’t bring work issues home. We can talk about it maybe while in bed. You can’t be home and your mind, body and soul is still at work or somewhere far from home. I don’t like sharing your attention with some one else or something else. I need your maximum attention whenever your feet steps into this house. I hate it when you are distracted.
I took Bisi's words as warning. She hate to share me with anything or anyone except the kids.
That was very clear and it got into me.
I apologise to her for getting distracted.
The following day, while at the office I did not get a call from Luna which was a good thing.
She has finally gone back to Abuja.
I breathed deeply and gasped out in self relief but some other part of me felt like I was hard on her.
All that matters is that I’m free from her and I have to think straight.
Well, so I thought.
On the third day I was shocked when she visited me in the office.
I have forgotten that I gave her my complimentary card back in Abuja.
she stepped into my office after i asked the receptionist to let her in.
Luna smile while cat walking round the office, looking at my wife and kids picture that was on one my office table stand.
“your wife is beautiful and you have cute kids. I wish my own picture is occupying one side of your office so that whenever you look at the picture you will surely remember me. But, I’m not jealous. Your wife maybe plainly beautiful but it can’t be compared to me. Just take a long look at me Yomi…. You have actually been missing alot. I will give you what your wife can’t give you. You tasted it twice and saw the difference and if you are truthful enough you will come to understand that what I offered is quality served hot, with undiluted romance. I don’t think you can get it anywhere…not even from your wife.
I walked to where she stood with my wife picture and collected it from her.
I placed back to where it was before, turned to her and said.
“Luna, what are you doing here? What do you want?
“i want you my darling. You alone. I waited for you to surprise me and come to where I was lodging but you failed to do so. I waited for good two days hoping and watching out but you didn’t show up. If Yomi refused to go to the mountain, the mountain will come to him. I am the mountain and I’m here because you didn’t come to me.
She smiled, blow a kiss at me, put a finger to her mouth licked it like a lollipop. She pushed out her boobs, so that it becomes very visible.
I swallowed hard but her tricks was obviously working on me.
Luna gently walked up to me, I felt magneted to the spot where I stood.
She gently robbed her manicured hands on my chest, kissed me slowly before stopping.
“we can do it here if you want or we go to my hotel where I’m staying. Is obvious you still desires me so what is stopping you, why are you holding back Yomi. I’m willingly offering myself to you why not grab the opportunity. I truly miss you and want you Yomi…no man has been able to fill in that gap ever since then. I don’t care if you are married. I just want you my love…
She kissed me again, trying to unbutton my shirt. I moan her name gently as I return back the kissing.
I wanted to let go but I was cowebed in her charms again and couldn’t get free.
My phone rang pulling ba back to reality.
There was a heavy burge underneath my pant trouser, which swell out.
I felt embarrassed at myself as I rushed to pick up the caller.
I swallowed hard again when I saw who the caller was.
My wife was calling.
As I try to calm my racing heart so that she won’t suspect anything, the call suddenly ended and she called again immediately.
“Hey honey!
I was trying to sound calm and convincing.
“darling, I’m in your office. are you busy? I was out to buy some food stuffs at the supermarket not too far from your office. I decided to bring lunch along for you since I will be stopping by. I’m walking towards your office right now. The receptionist informed me that you have somebody in your office. I can’t trust anyone with your food so I’m bringing it to you myself. I’m few feet away from your office door…
I opened my eyes and mouth in shock.
The big burge was still showing from my trouser, an evidence that something fishy was going on.
My wife is going to find out.
Oh my God.
I exclaimed, confused on what to do.
I quickly asked Luna to readjust herself and sit like an office lady.
I was still buttoning up my shirt when the door knob , the door opened and Bisi stepped in.

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